Natural Herbal Remedy - Herbal Relief for Irritated Skin

Healing Herbs in Autumn

Herbal formulas are all the rage, and all the better for us.
Herbal formulas are all the rage, and all the better for us.

A Healing Cure for Dry Skin Treatment, Too

Here's a quick and easy recipe for a healing salve that's often the only that's ever worked for... you name the skin malady. This skin salve will work.

Herbal doesn’t mean harmless, it means plant-based. Herbal medicine is real medicine and can kill in the wrong doses, just like prescription drugs. They say medicines are different kinds of poisons given in small doses. Seems to make sense.

Here’s a little information about two different plants. One could kill if ingested over long periods of time and another that’s as benign as lawn grass. The two combined in a soothing salve will bring relief for eczema, impetigo, chafing, chapping, rashes, sprains and deep bruises, and other skin annoyances.

Ingredients for a Natural Home Remedy; Healing Medicine

The first skin healing plant is named Comfrey, or SymphytumOfficinale. It has been known for centuries for its bone-mending and bruise healing properties. It goes by several names, such as, boneset, knit-bone, slippery-root and gum plant. The latter two names given for the root’s mucilaginous, sticky texture.

Comfrey has been drunk in weak teas and infusions in naturopathic medicine for centuries, but more recently it’s been discovered that comfrey can force a bout of liver disease and give adverse results for pregnant and nursing mothers. So, NEVER drink it. There are tablets on the market that have been made palatable, but comfrey isn’t supposed to be used internally, making there no reason to take a tablet of it.

Used only topically now, it can be made into better ways to apply it’s medicinal properties, like poultices and healing salves. It can be very good to heal skin abrasions, but it should never be applied to broken skin.

There are no known drug interactions, which means it can be used in unison with other herbs or medicines.

The Second of Two Herbs for This Herbal Ointment - Plantain

Plantagao Major, or, Plantain is called many names. Doorstop Weed, Stoop Weed, Porch Weed and White Man’s Foot. The latter name came from the early Europeans who migrated across the country, bringing with them and cultivating plantain everywhere they went. The Natives called it White Man’s Foot because the nature medicine seemed to be everywhere the white men were.

It’s a healing homeopathic remedy and has soothing effects for painful skin abrasions, skin irritation, scratches, cuts, rashes and it'll heal dry skin. It also has astringent properties that stop bleeding and encourage quick healing.

Make a tea or infusion out of it and it’s good to take internally. The tea turns out very light golden and is demulcent and expectorant. It gently soothes mucous membranes and stops the pain and cramping of diarrhea. It also soothes coughs, the common cold and bronchitis. Early settlers used to chop the plant into pieces and line the baby’s diaper with it to soothe diaper rash.

Skin Healing Treatment, Homemade Skin Remedies

Here is the recipe promised earlier. Use it for any skin irritation symptoms; it’s easy to make and it works like a miracle and only rarely causes allergic reactions.

You Will Need to Gather These Items

  • 1 4 inch by 4 inch block of beeswax, It doesn't need to be exact
  • 3 Large Comfrey Leaves, Or several small leaves
  • 6 Large Plantain Leaves, Or several small leaves
  • 1 Double-boiler or make-shift pans
  • 1 Wooden spoon
  • 1 small Bottle of Lanolin
  • 1 Small Bowl of ice and water
  • 2 Cereal spoons
  • A Wire-mesh Strainer It must be wire mesh, no colander will do
  • A jar with fitting lid Large enough to store remedy in, but shallow enough that you can reach the healing salve

Easy Instructions for Herbal Salve for Skin

  1. Chop the plantain and comfrey leaves into smallish pieces about half an inch in size.
  2. Put 2.5 inches of water in the bottom of the double boiler.
  3. Put the heat on high until it boils hard, then turn it down to medium and put the top pan on.
  4. Cut the block of wax into smaller pieces for faster melting. From here on, you cannot leave the pan, wax is flammable.
  5. Put the wax in the top pan and melt it, stirring occasionally.
  6. Put the plants into the wax and stir them in so all are submerged.
  7. The wax is hot, so let the plants steep in the wax for 25 minutes, turning it a light yellow green.
  8. Working quickly, pour the wax through the basket strainer and then pour it back into the pan again. Use a rubber spatula to make sure you get it all.
  9. Put 2 spoonfuls of the lanolin in the wax and mix it in good.
  10. Take another spoon and dip it in the wax mixture to get some wax on it, then dip it in the bowl of ice water. Now feel the mixture on the spoon. Is it creamy and smooth, or still a little hard like wax? If it’s hard, add another spoon of lanolin.
  11. Repeat this step until it’s just the right texture for your needs.
  12. Pour it into the jar you want to keep it in and let it cool.
  13. Keep it in a cupboard where light and heat doesn’t get to it when you’re not using it.

A Little Goes a Long Way - Use Sparingly

As was mentioned before, use it on eczema, rashes, dry skin patches, chapped lips and cheeks, scratches, small cuts and punctures and any skin annoyance you‘re unlucky enough to have. Good luck and share the salve.

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D.A.L. profile image

D.A.L. 7 years ago from Lancashire north west England

Great hub very informative. Will try your recipe out.

Raven King profile image

Raven King 7 years ago from Cabin Fever

Very good informative hub. Herbs really do work. May I suggest Chasteberry tree (vitex angus castus) for that time of the month? :)

browneyes 4 years ago

i do that herbal redemy is the best,an so true is ur remedy,i am from jamaica an if u go there u get all the remedy for all sickness,xspecially aids, but if u to say or tell some 1 that there is a plant can remedy AIDS an because u dont have phds or degees or a doctor or some sort,then u wont regonize ot they wont beleive there is a cure, an top of it u have to convince people too that herbs can help get rid of there sickness, just have to eat the rite food to build the immune system to fight these bacteria,they wont even get near u,ur body bring off a light that keep them from geting near u,the way u dress allso help do the work,any way i am going to sign in on u hub an share it on my facebook.

SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

Thank you for your remarks Browneyes! I know what you mean, and sometimes the elders know better than someone from college. Thanks for reading. :)

Olde Cashmere profile image

Olde Cashmere 4 years ago from Michigan, United States

I always love reading about natural means of medicine and this was a stellar hub. Voted up, interesting, and useful :)

SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago Author

Thank you very much, OC! :) Thanks for reading my work.

onlineherbs profile image

onlineherbs 4 years ago from Houston, TX

Is Comfrey herb effective on sunburn ? or how we can use comfrey herb on skin ?

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