Natural remedies for sore throat, colds, fruits to eat , or food to avoid. anything that is natural.

Wage War Against The Common Cold

I'm not a doctor. I'm a waitress at a children's themed restaurant and I have gotten many colds over the past five years. I hate getting sick so much that I have tried many different cold/ flu fighters and natural remedies to avoid the symptoms of being sick with a cold or the flu. The list below is what I usually do when I feel like the symptoms of a cold are coming on. I think, though, that the number one thing you can do is to stay healthy when you are not sick. Exercise, water, stay away from alcohol (which dehydrates you and all sorts of other not fun things), stress management.

When you start developing the first symptoms of an impending cold, take the following actions immediately:

1. Buy Airborne or Emergen-C.

These are vitamin supplements, that you can find at most pharmacies or grocery stores or even a gas station, designed to pump your body full of cold-fighting vitamins like Echinacea and Zinc.

2. Eat A Lot of Garlic.

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Garlic is thought, by some, to be the cure to the common cold. Some people recommend eating as much raw garlic as you can stand at the first signs of a cold. I've tried this, and it seemed to work. Only, stay away from other people after eating a large amount of garlic. It's not pleasant for them to smell you! I learned this the hard way.

3. Vitamin C

Orange Juice, Fruit, Pills. Vitamin C fights C olds.

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Jeni 8 years ago

I'm not sure about it but is a really sore and itchy throat common for a cold?

Subra 6 years ago

Very useful information, thanks man!

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