Iodine, My experiences with lugols solution

Hi , my name is bob, i started out doing research for high blood pressure and allergies on the web. i tried fresh garlic which seemed to help but the odor was too offensive to everyone around. i continued searching and began to research iodine. this is when i came across lugol's solution. i did a lot of research on the web and came across some interesting claims as well as some facts. the claims are that lugol's can cure almost anything , here is what i have discovered. lugol's solution is 5% elemental iodine and 10% potassium iodide. the japanese eat lots of seaweed a which containes potassium iodide and have less disease like breast and prostate cancer (google this for yourself!) ,iodine is anti viral,anti bacterial and anti fungal ! iodine has been shown to cure cystic fibrosis ! lugol's solution has been around since the 1800s and used with success in tratment of illnesses. now , these things being said , i have personally taken lugol's solution, i began starting slow, 2 drops to a glass of distilled water. i increased over a period of a week to 8 drops twice a day, this is approx. 50 mg a day. i took this amount for about 3 - 4 weeks. I then lowered it to 4 drops a day as a maintenance dose. the result has been interesting. after taking 50 mg a day for about a week i felt like i did when i once took a very strong antibiotic. then that went away after a day or so. i felt like i had a chronic illness removed , i dont know what else to say about that. i had acid reflux when i started but it is now gone!! my blood pressure was 140/90 and spiked to 170/105 at times, it is now 125/75 on average , sometimes lower! my allergies are doing much better as well. i had insomnia and sleep apnea (caused by allegies,nose colapsing) i have no more sleep apnea due to allergies and no more insomnia! something else too, remember i said iodine was anti viral? well , my dog came down with the parvo virus, the vet said that the dog needed to stay for treatment. i didn't have that kind of money, so we brought the dog home. now, my wife loves that dog and i knew i had to do something, so i tried the lugol's solution. the vet had given the dog a shot for nausea, so she would be able to drink and keep it down. i started giving her 2 - 3 drops of lugol's in a syrenge with distilled water. in about 4 days she was up and playing again, it was amazing. now you might think this was a fluke but listen to this, another of our dogs started to vomit and show all the symptoms of the parvo virus. i began putting lugols in the dogs drinking water and she recovered as well. the third dog never developed symptoms and im convienced it's because she drank the same water. now i dont know about you,but im certain there is something to all the claims. if i find myself feeling ill ,i up my dose a little, thats for sure! think about this too, aids is a virus, i wonder what effect lugol's solution could have on it, you can bet, if anyone i know is unfortunate enough to contract that disease, ill ask them if they would like to try it. also if that does ever happen, i will publish the results. so in closing i say, do your own research and make your own decision, im including a link to where i buy my lugol's solution and im in no way affiliated with them.



We have been giving our small dog lugol's for 6 months. her belly used to rub the ground she was so fat. now i can put my foot under her belly and she is acting more like a puppy again!

she is getting old too.

  She jumped from the floor to the couch yesterday! something she hasn't done in years!

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\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

if it is good enough for you it is good enough for me

jill 7 years ago

hi bob!!

paulina 7 years ago

Hi - I think you meant "fibrocystic" (as in, fibrocystic breast condition) and not "cystic fibrosis."



sarah 6 years ago

I have been taking Lugols Iodine since July 2009, i use to help against hot flushes whilst going through the menopause - I started by just taking 5 drops in a morning - i have upped the dose and now take on average 10 to 12 drops daily. I no longer have hot flushes either at night or during the day, my general well being is so much better. I was recommended the solution by a clincal reflexogolist who swears by it. I am so glad I went down the more holistic avenue, rather than the drugs offered by my doctor - who at one point suggested anti-depressants!! No thank you.

Linda Santini, M.Ed. 6 years ago

I'm on Iodoral while I'm looking into buying Lugol's Solution. I have hypothyroidism and since I upped my dose of Iodoral to about 50 mg. a day, my body temp has gone up. It used to be so low, often in the 96-97 degree range, I don't know how I got out of bed. I was always cold. Yesterday at the doc's office it was 97.9 - best ever! And it's only been about a week on the 50 mg a day. No wonder Big Pharma is conspiring with the FDA to try to ban Lugol's Solution (and no doubt they'll try to ban Iodoral next) - iodine/potassium iodide is cheap and effective and actually restores people's health. What the FDA and drug companies are doing to the American people is just so evil.

Robert 6 years ago

thanks for the info, i have read that iodine helps regulate body temp. glad to hear about your experience, sounds like its true! i have been supplimenting with magnesium lately, this is after a 30 day course of probiotics. i am now convinced we all need probiotics to replinish our good bacteria , this helps absorb vitamins and minerals. i also think we should suppliment all water soluble vitamins and minerals every day, i am feeling so much better these day. our diet of processed foods and no whole fruits and veagtables is making us all nutriant deficient

drnancy 6 years ago

I have been wondering if iodine may help both myself (hypothyroid) and my cat (hyperthryoid). One theory for cat thryoid disease online was that it was caused by flame retardents in carpets and furniture, and they wash themselves so they get a high dose. (...and according to Dr. D. Brownstein, the bromide toxicity may cause iodine utilization problems, if I recall correctly.) Has anyone tried iodine supplementation on a hyperthyroid cat? Some holistic docs give it for autoimmune thryoid disease (obviously with the doc monitoring for issues that might come up).

Harmony84 6 years ago

I'm doing the samething, I have a very starved abandoned cat that has a big throat tumor, and maybe hyperthyroidism, I'm going to give her lots of lugol's and see what happens. I suspect the tumor may actually shrink!!

Jayzigg 6 years ago

To Linda Santini: the reason why the FDA is trying to ban Lugol's Solution is because it is widely used as an ingredient in making crystal meth. Get your facts right.

Bj 6 years ago

Lugol's is NOT used to make meth.

Get your facts straight

sunstar 6 years ago

one percent is making meth and 99 % suffering from terrible condition, related thyroid problem, that lead to cancer. GET YOUR MATH AND FACT

Sd 6 years ago

It tastes so nasty, how did you get your dog to take it. It gives me heart burn.

Colin Burger 6 years ago

The reason the FDA is trying to ban Lugols 5% is because Iodine is capable of curing so many things, and the last fucking thing big pharma needs is a cure all on the market.

pull your head outta your ass woman!

Brad 6 years ago

Did you use the 2% one or the 5% one?

ghost-writer profile image

ghost-writer 6 years ago Author

i use the 2%

Brad 6 years ago

Thanks mate, making my own hub soon, been using 1 drop a day on lugol 5%. Thanks again:)

ghost-writer profile image

ghost-writer 6 years ago Author

really, one drop? i take half a dropper full of the 2% a day!

Brad 6 years ago

Oh, lol, no, like building up too 8 drops, currently it's my first week and struggling a bit and hesitant and hopefully stay on it for 3 months, done a lot of research aswell! Can I ask what your diet was like during iodine intake? Healthy diet or casual with some deserts in eveynow and then? And your supplements if you don't mind asking during the iodine intake? I read you need too supplement with Selenium and if the iodine effects are too bad vitamin C or the Salt procedure stops/slows the side effects.. Thanks again mate

ghost-writer profile image

ghost-writer 6 years ago Author

my diet was mostly fast food and now i eat more fresh fruits and veggies. i was taking a muli vitamin and extra c when i started. now i take a multi, 2000 mg c, vitamin B complex, 8oo mg magnesium citrate (capsules), calcium 1200 mg, 5000 iu vitamin D3. also now i drink about 150 OZ of water every day with 1/8 tsp salt to 32 OZ bottle. have seen good improvement to health.

Brad 6 years ago

Thanks for that! Can I ask why your magnesium is at 800? wouldn't it be need to be even if not more a little more say 1,600mg and then 1,200mg calcium? Just from what I researched i thought it needs to be a bit more if not even, depends on your exercising? Would love too hear your thoughts! Thanks

ghost-writer profile image

ghost-writer 6 years ago Author

yes it should be i need to correct that thanks! :)

iluvelvis726 5 years ago

I've read the above posts and I am starting Lugol's 2% tonight. I have been on iodine (regular strength) for about 2 weeks now, and cannot see a difference. Hoping Lugol's will make a marked improvement in health (hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, low body temp, etc.) I'm starting with 8 drops 2x per day since I have already been on iodine for a while. Thanks for all the input. Will keep in touch.

David 5 years ago

i have suffering from sleep apnea many years. exidentaly i found out that few drops of lugol at evening without any water eliminates my night apnea. first time i sleep

normally! no nightmares, pounding heart,and brithing blood pressure became 120/70 instead of 145/90.

to be shure that it is effect of lugol, i try to stop intake and immediately sleep apnea comes back.

i try also to replace lugol by kaliumiodide supplement

(drug's name is "iodine ballance") but no result.

only lugol works very well.

please inform me if any one knows how long time i can use

lugol? (sorry for my bad english.)

Peachy 5 years ago

Have been feeding Lugol's to both our dogs for some time now. Lipoma in one has definitely decreased and both are like pups.

I dose them by adding it their water, then pour a couple of tablespoons of organic coconut oil on the top. They both dance waiting to get to the water! So 3 benefits - lots of water, coconut oil & lugols.


bevpal 5 years ago

very helpful comments - was hesitant about trying lugol's due to iodine/thyroid and potassium/heart side effects but don't read about any of these things happening - thx

Maggie 5 years ago

I started using Lugol's Iodine after my husband and I both had a sibling die with cancer and from the horrific effects of "standard practice" medicine. I have COPD and a history of frequent respiratory infections that were treated with antibiotics. Being so close to cancer forced me to look closely at allopathic medicine and research an alternative. I only take one drop of Lugol's twice a week, in a glass of distilled water and organic apple cider vinegar. I also eat raw seaweed every day and use it in cooking, take Limu (fucoidan from seaweed) daily and only eat organic and raw dairy. I am mid 60s, weigh 112lbs, have not seen an MD for over 5 years, have had no colds, flu or other infections even though I have nursed sick grandchildren, am active and energetic. I have promised myself that, barring an accident, I will never take prescription drugs, or any drugs, again and stay away from doctors - including xrays, MRIs and mammograms. I would say that Lugol's and seaweed should be part of everyone's life if they are interested in good health.

Manny 5 years ago

I just ordered 3 bottles of Lugol's. 2 at 2% and one at 5%. I hope to start self treatment ASAP. I am HIV+ and have high blood pressure. BOTH can use a little help right now. If my blood pressure is reduced significantly I may be able to go off the pill and I can substitute this in stead. (I will tell the doctor this time first...)

I also have low body temperature but never knew iodine had anything to do with it. My hands and feet are frozen 10 months of the year. The slightest temperature change agitates me. My only comfort zone lays between 68 and 72 degrees. If this is helped I will throw a party! LOL

ghost-writer profile image

ghost-writer 5 years ago Author

manny i hope it helps, please keep us informed over the long term.

TandT 5 years ago

I just starting using the 2% yesterday, I noticed right away I had extra energy and slept like a baby..So far so good

missionhill 5 years ago

I have the Lugol's do you take the drops? Orally or topically (on the skin)? Thanks!

bob 5 years ago

i always mix mine with water or juice and drink it.

Cazza 5 years ago

Hi Bob I have been taking Lugols (4 drops) since December 2010. Vertigo was a constant problem for me (due to stress) also allergy to sulphur and penecillin for approximately 27 years.

Since starting Lugols I have not had one attack of vertigo and I have eaten garlic (sulphur) with no anaphalaxis. Another plus is that there is no depression.

Fantastic so far so good

Linda 5 years ago

I have Hypthyroidism and am taking 300mg of dessicated thyroid a day. I have seen an improvement but the there seems to be something else missing. I decided to try Lugol's. I read that you can use Kent's marine Lugol Solution. I found it on a fish tank supply site - 5/10 solution - for $10.99 1 oz bottle. Free shipping for orders over $75 (US), so I ordered 8 bottles. I'll start the therapy and see if I can reduce the thyroid meds.

If I get an upset stomach from food (food poisoning) I take six drops in a glass of water and in 10 minutes, it's gone. 5 years ago

I use Lugol's to steralize my vegetables. Six drops in a pan of water for 5 min's kills all the harmful bacteria and viruses. If I get an upset stomach from food (belching, gas and pain) I take six drops in a glass of water and in 10 minutes it's gone.

mariyana 5 years ago

Hi there,

Please somebody tell me for how long Lygol's solution lasts once you open the bottle.

Thank you very much!

mark 4 years ago

Bob: I saw Lugol's Iodine 2.2% solution for $14.63 for 8 ounces.

how would this compare to J Crow's?

I plan to take it soon and want to make sure I get something that works for my sleep apnea and hypertension, arrythmias and shortness of breath :-)


Bee 4 years ago

Should I buy the 2% or 5%? I'm a small person (underweight due to digestive issues, heavy metals, and gut infections), but I also have hypothyroidism. Will Lugol's help with the above issues? How much do I take, how often, etc??


GmaGoldie profile image

GmaGoldie 4 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Fascinating. I prefer sea salt which doesn't include iodine and was wondering what the benefits are.

daisymay73 4 years ago

Hi there

Well after much investigating on the internet, I finally have 5% Iodine 10% Potassium Iodide. Due to the restrictions imposed it is becoming difficult to get full strength Lugols. I have no connection with this company so take it or leave it...but if you want to buy it at this strength and having trouble..its Im interested in how others are keep up the posts.

michellealeta64 4 years ago

I started lugols 5% 2 drops in am and 2 in pm about a week ago--immediately felt more energetic--not falling asleep after a simple low carb meal as b4. my blood pressure was hi and i was taking eggplant water 3x a day to help and it did as long as i checked and repeated dose when it was hi which it was always after 3 or 4 hours.( i've been waiting for my magnesium oil to come, anticipating that helping lower blood pressure.) today, however, i only took one dose of lugols because i actually forgot the second does. strangely, i didn't have to take any eggplant water all day--as i checked 3 x and blood pressure was normal-had no idea that iodine may help--i must add that i had been eating raw cabbage salad with other veggies for breakfast for about 6 mos and recently found out that may have been decreasing my energy level because of some ingredient in raw cabbage--as i was tired and sluggish and wondering why. i stopped eating raw cabbage about a week ago, as well. now i steam it. anyway, now after reading this blog, i'm realizing that the luguls, which i started taking to increase energy, may be beneficial to reducing blood pressure as well. AMAZING--iodine, used by the Creator for our body development really has a huge purpose. Makes lots of sense!!!

Patti 4 years ago

My TSH report came back 4.6 and was told it was hypothyroism. I purchased J. crow's Lugol's Solution 2%. Should I of gotten 5% instead or can I have results from 2%. Also how often and how many drops...I have read so many different reports and would like to hear from someone who has tried this and had positive results.

ghost-writer profile image

ghost-writer 4 years ago Author

used 2% and it works fine. i started with 2 drops in a glass of water and increased everyday until i reached half a dropper. also after a couple months i only took it every other day. i have stopped using it though, no particular reason. i have found i believe what my true problem was. obstructive sleep apnea, and candida albicans. i have taken candi - gone for going on 1 month also garlic oil and cut sugar in all forms then added probiotics twice a day, i feel so more energetic!

also for me singing in a low baratone voice 15 minutes twice a day seems to tighten the throat muscles and i sleep without as many apneas thus get better sleep. though i am having a sleep study tonight and will be getting a CPAP machine just the same.

ghost-writer profile image

ghost-writer 4 years ago Author

i have stopped using lugol's, no particular reason. i have found i believe what my true problem was. obstructive sleep apnea, and candida albicans. i have taken candi - gone for going on 1 month also garlic oil and cut sugar in all forms then added probiotics twice a day, i feel so more energetic!

also for me singing in a low baratone voice 15 minutes twice a day seems to tighten the throat muscles and i sleep without as many apneas thus get better sleep. though i am having a sleep study tonight and will be getting a CPAP machine just the same.

Shuten jay 4 years ago

I prefer to make my own lugols iodine, because you can make it as stronger as you like (=

Caroline 4 years ago

Thanks to all for the information. Shuten Jay, how do you make your own Lugol's Iodine?

Jennifer 4 years ago

Just curious, I was considering taking the Kent Marine Lugol's Solution - Saw that Linda had purchased some but hasn't posted anything since?!?! Has anyone else taken the Kent's Marione LS? And if so what was/is the dosage that was taken.

Sick and Tired of BEING Sick and Tired

Maria 4 years ago

Shuten Jay, where do you get your iodine crystals and potassium iodide?

Findaway 3 years ago

I have been dealing with unexplained fatigue for a long time. Chronic fatigue symptoms. The doctors have done many tests over several years but have not found the reason for the fatigue. A few years ago, I noticed that my temperature was lower than it used to be. Many days it would be in the low 97's, sometimes 96's. Even though thyroid tests showed "normal range", because of my research, I suspected "sub clinical hypothyroidism". I found out how iodine deficiency is linked to so many ills including hypothyroid and that the US RDA is too low since the japanese take in much more than Americans are are healthier in many ways. I first started taking kelp tablets but instead of taking one tab like the bottle said, I took like 10 a day. In 3 days, I noticed my temps up in the 98's again, something I haven't seen in years. I switched over and I started taking "iodoral" tablets which are supposed to be pretty much the same as lugols but in tablet form. I started taking 50 mg for a while and now backed off because I eventually wasn't feeling as good, probably detoxing from bromide, etc. My temps are still consistently higher than before and reach the mid 98's but they still fluctuate a lot. It's been about 3 months since I started and in time, I hope for my temp to stabilize and my thyroid to work better. I'm a believer in Lugol's solution or other similar iodine supplement. It will be interesting to see what it does for my health long term. I may have to try some Lugol's soon when my iodoral runs out.

dandelionweeds profile image

dandelionweeds 2 years ago

Hi, I take the lugul's solution 5% and have been doing it for about a month now. For a short period of time I did switch to nacent iodine. I went back on the lugul's because it gave me energy, ability to focus better, helps depression and I also lost a few pounds. It is awesome! And I only take one drop still in water in the morning, sometimes I will have a glass in the evening if I have something to do.

MJ882 2 years ago

So how does this work ion otherwise healthy adults. I have high blood pressure and am on medication, have some joint issues as an older athlete, acid reflux and sometime sleeplessness at night. Is this stuff related to quinine?

mary615 profile image

mary615 2 years ago from Florida

I just searched Dog Iodine Candida overgrowth, and your Hub came right UP!! My Miniature Schnauzer itches all the time. I've spent so much money of pills from the Vet! Right now I give her Benedryl to help her sleep during the night and not itch. You have sold me on this Lugol's, and I will buy some and give it a try!!

Voted UP etc. and shared.

Johng991 2 years ago

There are some interesting closing dates on this article however eecggagbddgd

xrysoula 2 years ago

what we cant eat with lugol's therapy?

Michele Carter profile image

Michele Carter 2 years ago from Wahiawa, Hawaii

I have been using Lugul's 5% 8 drops a day for about a month now. I worked my way up to 8 drops, so all together using Lugul's a couple months. I recently stopped my thyroid meds to see if the iodine was working, as I feel so much better. I am also taking multivitamins, Vitimin C, B2 & B3. My vitamins already contain the recommended dosage of selenium. For the past few nights though I have had trouble sleeping. I have no problem going to sleep, but wake up and never hit deep sleep. Will this pass, or should I reduce the amount of drops?

TwoWheelFree 2 years ago

I see lots of comments about sleep here. Anybody had sleep apnea confirmed by an overnight sleep study and then solved their apnea by use of iodine? If so, what are you taking and what dosage? Thanks

walker49 7 months ago

It is quite clear that generally the population is iodine deficient because of the lack of it in our diets and also because of the iodine antagonists such as bromine and chlorine. However please look at Alexander Haskell's tube on Iodine Supplements - a Warning. He gives the dangers, one of them being the possibility of suffering from Hashimotos. He recommends only 3 mg of iodine a day. Please note I am in no way in expert far from it and have only just started studying the subject. Definetely a subject worth pursuing.

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