Mr. Success and Mr. Failure

Brain creates approximately sixty thousand thoughts every day. Our brain is like a thought factory and it is a very busy factory creating and producing thoughts daily.

This little factory has two managers; one is Mr. Success and another is Mr. Failure. Mr. Success in charge of producing positive thinking and thoughts while Mr. Failure is assigned to produce negative thought and self-degrading thinking.

Both managers are very obedient and efficient. Once you give the instruction and order, they will promptly executive their task in producing the thoughts they are in charged. If you gave positive instruction, Mr. Success will produce as many positive thoughts as possible with the speed of light. If you gave negative thoughts, Mr. Failure will immediate take actions to create all sort of negatives thoughts and thinking.

If you want to understand how the two managers effect on you, you can try telling yourself that today is a bad day. Mr. Failure will immediately carry out your instruction and produce many negative thought such as to make you feel very hot or cold, your business sales will slow down, your will feel frustrated or feeling sick and maybe your spouse will have a bad temper. Mr. Failure is very efficient; you will definitely feel very bad on that day.

If you tell yourself that today is a great day, then Mr. Success will receive your instruction and quickly make you feel good and telling you that today is a good weather day, you are healthy and living happily, you can achieve new goals and has many more excitement and joyful days ahead.

The more instruction you gave them, the more powerful they become. If Mr. Failure workloads increase, he will hire more staff to carry out his task. With this, his department will occupy more space of the brain and you can imagine how much negative thoughts can be produced and how powerful it will be in influencing yourself.

Therefore, the brightest strategy to do is to fire Mr. Failure from your brain factory. You don’t need him. You don’t need him around to tell you that you can’t do this or do that or telling you what will fail in your life. Since his is not going to help you in achieving your success in life, you might as well sack him out.

With this, you only employ Mr. Success in your brain factory. Whatever ideas and thoughts, you just need Mr. Success to carry out for you and you will be assured of the success path ahead.

Thoughts in our mind are essential element in our life as it affects how we behavior and react. These behaviors and characters which represents from our thoughts will determine our success or failure ahead. Therefore it is utmost important that we can discipline ourselves to produce as many positive thoughts as possible. We have to consciously aware and alert on every thought that we have. If we come across that a negative thought had surfaced in our mind whenever we encounter or face a situation, we must quickly replace our negative image with a positive one.

Try this conscious mind exercise continuously, you will know the difference of your life after 21 days.

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adeleblanc 4 years ago

Greeeeeeat hub! thank you for excellent writing!

kschang profile image

kschang 4 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

I would recommend you actually listen to Mr. Failure. If it makes sense, then perhaps you should NOT fire him just yet.

Rational positive and rational negativity are useful. IRRATIONAL thoughts, whether positive or negative, are bad for you. Irrational positivity is called recklessness, and irrational negativity is called pessimism / fatalism.

thesingernurse profile image

thesingernurse 4 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

I think Mr. Negative still would deserve a cubicle in the department. Lol. Interesting hub. :)

joriechew profile image

joriechew 4 years ago

Well, it is ok not to fire Mr. Failure just yet. If we give more instruction to Mr. Success, probable after 21 days, Mr. Failure will resign, feeling bored not having much work to do. Lol.. Great Hub.

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