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People in my life...
People in my life... | Source

Some People In My Life

My life could have been completely different than it is today. I could have made different choices along the way. It's something we all could have done. I am this person today because of the choices I have made.

The more I think about my life, the more I realize that I can have done things to people I don't know about. I have met weak people, and I have been a part of their life for a while. One day I have moved on, and they have moved on, too, and survived. One of my boyfriends told me years after we had broken up that I saved his life. Back when we met, he was a bullied teenager, who didn't see a future for himself. He didn't think anyone could like him. I did. I knew we where not meant to be together. We were only kids. The funny thing is that we now have the same job, helping old people in their homes. We're not working at the same place, though. He seems to be happy with his life and we both have our own families now.

I met someone else. When he trusted me enough, he told me someone had accused him of something he actually hadn't done. Because of that he thought about ending his life. He didn't, and I came into his life a couple of years later. I'm so glad I did. He's a much stronger person now, and successful. He says he dosn't remember much from hid childhood, but I know he was bullied back then.

Already as a child, I tried to be friends with people, who didn't have any friends. Even if I was a shy little girl, I somehow managed to go and visit some of my classmates. I remember baking a cake with one girl, but she had some allergy and we couldn't use the ingredients we normally would have used. Even if we were two 8 year old girls, I still recall that moment so well. I can almost smell the cake as I'm sitting here now, 25 years later. I'm not sure of what this girl's life looks today. I met her some years ago, but she didn't seem very happy then. I hope she is fine now...

I'm not a saint. I've probably hurt many people, too, and I have been hurt by people. But it's funny how life turns out. It's interesting to think about the people I have met and known for a while. I really think I have been in their life for a reason, and they have been in my life for a reason. They don't know I'm writing about them now, but they must have made a big impression on me. They still have their special place in my heart. There are small corners in my heart for many people. Even if my heart has been broken and empty for a while, they have stayed there.

Once I met a person, who was in my life for some months. I met him when I felt really bad. I hardly saw a future for myself. My future dreams had suddenly been shattered. I fell so hard that time, but then this person showed up. He did so much for me, just by being there listening to me. Every time I drink vanilla tea, I think about him. We used to do that.

I still have so many special memories I only share with some special persons. Nobody can take that away from me.

Now I'm working with old people, who need my help. I have always thought that I've been too shy to be a helping person. Maybe it's something I've gotten over by now. I really like being a part of so many people's life. Helping people is the greatest thing I have experienced. Every day I feel I'm needed. It's a nice feeling.

In a couple of days, I'm sending some money and a letter to my sponsored child on the other side of the world. He will soon turn 6 years old. I hope I'm helping that little boy and his family, so he can have a better life in the future. He has been my sponsored child for a year now and I hope I'll be in his life until he's grown up.

We are all here on earth for a reason, and I think we meet people for a reason. Remember that you are special.

Thank you billybuc for inspiring me to write again. Your hub about suicide made me think of many special people, who I have known. Most of them are still with us today.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

Beautiful reflections about the impact we make on each other's life. If I inspired you, Made, then I am very happy. This was wonderful and I thank you for sharing it with us.

hugs today and always


Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you so much Bill, and thank you for sharing this hub. I appreciate it very, very much.



kidscrafts profile image

kidscrafts 3 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

Beautiful hub! You are helping people along the way in your life and I am sure you make a difference and it's a wonderful thing. If everybody would do little things for others it would make a big difference!

I am a volunteer in an organization that help in needs in the school board where I used to teach and for the moment they are receiving a lot of non perishable food. So today I spent all day sorting the cans and boxes and filling shelves with all kind of food for the families in need. Kids shouldn't go to school with an empty stomach! I can tell you that I am very tired of my day.... but I am sure I will sleep very well tonight :-)

Thank you for sharing your story, Madeleine!

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi kidscrafts, we can all do something for others. I'm sure being a volunteer gives you a feeling of satisfaction. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my this hub. I appreciate it.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 3 years ago from Central Florida

Made, I often think of people from my long ago past and wonder if they ever do the same. It's funny the impact people make on each other's lives without even knowing it.

What you are doing for the elderly and your sponsor child is admirable. We are all here for a reason. You have found yours.

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi bravewarrior, nice to see you stop by. I wonder the same. Do the people I have met ever think about me? I think I have found something in life that makes me happy and gives me satisfaction. Thank you!

Jackie Lynnley profile image

Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

Sounds like you are doing some wonderful things to make life worthwhile. ^

MG Singh profile image

MG Singh 3 years ago from Singapore

Great ideas and a wonderful post

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi Jackie Lynnley, I hope I can help someone with my little actions. It's very satisfying.

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Thank you MG Singh.

agusfanani profile image

agusfanani 3 years ago from Indonesia

Wow, what a beautiful story for what you've done for others. Your hub would inspire others to do the same thing, to have/become helping hand.

Made profile image

Made 3 years ago from Finland Author

Hi agusfanani, I think we all do good things for others when we start thinking about it. I could do more. We could all do more. Thank you for reading and for following me. I appreciate it very much.

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