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Q: Why do doctors say there is no cure for herpes?

A: In professional, medical terms we don't use the word "cure" as its misleading. Diseases are controlled or managed (all diseases). The word "cure" is used by our marketing people who are not familiar with standard medical terminology. The Electro-cure device does not "cure" Herpes or any disease, the Electro-cure device is a super-efficient method of transporting antivirals through the skin into the body and by the way it works brings the success rate of acyclovir (Zovirax) from 47% to 85%.

Could you kindly pass this on to your doctor.

Dear Doctor,

The Lectroject is a more modern version of the iontophoresis machines used to treat trauma with histamine dihydrochloride up to the 1960's. In 1996 Lectroject was developed using DPH (Benadryl Cream) to treat allergic asthma. In 2001 it was found that acyclovir could be transported, and so trials were conducted on patients with HSV-I AND II.

The concentration of acyclovir in Lectroject is 17 times higher than when applied topically. The results obtained in coxsackie B 1-6 were far beyond our expectations. During this time a pharmaceutical company in USA attempted to copy the technology through commercial espionage. They were not successful. In 2005 GlaxoSmithKline and Transport Pharmaceuticals with which you are no doubt acquainted, announced their intention to fund research into this technology at $27 million. Their final trials begin in late 2005. They expect to be on the market in 2006.

You will realize that no company would spend that amount on a device that was not efficient. The device does not "cure" herpes it is merely a superefficient method of transporting antivirals into the body. The system transports not only antivirals but analgesics, antimycotics etc. In 2009 we intend to extract glucose from the body without drawing blood, initial results have been encouraging and we intend to attempt to introduce insulin into the patient without needles. I hope this addresses your concerns.

The lectroject system


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onmywaythere 6 years ago

does this machine along with the meds actually make you test negative after wards?

daniek profile image

daniek 7 years ago from Jan Kempdorp. NC South Africa Author

Second, it's illegal for doctors selling a product to tell you that it cures anything. Even if medical studies show that a product cures everything, those who say so without FDA approval can be charged with making "fraudulent medical claims" and "mislabeling."

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