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I have to begin by telling you that I absolutely love sweets. I have to have ice cream at least twice a week or I honestly feel withdrawal effects. You may think that this is an exaggeration, however let me assure you that in my mind, it is the truth! It was so bad that the minute I walked into the ice cream store the clerk would look at me with a proud and knowing smile and ask, "The usual?" One day my husband was with me when this happened and he asked me, "How often do you come here for him to remember what you want?" I guess you can say that's when I realized I had a problem. Now that you understand the severity of my cravings, let me tell you that I found hope.

I have tried all of those supposed miracle diet pills, only to become jittery, short tempered and even experienced shortness of breath. I decided to research and find a natural product without all the side effects. I began scouring the internet and hit the books at my local library. I found that all of the diet pills contained the same natural ingredient, Chromium Picolinate. In my research I found that the body needs essential nutrients to stay healthy. Most people do not get enough Chromium Picolinate in their daily diet to provide the beneficial effects that your body requires. The small amount that is received can be difficult for your body to process. Everyone needs this important nutrient, especially as you get older. It provides a healthy metabolism, insulin health, increases your energy, improves your weight control and provides better carbohydrate metabolism. I decided to try Chromium Picolinate by itself; a safe dose is 800 mcg's a day. You can find this product at your local health food store or drug store. I took it every morning and after a month, my cravings stopped, I even found myself turning down ice cream and cake that was offered to me at a birthday party. I noticed that my weight was dropping and I had not exercised or changed my basic eating habits. It was incredible, my cravings had completely disappeared. I have been taking this amazing supplement for two years and have lost 10 pounds and kept it off! The results have been life changing, without the dreaded DIET!!

Imagine a natural healthy way to help you lose those extra pounds. It's inexpensive and it works....what more could you ask for?

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ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Chromium Picolinate? Lisa, do you have to take it every day?

Lisa Petrarca profile image

Lisa Petrarca 8 years ago Author

Yes, you take it everyday (just like a vitamin). I take it in the morning so I don't feel the need to binge on sweets all day, but you can take it whenever you want to......IT REALLY WORKS!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Hmmm okay will recommend it to my friend. Although I am not fat, losing a few pounds would help :-) Okay will check on this and give you feedback then. Thanks for sharing.

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