My Other Half

My Other Half

      I write alot of hubs about different subjects but I felt I had to write this hub. My girlfriend is currently going to college online,is 29 weeks pregnant,and as of Wednesday, she was put on bed rest until the end of the pregnancy. Last Friday when we went to her ultrasound she spotted and was rushed up to labor and delivery next door at the hospital. They then gave her a shot of steroids to help increase the babies lungs and transported us by ambulance with lights and sirens to Tuffs' Medical Center in Boston,where we ended up staying until Monday afternoon.

     Wednesday I had to dial 911 and have her taken back to the hospital and after about an hour and a half they released her and put her on total bed rest until the baby is born. She is going nuts on bed rest but she has been writing hubs and has accepted God and reading my Christian booklets as well as listening to my Christian music. We plan on raising our daughter Baptist and my girlfriend is getting baptised after she is off bed rest. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. I never thought after being raised Catholic (which I have nothing against) she would become Baptist. She is really interested in the material I have and last night I ordered her some booklets from a website I belong with. I plan on doing all I can to help her understand God and the Bible. She has gone through alot in this pregnancy,and she told me the other day she is glad she accepted Jesus and has been talking with God alot and feels better about herself and things.


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