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Making a good choice can be easy in finding the right multi-care center. A multi-care center is a facility that can care for more than one need during recovery. Different centers will have programs to meet most needs. A center can have a medical unit, a rehabilitation center as well as assitant living quarters. Healing is about everything, from the appropriate caring and encouragement to the right medical resources while you are at the facility.

Some facilities such as Skilled Nursing Care Centers or Nursing Homes may not have multi-care units, however they will take a patient that needs to rehabilitated if this is the only choice the patient has. Sometimes there may not be a choice where you may stay for your rehabilitation. This is why a little research goes a long way. One reason is to make sure it meets your personal, medical and budgetary needs. Everyone may not have an opportunity to take a tour of the facility before being admitted. Asking the right questions is vital.

Some things to keep in mind

Checking into the facility earlier in the week is better so that they can be prepared for you in case you need a bedside commode or a trapeze for your bed and you are not stuck with the weekend only crew. There may not be any rehabilitation therapists or doctors until Monday.

When looking into facilities, your doctor may be affiliated with a rehabilitation center near the hospital and can be a good reference or suggest one to you and your family. The hospital administrator can retrieve the facilities ratings for any facility that you may be interested in.

Getting information on the facility and inquiring about the day to day business is important because you are not only paying for the rehabilitation; you want it done right the first time. You want a caring staff that listens to you not just pacifies you. Knowing what the facility speciality is can be useful information.. For instance, if you are admitted for orthopedic rehabilitation, and Is it a nursing facility you would want to know if the nursing assistants are qualified to take care of orthopedic post op patients and whether or not they have the equipment you need. You can also find out if there is a limited menu only for one specific diet or if there is a wide choice according to your doctor's instructions. You will be surprised that a care facility has no salt and no dairy across the whole menu and it is all served out of the can.

The more information that you have upon entering you will have a sense of what to expect. You can even call the facility in advance. If you have online access you can look up each facility rating through several government websites. Having the right questions is important as they may vary with each patient. Being an advocate for yourself sometimes is all that you have.

If you have a choice, then you have the ability to ask questions. If you have a care giver, family member, friend or an advocate, then they can ask questions for you. Below are examples of some important questions. If you do not ask, they will not tell.

  • What is the policy for private room accessibility with the insurance that I have?
  • Does the shared room have a private bathroom or is it conjoined to the next room?
  • For long stays ask, What type of activities do you have?
  • Is your doctor affiliated with the facility?
  • What insurance do you take?
  • Ask if the facility staff will hold a Care Plan Meeting after being admitted with you and your family?
  • Does the facility use a staffing agency or a temporary staffing schedule?
  • Will there be rehabilitation on the weekends?

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