Natural Secrets For All Flu Prevention

For Adults And Children

The panic is here! But wait, let's talk about some "old fashioned" immune system building. This Flu scare that comes every year, has given me so many sleepless nights especially since I have two younger children. The main thing about everything that is going on is to stay focused on your "health" right now before we hit the colder months ahead. Do not worry about "what may happen" because if it comes, there is nothing you can do about it.

Make sure you get plenty of rest.

The new "flu" (whichever one is mentioned in the news at the moment) is on everyones mind these days and frankly I have become obsessed with finding out "how many" confirmed cases are in my town every year. Last year I heard there was around forty cases of some "scary flu" from the local hospital. There are never any confirmed cases in my children's school, but something tells me that some people are not being "honest." This is the hard part about the school system these days. Even though I have e-mailed the Principal or teachers and asked how we will know, they e-mailed back and said "if there is a confirmed case," you will know. So, I end up back at the beginning with no answers. Some people refuse to get "tested" for BIG SCARY FLU whenever it hits so here we are wondering if some have had it or not. This happens every single year!!

Not fun!

I'm not a doctor so I will not bore you with too many studies or history about flu. I will share with you some of the things I have learned from the community who also dabble in "natural medicine" as well as the regular kind prescribed by doctors. I wanted to share some of the things that have worked for me and my family. I do believe that a few of the products that I'm going to share are extremely important for your immune system during flu season.

My main concern right now is making sure everyone stays healthy in my home. The fact that there are too many studies pointing to toxic ingredients and not enough testing on the shot for Swine flu has brought me to this point. If the President and Dr. Oz have both decided to not immunize their families, then I do believe something "is not right." So, I shall fight this season the "natural way" for now.

First of all you should know that hot liquids are necessary to fight any virus that enters your body. The Swine Flu virus takes about three days to incubate before it takes you down, so here is some preventive suggestions. It is best to gargle with hot water and salt every day, but if you do not want to gargle with salt water, any hot liquid (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, soup) will do if you drink or eat it when it is hot. The fact that it is hot on the throat will help fight the virus before it gets worse or may stop it entirely. There have been studies done on this and it does make sense doesn't it? I make sure my kids have hot tea every morning and soup, hot cocoa or decaf tea every night.


The first supplements I'm going to share with you are full of Vitamin C. Health Force Nutritionals makes the best vitamin C in powdered form. This is important to make sure the vitamin gets into your body right away. I usually put it in a glass of orange juice in the morning. Some of the synthetic vitamins take too long to do their job. Another miracle working supplement that I swear by is AMLA-C Plus by Pure Planet. It is natures most potent source of vitamin C with Spirulina. I take this every morning and it makes me feel fantastic and rejuvenated. For prevention using Homeopathy products, I use two different remedies from Boiron called Belladonna 30c and Influenzinum 200ck. I also give my children smaller doses of these every day before or after school. There are others that you can take too, but if you take some of each of these it is good enough for flu prevention. Although it says to take them three times a day, I find that twice a day is enough and I mix the two of them. Also remember to keep any homeopathic remedies away from cell phones, computers or anything else that can effect the the contents.

If everything fails and I happen to get signs of the flu I always have Oscillococcinum by Boiron in my home just incase. I have always used this the minute I get any symptoms and most of the time I did beat the flu in the past on the first day or so. I have also started to give it to the kids to help build their immune systems before flu season hits. Although the Swine Flu seems a whole lot worse then the regular flu I still think that all of this will help you fight the virus. It is not a miracle drug, but it does work if you catch it in time. They also have smaller doses for children too and I have smaller vials on hand for them. Another important supplement is D3. I'm still reading up on this, but I have been told that Costco has a great Calcium D3 in liquid form that the kids will like too. I just got one from my local health food store that I'm going to try, but want to get the liquid for my kids soon.

If you would like to read up on more information regarding optimal wellness products, please click the link below.

Supplements For Children

Although I give my children smaller doses of Belladonna and Influenzinum I also have a few other things on hand at all times. Natures Plus makes a really great vitamin for kids called Love Bites which is a great multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. It also has vitamin C in it and iron so for picky kids that do not like to take supplements, this has seemed to go over well with both of my kids. It also has Vitamin D in it, but I still want them to have D3 because of what I have read about it. For "boosting" their immune systems, ChildLife makes a great immune system product called First Defense which I sneak into their drinks in the afternoon. Another good supplement to fight viruses or the flu is called Elderberry Syrup which supposedly "confuses" any virus that hits the system. I do not know everything about this one, but after speaking to quite a few people this seems to be an important piece of the puzzle.

Your Immune System

I do believe that keeping your immune system in check is most important. I focus on this daily instead of worrying about everything that keeps coming out of the media. I have spoken to very prominent doctors regarding flu shots and they all told me that it is mostly done to protect the old and the very young. There was a family that got the Swine flu shots and half of them still got it. I decided that I was not willing to chance it until more studies have been done for now. A lot of people are acting on "panic" right now instead of doing any research.

Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions on this one, but it does not hurt to put supplements in your body that will help you throughout the year.

Old Wise Tale

So, supposedly in the early 1900's, they did a study with a lot of farmers when the Influenza Epidemic hit. Half of the farmers ended up getting the flu and half did not. What did the farmers that stayed well all have in common? A basket of onions in their kitchen! Supposedly the onions absorb the virus. So, I will surround my kitchen with them! Infact I will have "onion" everything by the time I get done with it. Can I buy stock in onions? On a serious note, anything I can do to calm my nerves is worth it. I hope this article helps anyone who "worries" as much as I do!

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HappyHer profile image

HappyHer 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

Great Hub! With all the virus's going around especially in the schools, it's good to keep up to date on the latest information. I'm going to get my onions out of the fridge and put them out on the table now....

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

HappyHer! Thanx for stopping in. I hope this hub helped you? It seems like it did. My kitchen is now covered in onions! GPAGE

kartika damon 7 years ago

GPAGE, I have heard about so many people getting the flu in my area I have been taking vitamin C but didn't know about Health Force - think I will get some just to play it safe and try a new brand! Thanks for all of these great tips to stay healthy! If coffee can work as a hot drink, that works for me! lol! Kartika

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

kartika! Thanks for your comment. I was just about to check out your newest hub! The powdered form of C by Health Force is great and I do believe that the powder is the best way to go during flu season. I absolutely LOVE coffee 2! ha


Veronica Allen profile image

Veronica Allen 7 years ago from Georgia

I am a mommy to two toddlers and I can attest to the effectiveness of the natural products used for boosting your child's immune system. What I have found to be effective in addition to the supplements you mentioned above, is a infant and toddlers (which also is available for older children and adults)probiotic made by UDO's Choice. I put it in my girls drinks everyday and they are rarely sick, but when they do get sick, they get over it farely quickly. Thank you so much for this information.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

Veronica, thank you for stopping in! I'm always eager for new information. Thank you for telling me about something else for children. Best, GPAGE

P Daniels 7 years ago


Sounds like good and very detailed advice. Thank for taking the time to do the research. You did a great job.


GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

Thanks for your comment D. Sign in next time when you comment so we can see your handsome face! G

rios65 profile image

rios65 7 years ago from Lowell

Great info they say that pregnant people really need to get the shot but I dont know. I'm 26 weeks and I dont know really what to do about the vaccine.

Big Brother profile image

Big Brother 7 years ago from Earth

Take a look at this:

Sorry about Greek Subs. Alex

PS I forget to say thanks to you GPAGE for your excellent job you made with your Hub.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

rios65...I do not think it is a good idea, but you need to do what you are comfortable with. If you want to learn more, please look at the link Big Brother sent me. Shocking! Best, GPAGE

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

Big Brother......thank you for this link. It is just shocking to me. The more information the more I learn......the more I learn the more I fear for our future. Atleast I can take the steps that I need to take. Hopefully by passing on the information we can make a difference. Best, GPAGE

Jess Killmenow profile image

Jess Killmenow 7 years ago from Nowheresville, Eastern United States

These are great tips, especially the hot drink / gargling with saltwater one. That one in particular has really helped me. Thanks GPAGE

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

So glad Jess! Nice to know the info I shared is helping you. Best, GPAGE

aoiffe379 profile image

aoiffe379 7 years ago

The hub was beneficial and on target, especially when you mentioned onions. My chef-brother uses garlic, onions and pepper all the time. He never comes down with colds or flu. There is something in these veggies that ward off viruses. Of course you can't give pepper to children.With all the stuff you take, you seem armed for virus warfare!Putting onion in food especially soup is excellent protection.Chicken soup is popular but it is the onions not the chicken that wards off germs such as viruses.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

aoiffe379...thanks for stopping in and leaving your very helpful comment!

I love onion soup! Sounds divine......Best, GPAGE

sunforged profile image

sunforged 7 years ago from

I have to stand in a hundred percent agreement with your diet is high in onions (pasta sauces, omelettes, soup)and garlic and I chew vitamin c like candy, I havent even had a sniffle in 7 years! no joke, its good that you remind people to create natural defenses rather than just try and treat after teh fact when its already to late

thieves oil is supposed to have some amazing defense building attributes

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

thanks sunforged! Nice to see you here. I'm going to look into "thieves oil." I have not heard of it? Thank you again for some great information! I like the pic of you and your cute! Best, GPAGE

sunforged profile image

sunforged 7 years ago from

its unique name explains it pretty well, the story goes that it was created by "thieves" as protection from the plague..which allowed them to plunder without getting ill

It def smells great!

frogdropping profile image

frogdropping 7 years ago

Gpage - I'm currently on echinacea, plus I take a high dose VitC tablet. Unsure whether or not I eat enough garlic and onions (I have one, the other or both, every day) but anyway, so far, so good.

Good hub :)

p.s. - I'm not going to panic. I'd rather read or go for a walk ;)

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

sunforged! cool.....u saved me time on "google!" ha really interesting.....thanx!

Best, G

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

frogdropping, you are right about "not panicking!" I think we all need to focus on staying healthy and keeping our immune systems in check. Supposedly "onions" are the most important I have heard.......thanx for visiting! G

Mocha Momma profile image

Mocha Momma 7 years ago from DMV Metro Area (DC, Maryland, Virginia)


Thanks for this Hub!

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

Mocha Momma.....Welcome! Thanks for stopping in...GPAGE

HerbalScience profile image

HerbalScience 7 years ago from Naples, Florida

Turning to natural secrets to boost immunity and help fight off the flu is a great idea! For those who don't want to get vaccinated or those who can't, it's important to know alternatives to fight the flu. Your article mentioned how important it is to boost immunity with scientifically proven natural secrets such as Vitamin C. Two other great immune boosters that have been scientifically shown to both help prevent and reduce flu symptoms are Zinc and Elderberry extract.

GPAGE profile image

GPAGE 7 years ago from California Author

Thank you for visiting HerbalScience! I'm always open to learning new things....

I did buy an elderberry extract for the kids....I took it a few times......

I will look into Zinc too......All the best, GPAGE

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