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I have a short eBook out on this title and I am not going to write this word for word, but just wanted to fill in the world just how alcohol can ruin your life just as well as it almost destroyed mine.

My life of alcohol addiction started back when I was 19 years old. I never had the urge to drink alcohol even after I turned 18 which at that time was the legal drinking age. All I wanted to do was to work on my race cars and ride my motorcycles. These were two of the things I loved the most in my life, and they certainly keep me out of trouble as my friends were getting into trouble just about everyday. They had already started hitting the bars and drinking and driving, which seemed to be the cool thing to do back then. Getting drunk and driving like mad men. No fear and no sense whatsoever. Youth?

At the age of 19 I was served a summons to court for a paternity suit which scared me half to death. I hired a lawyer and decided to take a trip with a buddy of mine to Florida to get my thoughts together and try to figure what in world I was going to do.

We stayed in Florida for about 3 weeks until my money ran out and headed back home to face the music. Lawyer meetings and court dates really messed with my mind and I was so stressed over the whole thing I decided to join my friends and the whole drinking thing. This was the worse mistake I could of ever done. I was so upset about the whole situation I decided to drink alcohol to so called ease the pain and make me forget about what was going on in my life.

Drinking Alcohol to Ease the Pain Turned into an Addiction

I started drinking alcohol with my buddies and began to hit all the bars just like my friends did. I saw that I couldn't go a day without drinking alcohol, but it never occurred to me that alcohol would be a huge part of my life in the years to come.

I was a functioning alcoholic and never missed work because of my drinking. I did everything I had to do with the lawyers and going to court dates. About a year later I received a phone call from my lawyer saying, " you are off the hook, all charges were dropped and you are a free man." I was the happiest man in the world in that respect, but even though I won the paternity suit, I lost the battle with alcohol because during that one stressful year I became addicted to alcohol. No more race cars or motorcycles. Alcohol was now first in my life. The addiction got me and got me good.

I now needed it everyday of my life or I would be the most miserable person alive. Something that I used as a pain reliever, and to forget about my problems, even for just a few hours now turned into a full blown addiction to alcohol. I never saw it coming, but i knew something was certainly different in my personality and my appearance, but that wasn't enough to stop drinking alcohol.


The main reason I am writing this hub is let every know how alcohol and it's demons can and will take over your life it you let it. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to tell the world about my addiction to alcohol. I write my life as it was and as it is now to hopefully help others that are suffering with an addiction to alcohol. Sometimes reading other people's lives helps you to understand what you are up against and where your life is headed if something isn't done to correct the problem of your addiction and the abuse of alcohol.


I now write many articles on HubPages about alcohol addiction and ways I have learned tolive life sober. It is a tough road out there to get sober once addicted, but it is very possible for each and everyone of us that are addicted to this horrible substance to overcome it. I did it and so can you, but you need to want sobriety in your life in order for you to hit the road to recovery.

I thank God everyday that he gave me the strength and willingness to get and stay sober. What I took from other people's lives because of my addiction to alcohol I am now giving back to others by my writing in hopes they will read these articles in time so that they don't get so involved and addicted to alcohol.

Remember, it is NEVER too late to change your life around and live a life of sobriety. It doesn't matter what age you are, whether young or old. It is never too late to enjoy a sober life and healthy years ahead here on Earth.



© 2012 Mark Bruno

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Carrie Terry profile image

Carrie Terry 4 years ago from golden, colorado

Again, I love it. Writting about my experiences have really helped me make it through sobriety. My sponsor has said she notices a difference in me. Thank you for showing me another persons side of addiction.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Carrie- Thanks for the comment and I am so happy for you that writing has helped you stay sober. It has worked for me for over 2 1/2 years and if that is what it takes to stay sober I will continue to write till the end of time.

God Bless you Carrie and keep up the great work!! Send me a link to one of your writings please. I would love to read it :)


teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

I was blessed in reading your hub and am sharing it with others. Thanks for sharing your heart and life regarding your battle with alcohol. It will help many to face their temptations with courage. Voted up as well.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

teaches12345- Thanks once again for your kind words and comment. Thank you for sharing this with other people. I hope they will see what addiction can and will do to a person.

Thank you for the Vote up as well !

Richard 4 years ago

Thanks too Mark, the way you put 'fear of sobriety' really struck a chord. I have been drinking booze so much since I was 14 and now I'm 42 and my misery is finally outweighing the fear of sobriety which is what it takes. I'm on day 3!

Carrie Terry profile image

Carrie Terry 4 years ago from golden, colorado

Congrats Richard. I was scared of sobriety also but like many thers i have made it one more day.

the clean life profile image

the clean life 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

@ Richard- One day at a time Rich and being day 3 is wonderful. Keep telling yourself that you can and will make your life a sober one. The booze is only going to do one other thing besides getting us drunk and that is an early death and you and I don't want that for sure. for me, as each day passed and the evening came and time for bed I just smile to myself and said I have made it one more day. Before you know it Rich you will be counting weeks, months and then years and believe me when you hit those milestones you will be so damn proud of yourself, and the longer you stay sober the easier it will be say goodbye forever to the demons that have tried to ruin our lives.

God Bless you and keep up the great work my sober friend :):)

@ Carrie - Never be afraid of sobriety. I felt the same way as you did, meaning I didn't know how I would be able to survive without my alcohol and it scared me to death, so you are not the only one. We get so used to having that drink in our hand and getting that buzz we long for that we tend to forget about just how being sober really feels.

God Bless and you too keep up the great work my friend :):)

JD 4 years ago

I have been addicted to alcohol for the past 40 years. From my very first drink I believe it took over all my common sense and it seems to still have a powerful hold on my mind. I lost my job on Monday due to my drinking: I showed up late for work (again), hung over and stinking of booze (again). What else could the owner do? They made the right call. I'm sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired. I have to start today, right now, to get honest with myself and end the madness. I once had about 7 months sobriety a decade ago and probably relapsed due to low self esteem and just plain laziness. I can't allow myself to self destruct with selfishness and self-centeredness. That is my problem. It's not too late, I hope!

the clean life profile image

the clean life 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore Author

JD - Thank you for your comment and for reading. It is never too late my friend. Believe in yourself and love yourself enough to make this life change. I tried a couple times through the years to get sober and did, but for a short time, and why is that? I simply wasn't ready to finally stop drinking. Don't give up and keep trying to get sober. Stay positive and believe and you will succeed!

God Bless you !

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