My Problems With The Thumper Massager Maxi-Pro

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Thumper Maxi Pro
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I Look For Problems With A $300 Massager

When I pay $300 for an item, any item, I usually end up picking it apart trying to find reasons I shouldn't have paid $300 for said item.

This is exactly what I did (and continue to do) with the Thumper Maxi-Pro I bought a few months ago.

I was first introduced to the Thumper Maxi-Pro back in November of '09 when I went to my wife's chiropractor about a persistent tight muscle in my lower back.

I would like to take a moment here to inject an opinion I have about chiropractors...

F**k Chiropractors! Stay away from them at all costs. Quacks, everyone of them. Chiropractors suck. I haven't been the same since that lady 'fixed' me.

The Thumper Massager Maxi-Pro

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You CAN Buy A Commercial Grade Thumper

OK, I'm done, lets get back to the matter at hand, a $300 massager.

The one positive thing I brought away from my experience with a chiropractor is the few moments of bliss I did enjoy with the Thumper Maxi-Pro Massager.

I even asked specifically what the name of it was, no intention whatsoever of buying one, because it worked so incredibly phenomenal on my back.

The reason I had no intention of buying one is because everything in a doctors office usually costs 8 times more than it should but then I said, "Wait a tic, Chiropractors aren't really doctors at all.", and sure enough the Thumper was available online for $299.

How very, very interesting.

At that point my interest was only cursory, because the damage she had done was not evident yet, so I was only contemplating a $300 luxury that I didn't really need and couldn't quite justify at the time.

My perspective has changed a lot since then as the damage wrought has become very evident and has pretty much affected every aspect of my life.

When I say every aspect, I really do mean EVERY aspect... how I sleep, how I walk, how I sit, how I bend over, how I move patients, how I pick up my kids, how I hold my wife, how I talk to people, the number of muscle relaxer I take, the amount of Ibuprofen I consume, my attitude in general... well, I'm sure you get the point.

Anyway, the Thumper Massager is no longer just a luxury, it has become a necessity for me and it truly has come through for me time and time again when my upper back is screaming loud enough to get ALL of my attention which of course allows me to get nothing done.

Thumper Equine
Thumper Equine | Source

Thumper Massager Equine - For Horses

My only regret, other than going to the chiropractor in the first place, is not coughing up the extra $30 to get the Thumper Massager Equine model.

Yes, the one designed for horses.

I'm pretty sure it's the same size as the Maxi Pro for humans but it's got a little more oompfh to get into the thicker muscles of a horse.

It is also advertised for use on professional athletes (which I am not) and people who desire a deeper massage (that's me!).

I am very happy with my Thumper Massager and have even put together a silly little blog about them because I had never heard of them until I was 39 years old and that is one other thing I regret.

I really wish I had know about them when I was 19 and really did have muscles as thick as a horse but hopefully I can introduce a few folks to this magic machine BEFORE their 40 yr warranty expires.

Check it out at My Problem With The Professional Percussive Thumper Massager.

The Professional Percussion Thumper Massager

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