My two week insanity workout journey


Just over two weeks ago, I embarked on Shaun T’s insanity 60 day workout program to see if I could make it through. I was sceptical initially of the results to expect, but was committed to see it through. I had tried the workout severally with little to write home about, normally not going beyond one week where I either became busy, lazy or just got tired of working out. I embarked on a few changes in this phase, as I noted that the lack of motivation could have been a reason as to my failure in the past. I thus enlisted the help of a friend whom we could do the workout together and track each other’s progress, to keep the motivation up (I must add that it has worked out quite well).

Weigh in

When starting, I did a measure of my starting weight which was at 109.2 kg (240.24lbs). This was quite worrying as I noted I had put on quite a significant amount within a short period of time. A quick calculation of my BMI classified me to be obese class one, not a very nice thing to hear. According to the calculator, my maximum healthy weight was at a maximum of 80.84Kgs (177.85lbs). I therefore had my work cut out for me.

Starting regime

Starting insanity 60 day workout program was quite difficult as there is was no gradual escalation of exercises to get you used to the regime. I remember that I had trouble keeping up on day 1 which has the Fit Test program slated. The Fit Test is designed to be the ultimate measure of the progress of workouts. This test is repeated every few weeks to compare progress made. That said, I noted there was need to set out a baseline that could be used to compare with in two weeks time.

2 week effects

After two weeks, I can say that I had lost a meagre amount of weight, having gone down with only 200 grams (0.440lbs). I am however determined to see through the insanity 60 day workout program and see just how well I will have fared. After the Fit Test at week two, I could see that I was improving as I could be able to perform more exercises within the same duration of time as opposed to two weeks earlier.

Insanity fit test exercises

Among the exercises include: Switch kicks, Power Jacks, Power Jumps, Power knees, Globe jumps, Suicide Jumps and Push up Jacks. I would suppose the choice of exercise is to ensure that most of the body parts are exercised, with focus to the abs, as almost all the mentioned exercises try to make sure that the core is contracted.

I could not believe the numbers when I came to do the comparison. I was over the moon in seeing that I was getting better. From the above, I know I am getting better and that gave me an extra push to keep working hard on the different regimes every day.

Individual regimes

On the individual sessions, I try to move at my own pace, only following the guidance of the trainer. I would advise people new to the program to move at their own pace too. Pushing too hard will only compromise form. The Pylometric cardio circuit has been the most challenging regime of the insanity 60 day workout so far and I dread it whenever it comes up as it needs you to have both physical and mental energy to see it through. Pure cardio and Cardio Power and Resistance are so far my favourite regimes, being well moderated and intense at the same time too.

The next phase that I think I will start altering bit by bit is the rations of food I eat and the quality of food I eat. I am currently trying more fruits and vegetables as opposed to complex carbohydrates and fats. I will report back the results I have attained from the insanity 60 day workout in the next two weeks as I update the table. All I can say is that I’m glad I am becoming better by the day.

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PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 3 years ago from Canada

Where's the before and after pictures!?

Davidnjoroge profile image

Davidnjoroge 3 years ago from Nairobi Author

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am still working on the regime. Not much change as I indicated :( Will have the pics at the end of the 60 day program.

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