Natural Detox Drinks


Detoxification is the common topics under weight loss. To successfully slim down, you need to detoxify your body. Detoxify means you need to trash out the toxin from your body with the help of other medium. Thus at this point of time, the best medium to help you for detoxify is water. Water clean your colon and eliminate unwanted toxin from your body. If your body are detox well, then, you will easily get rid for many diseases. As far as concern there are many diseases caused by toxin. As such, obese people also needs to detoxify their body as toxin is one of the major contributor of their fat.

What is detox drinks?

To make sure you detoxify successfully, you need medium to help you. Thus beside plain water, there are still many other ways that help you to eliminating toxin from your body. Nevertheless you still cannot escape from liquid medium. There are the best medium that help to export your toxin out of your body. As such detox drinks now come into the picture.

Detox drinks are varieties. Some detox drink is in tea form and some are in fruit juice form. However their purpose only one, which to detoxify your body. Detox drinks can be natural or chemical. Natural detox drinks contained organic ingredients, whereas chemical detox drinks are formulated by chemical way. Thus in order to achieve the results, you got options to go for either natural or chemical detox drinks. However as far as concern, people still prefer to go for natural detox drinks. People choose this is because of they are less health risk contained if comparing to chemical formation detox drinks.

Commercial Detox Drinks

Like I said earlier, detox drink can be varieties. Perhaps different detoxification drinks are made from different detox drinks recipe. However some detox drinks does not required for any recipes. These types of commercial detox drinks are inclusive of like slimming and tea and can detox drinks. They will keep the drinks inside glass storage and sold with different branding and covers. These detox drinks are believed consisting of high fiber which good for detoxification. These fibers enabling the unwanted particles and toxin go out from your body. Thus once the toxin has been "chase" out of your body, then your weight will automatically reduced. In fact this is the purpose of taking these commercial detox drinks. Whereas for well formulated "fruit juice" form of detox drinks, they contain specific features help in eliminating toxin. Nevertheless it might effective for some people. But not all are beneficial from the drinks. Some detox drinks contain high sugar and in fact this is not good for dieters.

Natural Detox Drinks

Here comes our focus today!

Natural detox drinks are much better than commercial detox drinks. These drinks are easy to prepare and it contain high nutritional value. Below please find some of the benefits of having natural or organic detox drinks:

Natural Detox Drinks are Healthy

As I mentioned earlier, natural detox drinks contained healthy ingredient. Plus the ingredient are all in organic form. Some of the best examples of natural detox drinks are inclusive of like papaya lime juice, cucumber dragon fruit juice and banana kiwi juice. You noticed that these natural detox drinks consist of natural detox drink recipe. Unlike other detoxification drinks or drug detox drink, they are less harmful to your health. Apart from that they also provide other vitamins and nutrients that good for your body. Detox drinks like cucumber lime juice provide vitamin C and B for your body and at the same time they help you to detox.

Natural Detox Drinks are Economic

Comparing to commercial detox drinks, natural detox drinks are much more cost effective. You spend less to get the same result. In fact the result you will get might be better. Plus they contain lesser health risk. Most of the time, I will encourage people to prepare homemade detox drinks. Within few simple steps, you can get your delicious and nutritious detox drinks. With this detox drink also, you can get a better skin structure as almost all of these detox drinks contain high vitamin C.

Natural Detox Drinks can Substitute Your Meal

Same like meal replacement shakes, natural detox drinks can substitute your meal. They can fill your stomach although you did not taking any solid food. This is because of most of the detox drinks like soy banana detox drink rich in fiber and carbohydrates. These nutrition value reduce the possibilities for you to get hungry. Thus detox drinks always become the best meal replacement drinks for you.

Detox Drink Recipe

Detox drink can be homemade, this is how we produced natural detox drinks. As such to prepare for natural detox drinks, you need to have detox drink recipe. Nevertheless you can use your creativity to create your own recipes. As long as you select the right ingredients for making the detox drinks. The ingredients that you choose should be low fat and low in sugar. Below are some suggestions on the ingredients for preparing a cup of "workable" detox drink:

Fresh Vegetables - Tomato, Cucumber, Spinach, Corn, Broccoli

Fresh Fruits - Guava, Banana, Green Apple, Lemon, dragon Fruit, Star Fruit

Fresh Skimmed milk - Low Fat Yogurt, Low Fat Yogurt Drinks, Low fat milk


A good and healthy detox drink will not cause burning in stomach. It should be natural, refreshing and light. However you must serve it right. You must serve it with right recipes and right method. Perhaps the best detox drinks are made by natural ingredients. As such, before you go for any commercial detox drinks, please take a minute or two to think it before you buy. You are advised to prepare your detox drink if possible. Nevertheless to make detox drinks more attractive, you can use your creativity and ideas for produce the delicious and nutritious detox drinks. What you need to do is just watch up the ingredients for the drinks.

Lemon Juice Detox Drink

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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Great information! And we should not kid ourselves by thinking we don't need to do this - our diet and environment are toxic and we are suffering obesity and poor health as a result.

Thanks for such a thorough hub with lots of information and choices! I'm a fan now!

GmaGoldie profile image

GmaGoldie 6 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

Very well done - great information. I like the milk one.

smcopywrite profile image

smcopywrite 3 years ago from all over the web

wonderful info and very helpful. these types of drinks are great for skin and hair. i am partial to fresh fruit recipe to do the job. however, i have also tried mixing veggies and fruits and enjoyed it.

just somebody 3 years ago

helpful information.Now,if you could just understand how to speak and type english on a basic level,you would have more than just 4 followers who can understand you.

amelia love 2 years ago

I found a wonderful product from a friend in is called Palo Azul Tea. Not only is it a great natural way to detox but I have lost 15 lbs over the past 4 months since I started drinking it and it tastes great too!!! There are some cheap imitations out there though, be careful. I get mine from I have never been disappointed with this product.

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