My Experiences with Shrooms (Magic Mushrooms)

What do shrooms look like?

Before I start...

I would like to inform you a little bit on what mushrooms are and how they really work.

The chemicals that produce the euphoric effect and psychedelic effects that shrooms are known for are psilocybin and psilocin. When you eat the shrooms, the psilocybin in the mushrooms are digested and converted into the chemical psilocin. Psilocin is then absorbed into the blood stream where it is taken to the brain. Psilocin has a chemical structure very similar to the naturally produced neurotransmitter serotonin. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that cells in the brain called neurons use to communicate with each other hence the "transmitter" part. Depending on the levels of serotonin, sleep, mood, appetite, pain suppression and sensory perception can be affected.

Serotonin in the brain is absorbed by receptor sites called the 5-HT receptors. There are many types of 5-HT receptors but to keep it simple I will not go there. Because psilocin's structure is so similar to serotonin's, psilocin can be absorbed by the 5-HT2 receptors, one of the many 5-HT types. Many other hallucinogens such as LSD share this similarity as well.

Once the psilocin molecules bind with the 5-HT2 receptors the user may start to feel the effects magic mushrooms are known for. Not much is known about psilocin but it is considered a serotonin agonist and may have reuptake inhibitory effects. There is not enough information to explain exactly the effects of the active ingredients in the mushrooms but what is known is that it is NOT physically damaging to the brain or body. Depending on the profoundness of the experience, there may be some lasting psychological effects but that rarely happens. No physical harm is done even in higher doses. Each experience is unique and will differ depending on many factors such as the user's mood, or mental stability.

Now I will share with you all my unique experience and hopefully shed some light on your doubts if that is why you are reading this.

Things may appear as distorted and that reality is bending such as this staircase
Things may appear as distorted and that reality is bending such as this staircase

The journey begins here...

My curiosity finally peaked one day while talking to a good friend of mine about past experiences with drugs that we each had. He went on to say that magic mushrooms, also called shrooms, was one of the more intense trips he has ever taken. I, who have never taken any hallucinogenic drug before, was just sitting there amazed and in awe of the objects and colors my good friend was describing. Being slightly naïve, I admired and was fascinated by every word of my friend's story. My friend told me about the colors and imagery he saw that could not be described in mere words and how it was simply a spiritual thing for him. Still feeling I did not have enough information to actually take shrooms, I withheld my intense curiosity to try them.

I then headed to the one place I am sure many people go to for information. Google. On a side note I love Google and search all my questions on there. But anyway back to the story. I looked up the possible side-effects and lasting physical effects to the body. I found that there were no lasting side-effects besides nausea, or vomiting upon ingestion of the shrooms. My friend told me that the nausea could easily be overcome if shrooms are also taken with marijuana which may also "boost your trip" as he put it. But anyway i found no physical side-effects on the body so that was a check on my checklist.

Then I talked to one of my co-workers about the matter of whether I should try them or not. Being a free spirited girl, she immediately responded with "Oh they're fucking awesome dude" and as informative as that is... I did not base my decision upon that. She did later explain however that she once had a real bad trip when she took an eighth of an ounce of shrooms before. She had told me she felt an intense fear and completely forgot that she was on shrooms and basically, the altered visuals she was experiencing felt like they had become her reality. This did not discourage me however because I knew that one's experience depends on the mood and feelings of a person. So if you are not mentally prepared for the trip then you may lose your grip on what is and isn't real.

Still unsure yet extremely curious, I talked to one final friend who agreed to trip with me. He had taken it before and was assuring me to just go into it with a positive attitude. I finally felt prepared to go under the influence of these psychedelic mushrooms with no anxieties or worries. Now the current problem was, where to find them.

I know I know, I had been planning all this without even acquiring the shrooms. I tend to do this occasionally but anyway the problem was that I could not find them. I asked around and even the friends who had taken shrooms previously said that they had trouble finding someone who sells them.

Several weeks later after nearly giving up on the search I felt i had a lucky strike. After talking to a certain friend of mine about selling him a certain substance, this particular friend had told me to meet up with him at someones house. I drive over there expecting only to make a small profit but little did I know, that they were preparing to trip balls. I soon realized that this is why they required my product... to relieve their nausea after consumption. I had finally found what I have been searching for, what i had longed to experience. My journey was not over here, as it had just begun. I ended up getting compensated for my product in shrooms and I finally had my eighth.The problem was now, when and where to do them.

I had no idea where to trip on these shrooms. I had felt excited about finally having them and I spent minutes on end staring and admiring the potency of such small fungi and how something such as this could send you to another plane of rationale and understanding.

This was later solved however as the friend who was going to trip with me had an older sister who was going to be out of town for the weekend, and he had been asked to watch the house. Finally the time had come to undergo the trip I had so longed for. I went over one night and it was four of us but only two of us were going to be tripping balls.

Let me cut to the chase as I am probably boring you so far, as soon as i got there we each took our eighths and since it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to finally digest and hit. We smoked a good four bubbler bowls packed to the top and topped off with hash oil. We were then just chilling playing some Xbox360 when all of the sudden I thought I started to feel the effects. The whole room seemed a lot brighter than normal and I had no feelings of nausea. The worse was yet to come. I felt as if I was somewhat in a cartoon, kind of hard to explain but I am trying my best now. The room seemed to be oblong in shape and finally the distortion hit. The walls seemed to reach out to me and the room seemed to be shrinking. I simply followed my one rule to maintain an enjoyable trip. That rule is to always remember that it is all in your head and that it will go away. The colors kept getting more intense and they soon had a sort of aura around them. Like a rainbow surrounded each and every object i held. My friend had suggested going for a walk at 10 pm in Georgetown in D.C. and feeling adventurous because of the current state of mind I was in, I agreed to tag along. There I was finally tripping and marveling at all the colors and scenery around me. This is what I wanted. This is what I was looking for. This is what I felt I had missed out on. Then all of the sudden that single thought caused another and another, leaving me in a deep state of thought. I honestly felt like I had woken for the first time in my life. Like an infant taking its first breath. Like Neo when he was unplugged from the machines in The Matrix. I soon started philosophizing and asking myself questions I had never asked before such as what is the reason for life? What is the purpose of life anywhere in the universe? This is probably the only long lasting after effect. The realization of something greater than me. The universe. I thought I understood what it was before, but while I was tripping balls I felt as if I was close to realizing the truth about the existence of life anywhere and the purpose or "will" of the universe. This is probably what overwhelmed me the most.

I felt as if the world should experience this feeling at least once. Simply put it was a beautiful feeling of understanding and I felt an immense sadness when I thought of how people around the world are killing each other over material things instead of trying to contribute to the cycle of life. I thought that my life had changed and that I would never go back to being the same person I once was. While deep in thought my friend had led us to this model structure or sculpture which resembled a giant chair. As I sat there on top of that I looked down upon the bumbling rambling night life of the people of D.C.. I wanted to talk to someone on the street I wanted to ask them if they felt the same alertness I had but my other friend reminded me that they are not tripping too. This kind of started the decline of my trip as I had started to realize once again that this was not reality. If I had been tripping alone I would have talked to a random person and they would have looked at me like I was crazy. Reflecting now on how I acted, I know I would have scared anyone who did not know I was under the influence.

My friend reminded me also that the feeling of being awake for the first time would go away as soon as the trip ended. This seemed impossible to me. How could I go back to my life before? How could this feeling ever go away? Well it did when my trip ended. I ended up crashing at my friends place and I felt great in the morning. I remembered the feeling but I did not feel it anymore. Later I had learned from a friend who was not tripping that we had stayed on the sculpture for over two hours. At the time it seemed like 30 minutes at most to me. Maybe because I was constantly in thought and the visuals around pushed me into deeper thought. I theorized that since we were having the same visuals we were seeing things that were already there instead of things just in our heads. Kind of like opening a third eye or the mind's eye.

I have yet to trip again, but I plan on trying LSD or Acid this time as I learned they are two different experiences. I can say that this drug is not addicting at all and is simply a key to the door to another plane of thinking or another level consciousness. It was similar to an out-of-body experience.

Overall I can describe the experience as beautiful and totally worth it. I will see if I can get a hold of Acid and I will describe my experiences then too. Sorry if this made no sense or if it bored you. I am not a very good writer but I love to share what I felt with everyone else.

Thanks for reading!

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sparkster profile image

sparkster 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Had a bad experience with these once, my body just shut down and I couldn't move, I thought I was dying.

PWalker281 5 years ago

I'd rather read about your trips than actually do them. Sounds scary to me but fascinating to read about. Rated up and interesting (from a fellow Washingtonian).

jessicaguzman profile image

jessicaguzman 5 years ago

best experience of my life. especially during the come down. I was truly able to but my mind on life and calmly think with no distractions

dfg 3 years ago

find the point in the real life...

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