Natural Supplements for Body Builders

The effectiveness of Natural Supplements in increasing muscle mass

Large number of muscle building supplements are available now-a-days and it is quite difficult to differentiate the effective ones from ineffective ones. These supplements also crop up a confusion regarding whether they are really intended for professional athletes.

Before starting a muscle building supplement, it will be a good idea to undergo an overall health check-up and to seek advice of a health professional. You can then make planning regarding using a supplement. The first think that one should keep in mind is that the supplements are not a magical formula for enlarging your muscles. Keep the expectations realistic before starting one.

The next step involves looking into your life style to analyze whether you are eating right, having proper sleep, doing regular exercises and leading a stress free life. If this is not the case, do not expect any change to happen with the supplement. Then comes the tougher job of selecting a supplement that suits you. For this you may rely on an expert (may be for several years) in the area. Always go for well known brands, since they may ensure quality even though costlier. Prepare a program based on your needs and goals.

List of Effective Natural Supplements

Some of the effective natural supplements have been mentioned below:

1. Protein powders

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. The best protein powders are those derived from milk (whey or casein) or eggs. The whey proteins get digested within approximately two hours. The casein protein takes around seven hours. The proteins made from eggs take almost four hours to get digested. The fast digested whey protein powders are best to be taken after workouts. The slow digesting casein powder is recommended to be taken before going to bed. There are soy protein powders that can be used by vegetarians. But these are not easily absorbed like egg or whey protein. There are also blends available to incorporate protein with various absorbing times. Protein bars and shake are also present which provide high quality protein. Some of the popular ones are Optimum 100% Whey Protein, Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion, and BSN Syntha-6.

2. Amino acids

Amino acids are building blocks of proteins and are help in enlargement, growth and enlargement of muscles. The branched chain amino acids are the most effective supplement. The amino acid, L-Glutamine, is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue which helps prevent muscle wasting and improves recovery. It is safe to be taken a year round. Amino acid supplements are more expensive. If you take enough protein, it may be sufficient. Some of the popular ones are Optimum Glutamine Powder, Optimum Glutamine 1000 Caps, Controlled Labs Purple Wraath and Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump250.


Creatine is naturally present in the muscles and provides energy during exercise. This is naturally present in meat and fish. With Creatine supplements, your muscle mass will increase, you will be able to do more reps, lift heavier weights and there will be lesser risk of injuries. But there are some draw backs too.

If you stop the Creatine supplementation, the positive effects will disappear in a couple of weeks. Creatine supplements taken for long term in large dosages may affect your kidneys and liver. Creatine should not be taken at the same time with Glutamate, since they compete for receptors to be absorbed. So it is better to take Glutamate before work out and Creatine after the work out. Some of the popular ones are Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump250 and Higher Power Micronized Creatine.

4. Vitamins and Minerals

These are necessary for good health. If you follow a healthy diet, rich with fruits and vegetables, you will attain the required Vitamins and Minerals and need not take the supplements. How ever, people who do workouts require extra amounts of Vitamins and Minerals, which if not taken through diet, should be coped up using supplements. Some of them are Optimum Opti-Men and Universal Animal Pak.

5. Carbohydrate powders

The glycogen stored in the muscles is the main source of energy during the intense workouts. It is best to take fast absorbing carbohydrates within two hours after workouts.

Slow absorbing carbohydrates can be taken during rest of the day. Several brands of carbohydrate powders are available that can be taken with protein shakes for supplying the energy required.

Even though supplements are beneficial in increasing your muscle mass, certain precautions should be taken for some of them. Ephedrine, one of the sports supplements, has been proven to be dangerous to the body and been banned from sale in some countries. Anabolic Steroids used in a few supplements increase the hormone level higher than the normal human levels. Other supplements increase the hormone level within a safe range only. While purchasing products online, check for whether they are banned in any country. You can seek the advice of experts while selecting the body building supplements.

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emma.bradley 6 years ago from The Bahamas

Interesting hub. :)

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immab 6 years ago from Long Island, NY!

really cool -- looking to start bulking up myself. any advice on less expensive supplements?

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kjrzeek1 4 years ago from New Jersey, USA

Protein is by far the most important supplement. Thanks for the hub!

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Hi immab and kjrzeek,

happy to know that the information in the hub helped you both. Thanks for commenting.

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