Myths of Asthma

There are many myths that developed in the community related to asthma. Some of them can indeed be explained with common sense, although many do not even make sense.

The first myth is that going to the sea could cure asthma. The myth, there is some true in it because the sea air is cleaner than the air in urban areas. The lack of pollution makes a sea breeze good for people with asthma.

Actually the air in the mountains is clean as well, but the weather tends to cold. In some patients with asthma, the weather is too cold can trigger an attack so that the sea more often 'myth-made' than the mountains.

The second myth is that swimming can cure asthma. Related to this, not just swimming, all sports that can be done slowly and gradually basically good for asthma.

The third myth is that asthma is a hereditary disease. Although not openly justify it, it was revealed that 30-40 percent of asthma is triggered by hereditary factors. There are people who feel their parents have no history of asthma. But it could be any of her grandparents who have asthma, or even actually own parents have. It's just that the symptoms did not appear because there is no trigger.

Other myths are of course many, perhaps even growing. Accordingly, the most important thing in dealing with these myths is to examine the evidence. For a growing paradigm in the health sector today is evidence based (based on the evidence). Maybe there really healed that way. But if it happens only 1 in 100, then the myth could not be accounted for.

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aguasilver profile image

aguasilver 5 years ago from Malaga, Spain

Magnesium, especially liquid magnesium will relieve asthma symptoms quickly, and if one takes magnesium daily, may avert asthma attacks anyway.

I discovered that whilst in A&E with my daughter, when I had the chance to read the instructions on the wall for dealing with severe asthma attacks:

First use this generic branded drug, then if that fails use a second generic branded drug, if all else fails use magnesium (a low cost non branded natural mineral).

Big question was, why bother with the BigPhama products first, if they were admitting that magnesium was the ultimate way to deal with the problem?

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Thank you aguasilver, good to know about magnesium. This made me thinking and want to find out... may become my next hub :)

David Warren profile image

David Warren 5 years ago from Nevada

Welcome to hub pages! Good information aquasilver, thank you

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Hello David Warren, thanks for stoping by, reading and commenting

susie142 5 years ago

Thanks for following me. My husband has asthma; maybe we'll try magnesium.

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

You're welcome susie142, thanks for stoping by and commenting. I hope things change for the better on your husband.

Jillian Barclay profile image

Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA

Dear DJ,

My son was diagnosed with severe asthma at age 2. He is now 32. It has been a life long learning process. Many of the things you say are true, and will gladly read your articles!

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Thank you Jillian for following me back, good to hear your experience dealing with asthma.

Brinafr3sh profile image

Brinafr3sh 5 years ago from West Coast, United States

Thanks WriterDJ. Asthma is something I had when I was a young child. And I still can't tolerate secound hand smoke. But humidifiers work really well for people with asthma. (voted up)

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

You're welcome Brinafr3sh. Thanks to you too, you gave me idea to keep writing :)

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

DJ, thanks for this informative hub. My spouse has asthma, but it seems to have been moderated by a change from the Colorado climate to that of Hawaii, it is most likely the elevation and perhaps the higher relative humidity? What do you think? Glad to be a member of your team, Great Hub Credence2

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Welcome Credence2, I'm happy to have you here too.

I have experienced too, I worked 2 years in a town closer to the beach I feel healthier than now I'm back to my home town which the weather tends to cold several times I had asthma attack. My trigger is several times got flu which make asthma relapse.

Hugh Williamson profile image

Hugh Williamson 5 years ago from Northeast USA

Interesting information and I'll pass the magnesium comment along to my wife. She and my daughter both have fairly severe asthma.

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Thank you Hugh for finding good of the hub.

Thanks for sharing to others. Hope the hub will be useful for your wife and daughter too...

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

Really great Hub WriterDJ. I love the pictures. Where is the beach picture from? It is beautiful.

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Thanks again JT, glad to follow you.

The beach is Wakatobi beach, I saw when I read about best diving destination in Indonesia. One of Indonesian Island, in the southern Sulawesi.

If your hoby is travelling, this could be the most place you want to visit.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

A very good hub on the myths of asthma. The photos are beautiful. I want to thank you for following me and leaving a nice comment on my recent hub, celebrating my first yr on hubpages. I rated this hub up, useful and awesome.

WriterDJ profile image

WriterDJ 5 years ago Author

Thanks vocalcoach for stopping by, yes I've been read your Hub celebrating 1st year on Hubpages... encouraging

Satchell 2 years ago

Thanks for that! It's just the answer I nedede.

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