My Morning Oat Medley..

delicious AND nutritious..

Looking for quick, healthy breakfast options?

You don't usually find those 2 adjectives together before the word breakfast, do you? Usually a satisfying/healthy breakfast requires a lengthy combination of time, natural ingredients & somewhat extensive culinary ability. Those quick breakfasts are often monopolized by fast food joints, or the frozen section in the supermarket.

Of course, from a mere cooking point of view, the beauty of breakfast is that you're not usually hungry enough for a 4 or 5 course meal. Plus, you're headed off to work & wouldn't have that much time in the kitchen to begin with.. But I don't believe that finding something quick to cook is the hard part--it's finding something quick & healthy that presents a bit of a challenge...You with me so far?

As far as morning cuisine goes, I'm pretty much a cereal fan. But I can't be bothered w/ all those chemical-filled/bleached/refined/overly sweetened cereals. Despite the overtly boastful health tags that accompany most boxed cereal brands, many of these same cereals are still very high in sugar, flavor ehancers, E-numbers, preservatives & more (more crap, basically). Then there's the fact that they usually don't leave your hunger feeling really satisfied for more than an hour...maybe 2 at the most (unless you consume the whole box in 1 sitting)..

If you want to conquer the above challenges while also eating something amazingly healthy for breakfast than your solution is below. You need look no further than the wonderfully whole/fibrous/protien-induced grain that is also, incidentally, heavily "flavor-laden"..Yes, that's right--Oats!!--In their original, God-created form--with just a little processing by farmer Quaker..

But who said you had to eat them plain? I've added yet more sweet tasting health to my "melee of nutritional goodness". Here's what my morning oat medley consists of (the following recipe is 100% quick & 100% health):

--1 cup raw (or roasted) oats

--1 banana (ripe w/ the little brown spots on the peel) sliced

--1/4 cup trail mix (not the "chocolate/toffee special"--either the seed & dried fruit mix, or the dried fruit/nut mix)

--1 tablespoon honey (can be substituted with molasses)

--1/2 cup yogurt

--1 cup milk

Throw that all together in a medium sized bowl & chow happily (and chow you will--those raw oats provide some serious jaw exercise..). You'll be hooked to a new, natural-tasting, satisfying breakfast. Notice that absolutely no cooking is required..

You'll be singing your own medley as you commute to work that morning..;)

The combination of fiber, vitamins, protein & slow digesting carbs, make oats just about one of the healthiest things you can eat for breakfast..

More on the health benefits of oats (raw & cooked) coming soon.

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