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My list for good health is simple and easy to follow
My list for good health is simple and easy to follow | Source

Live Longer by Taking Precautions Now

I’m 58, married, children grown, first-time grandmother, and retired from the special needs field. I also write actively in both fiction and non-fiction, make independent films locally, and live on a busy small farm raising organic vegetables and meat animals. My life is far from boring or slow. If anything, I am constantly on the go. So maintaining optimum health can be a challenge especially since I have chronic degenerative disc disease, am post-menopausal and I have a serious stress-related rash which crops up every time I step before a camera and begin another film project. Yet oddly enough, I am in almost perfect health and have found a way to cure myself of all my past health issues using my own technique. I now employ that technique with my husband, a long time RA sufferer, and he, too, is now seeing the positive effects.

My recipe for overall good health is fairly simple. It employs methods that have been in practice for years, but most don’t adhere to these routines due to either a lack of time or just plain laziness. I have come to believe there is nothing in this world more important than my health, otherwise my longevity and quality of life is threatened. I now make health priority in every aspect.

The first most under-appreciated asset for optimum health is good eating habits. I’ve opted to omit all restaurant related visits, all unhealthy carbs and glutens, and anything fried. I’ve replaced that past recipe for heart-attacks with organic veggies and meats (some I grow and others are store bought). Gluten has been completely eliminated from my diet as of 2013, and I’ve never felt better. The weight has dropped off of me as well and I am finally to my high school size. Better yet, the rashes are gone and my hands and feet no longer break out due to stress. Goodbye dermatologist!

Another overlooked plus is daily exercise. I’m not talking lifting weights, but a nice brisk hourly walk carrying about 24 pounds to buff up the slack skin since I lost all that weight plus it boosts my bone density. I can now bend over without panting. At 58, that’s commendable. When I’m really energetic I’ll walk eight miles, but regardless of time, I always do the four mile daily walk as I sleep better, feel better, and look better. The benefits are too great to bypass this simple exercise. I highly recommend it for all women as they reach middle age.

Taking supplements and vitamins is an enormous plus to my health. There is no way I can possibly garnish the same benefits from eating good healthy foods, I don’t care what anyone says. Taking vitamins and supplements can truly boost your energy level and help you to maintain excellent antioxidant levels. In this day and age with so many external poisons and chemicals in our air, food, and even water, it’s a must to combat that with a good regiment of vitamins and mineral supplements. I additionally add all organic herbs to my meals from my own garden for more benefits.

Flushing out toxins and metals from your gut is a huge plus. I can’t explain this beyond saying once you’ve done this you will feel wonderful! These nasty things build up inside the intestines and sit there festering inside. It affects your entire health and can cause further damage if they are not eliminated. This is an area that is sadly overlooked by most health fanatics. Many of the top-rated holistic doctors emphasize a need to cleanse your gut on a regular basis as it is the dumping grounds for toxins, metals, and chemicals. Until you do this you are not ridding your body of all the negative and cancer-causing agents. It’s a simple process involving a cleansing shake and can be found on the website for Dr. OZ. It can only help you and has no negative side-affects.

It doesn’t take a genius or a lot of money, or even a lot of work to accomplish good health. All it takes is the time to follow a few healthy rules; no glutens, take vitamins and supplements, exercise daily, and cleanse once a month. This is not hard to do, doesn’t cost big bucks, and can be easily added to your daily lifestyle. All you have to do is care enough about yourself and being around for your grandchildren to change your life and be healthy. Now, how about that salad?

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Hariom Singhal profile image

Hariom Singhal 3 years ago from INDIA (Haryana) SAMPLA

Good hub. full of good information. really every one should care for there health.

bmbranno profile image

bmbranno 3 years ago from Tucson, Arizona Author

Absolutely and before it's too late. Once we reach our fifties we are facing the final health results of prior years and how we took care of ourselves. Fortunately we are blessed with the opportunity to change our bad eating habits and salvage a few more years on this glorious earth.

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