My Own Life's Directions

My North, South, East and West

My North is my higher power, my God.

My South is my mortal feet on the ground,

walking beneath my God and the Heavens.

My East and My West - is my lineage in time,

as I navigate through life and the abundance

of experiences it presents to me each day.

And, Like the hands of a clock, my life's compass

can't help but circle around my life.

North, South, East and West - My whole life's compass -

being a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend and a wife.

As each new day unravels, I can't help but to encompass,

all of these intricate present's the day has to offer all at once.

Why try and make sense of the senseless?

And, why try and control that of which I have no control?

My life is what I can wrap my arm's around and my compass.

Let go and let life happen, follow your compass and you'll never

miss life's beautiful, bountiful experiences and, don't be in a rush or

the beauty could pass you by. Trust your compass.

By Ellen Karman

Follow Life's Compass

Your North, South, East and West!
Your North, South, East and West!

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Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 4 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

Thank you Victoria Lynn, I think we all have to constantly work on trust in different ways. I always trust gut feelings though, about ten years ago I read a book and I forgot the name, anyway it was about safety, and that when you get that gut feeling something is wrong it almost always is and this author, who specialized for the FBI and set up security for prominent social figures, said our brains are constantly working even at sleep. He said "have you ever moved into a new place and the first few nights you wake up because you're not used to the sounds of the new home." But, when you lived in your old home, you never woke up when your husband pulled in the driveway and opened the door and walked into your room - because your system in your brain constantly listens and it has heard this a ton of times and doesn't set off the alarm bells in your brain. But, if you wake up in the middle of the night with fear, your brain didn't okay that sound, it still may be nothing but it is a sound you haven't heard before." Also, the same when a stranger starts talking to you and you get a bad feeling in your gut, trust it! They interviewed a lot of kid napped kids and people who got away and they all said that they had a bad feeling in their stomachs or guts about the person. So, it reaffirmed what I had already felt about gut feelings but the way he explained how our brains never stopped working or scanning information even when we sleep made so much sense to me!! I taught my kids these lessons I read about in the book. He also said, that when someone tries to kidnap you do everything you can to fight not to be pulled into a car because once in, the chances of escape are dramatically minimized! Jeez, some of my comments end up being actual writings I should make a hub out of lol! Thanks for commenting Victoria Lynn I appreciate it! Ellen

Victoria Lynn profile image

Victoria Lynn 4 years ago from Arkansas, USA

Nice job. I need to try to follow my compass better sometimes. It usually does pretty well; I just need to trust it!

Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 4 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

Dear Mighty Mom, I'm glad the sentence "why make sense of the senseless has reminded or helped you today. And yes I have lived through much of life at very brutal terms, medically and it taught me to slow down, and now I notice all the things I used to miss before I was sidetracked with a long stay in the hospital and having to learn to do everything over, write, brush my hair, walk, BUT, this happened after my second child was born and it really taught me to slow down and appreciate the little things! Thank you Mighty Mom, Ellen Karman

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 4 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

Isn't it amazing how our HP leads us to exactly what we need to see, hear or experience? I must have needed to be reminded right now of the futility of trying to make sense of the senseless.

Sounds like you've been doing a lot of living life on life's terms with your health.

I love the juxtaposition of images and terminology here. You know what I'm talking about, I know:-).

So happy to see you back. HP (Hub Pages not Higher Power) has evolved quite a bit. Take your time and get in the swing. Still the best not-so-little writing community in the world!

Best, MM

Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 4 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

Oh, thank you so much xstatic, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it and are enjoying reading other hubs, I love exploring these pages! Thank you again, Ellen

xstatic profile image

xstatic 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

I saw your comment on Kenneth Avery's "Twelve Things" hub and wanted to come read some of yours. This is a beautiful piece of work.


Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 4 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

Dear Mj, thank you so much for enjoying this poem! Oh I dream of boating, I have a cousin who live 19 years his sail boat, which he built. He his wife, their two Irish Setters, and two parrots sailed all over! I was thinking of taking lessons this summer. I used to have my pilots license so I know what you mean about compasses. I constantly look at mine when I'm driving and have a good sense of direction so I may get sidetracked but never lost! Thanks for commenting, Ellen

mjkearn profile image

mjkearn 4 years ago

Hi Ellen, nice job here. Love that line "Let go and let life happen". Great way to look at life. Also love the pic of the compass. I've a boating past as well as bikes and cars and love these sort of things. Well done,


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