Natural Ways for how to Get Rid of a Headache

The headache is something that everyone gets at least once in a while. It's a strange pain that can come on for any number of reasons. And the cure for most people is to pop an aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen and be done with it. Others don't want to pop pills to take care of their headaches so they just suffer through them. After all, unless you suffer from migraines, it won't take too long for the headache to go away on its own. But do you really want to live with that throbbing in your head if you don't have to? People who want an alternative cure for headaches, one that is natural and not chemical, will be happy to find out that there are numerous natural ways to get rid of a headache. Here are some of those ways:

  • Cayenne pepper can help clear your sinuses. If you suffer from sinus headaches, this type of home remedy can be a natural headache cure.
  • Drink decaf. If you're a coffee, tea or soda drinker then you might be bringing on your headaches because of caffeine. If you fail to get that caffeine, you might get a withdrawal headache. You can either get a caffeinated drink when that happens or start curbing the caffeine out of your diet altogether.
  • Drink water. Oftentimes, people get a headache because they are dehydrated. Getting some water in to your system can get rid of that headache. Drinking room temperature water is your best bet since water that is too cold can give temporarily give you even more of a headache.
  • Eat right. If you get headaches on a regular basis, it could be due to a food allergy or a vitamin that is missing from your diet. Eat healthy and pay attention to what you eat and how you feel afterwards so that you can prevent the headache from happening in the first place. Also, if you get a headache, ask yourself if it's because you haven't eaten. Sometimes skipping meals can cause headaches so all you need to do is get some food in your system.
  • Fresh air. Breathing deeply can do wonders for a headache in general; it'll be even more effective as a natural headache cure if you do it out in the fresh air.
  • Lemons. Lemon juice added to water or tea can be a natural cure for a headache. You can also take the peel of a lemon and grind it up to make a paste. Applied to the face and forehead, this may be a headache cure as well because of the aromatherapy properties it has.
  • Mint. Mint is soothing, especially in teas. And it can be a great natural way to get rid of your headache. Peppermint water will work as well.
  • Take a nap. You might have a headache because you need some rest. This is especially true if your lack of sleep is causing you to strain your eyes during the day, resulting in a headache. If you can get away and take a nap when the headache comes on, you might wake up to find that it's gone.

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autumnknarkill 4 years ago

i love headaches

Lucy 4 years ago

Thank you!! The lemon in water helped me

Me 4 years ago

Great advice.

overtimedad 4 years ago

Amazing remedy. I was out of headache pills. I remembered I had Bigelow cozy chamomile herb tea. I brewed up a cup and added a dash of lemon. Drank the tea and what do you know my headache vanished before I finished the cup. Thanks a million. :0)

profile image

kelleyward 4 years ago

Great advice I think sometimes just drinking water helps me!

Maggie 5 years ago

Great advice! Thank you !

anonymous 5 years ago

does lime really work ?

Leonie Ann Garlick 5 years ago

You can get heated eye packs with little herbs in, they work really well too!! x

Xyz 5 years ago

Very beautiful hub,it's all natural procedures which quite easy and interesting. I loved it

L hakim 5 years ago

Shi akhou maniouke ya 3alam hayda l site bi arret dehek

none 5 years ago

there's a fly in the second ice cube in the picture.

Morgy 5 years ago

my headaches are genetic. It runs in my family for really bad migraines. Sleep works most of the time, unless it's really bad, but I can't sleep at work.. I hate taking meds (usually a last resort... I do like the stare into a dark room, no lights, no noise. just llistening to my breathing, along with a hot shower, but again, when I'm at work. I'm screwed.

DidNotWorkGuyThatStillHasAHeadache. 5 years ago

I Have Tried All Of These They Did Not Work, Its Hurts So Bad.

Allison Carr 5 years ago

Thanks for everything, But how manny glasses of water do we drink? And I had a headache for a week. What dose that means?

Mary of Bethany profile image

Mary of Bethany 5 years ago

Gabby, Sometimes getting headaches at school can mean that you might need glasses...

Gabby 5 years ago

I have bad headaches at school and hhhhhheeeelllllllppppp!

Emily 5 years ago


Mary of Bethany profile image

Mary of Bethany 5 years ago

These are great tips, Thank you. I have also found that rubbing peppermint oil on one's temples helps also.

powerofknowledge1 profile image

powerofknowledge1 5 years ago

Great Tip! Thanks for sharing

ronochu profile image

ronochu 5 years ago from US

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This is the most complete guide you’ll read about migraine headaches, and trust me when I say I’ve read almost every book and piece of information out there and the information is not even close to what it’s included in “The Migraine Relief” system. The methods, tips and techniques are so powerful that each time a friend of mine tells me he or she suffers of migraine headaches I give them a copy without hesitation, because it truly works!

steve 5 years ago

great information. there is a free report that has even more helpful info here:

Migraine Mainiac 5 years ago

Taking naps work for me, i get loads of migrains and headaches

Butlerfly 5 years ago

I rarely get migraines but when I do it's bad & with PMS. Water really helps but I feel sooooooo nauseous I can only take small sips. I found deep breathing has helped me thru the nausea but I tried Chamolie tea, ice or warm packs, aromatherapy, massage/pressure points, nothing seems to really help except water now I will add lemon. Hope it works, it's been 2 days.

greenpeacegirl 5 years ago

there is also this thing called tiger oil that you rubb on your temples that stops the headache I think you could also use tea tree oil that should help too. But thanks taking all these chemicals could be a reason why people are getting variouse diseases its always good to have a more natural alternative.

kate 5 years ago

thanks for good advice. good hub. I will keep read all your hubs.

Nino 5 years ago

Wow that lemon juice stuff realy works. Thanks peeps. LoL

Mrs. Michelson 6 years ago

thanks a lot for advice now i can prevent hedaches my students give me

cool kid 6 years ago

thanks now I can finish school project

Billy bob joe 6 years ago

Thanks so much for the advice.... i get headaches really often.

Gabbsterssss 6 years ago

Love the advice my headache is gone :)

Mohd Amin 6 years ago

I will find a cure from these tips for my headache.Good to try.

three 6 years ago

I find that tomato juice and plenty of water really works well, too.

arb profile image

arb 6 years ago from oregon

Well, I mixed cayenne, mint and lemon in a cup of decaf. Found some fresh air and chugged away. My head ache left while simply mixing the brew. Obviously, in anticipation of what was coming. Seriously! Nice write with great tips.

Tiffany Latte profile image

Tiffany Latte 6 years ago from USA

Good reading, good advice.

video-marketing profile image

video-marketing 6 years ago from Australia

Great advice. Nice hub there


Gideon Shalwick

Tracey 6 years ago

Great info. I was having headaches for a few days straight. I thought that my blood pressure was probably high and read somewhere a while ago that a lemon can instantly lower your blood pressure. So, I ate a lemon and within minutes, my headache was gone. Now I put it in water and don't have that problem anymore.

Jen 6 years ago

Drinking water is definitely a good tip! Lemon juice clearly works for some people - judging from the comments - but as a citrus fruit, it's also listed in some books and health websites as a trigger for migraines. If in doubt, go for that extra glass of water.

Ask Bill profile image

Ask Bill 6 years ago

Great tips. I find that when my back or neck is out of place that I get headaches. Working out helps that or of course... a chiropractor.

alishaneuron profile image

alishaneuron 6 years ago from Colorado (U.S)

A very nice hub i meet throughout the day. Thanks for sharing.

butterfly Tattoo profile image

butterfly Tattoo 6 years ago from Dallas Texas

Another wonderful article. Luckily I don't suffer from headache's but I.m sure it must be a terrible infliction for those who do

henrykasan profile image

henrykasan 6 years ago from UK

Good Hub!!!!!

Many of us, very often, get confronted with headache and the common remedy which we opt to choose include aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen. The other natural measure which are suggested in the hub such as Cayenne pepper,Drink decaf,Eat right,Fresh air,Lemon juice, Mint, Take a nap etc. are rarely being thought by the person, but they are very much effective and result oriented. Thanks a lot for sharing so fruitful information.

henrykasan profile image

henrykasan 6 years ago from UK

Informative Hub!!!!!!

The hub contain very valuable information regarding Headache an many time we explicitly relay only on drugs like aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen. The other natural measures like Cayenne pepper, Drinking decaf,Drinking water,Eating right,Fresh air,Lemon juice,Mint,and Taking a nap is given least importance. Thanks a lot for sharing such an useful information.

TEJASH K7 6 years ago

i m impressed...

these tips r really usweful...

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Artoflegendindia 6 years ago

Nice hub.your hub is very informative.i like your hub.

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ankigarg87 6 years ago

thanks for the information it really helped me

HEADACHE GURL 6 years ago


torrie 6 years ago

nice advice :)

there is an acupressure way too, works great for me...

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

For a long time I didn't realize that my headaches were caused by dehydration. Sometimes that's why the pill works. Instructions say, take with a full glass of water. It's the water that maybe the cure! Good advice here.

Shawn Scarborough profile image

Shawn Scarborough 6 years ago from The Lone Star State

I suffer from a lot of headaches. This gives me some new things to try. Thanks for posting this.

why the heck do you want to know my name? its privite, fyi, stalkers 6 years ago

its probrably because uve been in a seated position or something for a long time and when you stand up, the blood rushes down, so your head starts throbbing and you start feeling dizzy for a few moments and see black spots or something. dont take this for granted though, im only 12

Lynneigh 6 years ago

Does anyone know why when I walk that my head throbs even worse?

Pure Chiropractic profile image

Pure Chiropractic 6 years ago from Nanaimo

Great hub! I've linked you to our new headache hub. We're going to have a video on headaches on our website up in a couple of days as well

Thanks again

Raffle Dog 6 years ago

I currently have a migraine at work and am drinking lemon water. It seems to be helping! I'm trying to make it through a rebound headache. Stay away from that caffeine! Lemon water it is!

starfish_mayumee2286 6 years ago

...nice advice :)

bb 6 years ago

I have been getting migraines lately and I've never found out why, I'm hoping these natural remedies work. Thx for the advice

walker 6 years ago

i got a headache and i hate take pills so i put lemon in my water as soon as i drike it cure my headacke so i hope if u get head acke water and lemon cure it

lol 6 years ago

lol i always have headaches cause i need more sleep

sami 6 years ago

pretty good advise!

lovelypaper profile image

lovelypaper 7 years ago from Virginia

Great advice.

Pamela N Red profile image

Pamela N Red 7 years ago from Oklahoma

An ice pack works too.

muddle 7 years ago

WOW. Adding lemon to my tea and taking out caffeine has gotten rid of my headaches. Kudos...

ContrastMedia profile image

ContrastMedia 7 years ago

A lesser known remedy is chamomile tea - it soothes, calms and is a natural pain killer. Its also delish:) The pepper remedy was a surprise but good to know, thanks!

Joshua Miguel profile image

Joshua Miguel 7 years ago

very useful tips, good thing i saw this hub. I always have headaches, i will definitely try your advice. tnx

hypnosis4u2 profile image

hypnosis4u2 7 years ago from Massachusetts

Sound advice. Stress can be a contributing factor in headaches and so anything that helps to reduce stress can be helpful.

Inese profile image

Inese 7 years ago from Rome, Italy

Thank you for tips. Very real and do-able. I got rid of very severe migrain headaches when I started to drink plenty of water.

Bella 7 years ago

Good advice! The smell of mint works well for me. Some other tips, stretching and relaxing to get better bloodflow and release tension. Put your hair in a ponytail and use it to give your neck a little extra pull while in a forward bend, it helps lengthen and relax neck muscles! weird but it works haha

Also try breathing deeply, and there is a pressure point you can squeeze that is on the flesh between your thumb and pointer finger. Just hold for a few minutes and breathe.

judy cullins 7 years ago

Love this advice. I will use the lemon water more often, and just stay relaxed more although the computer calls me often!


Frieda Babbley profile image

Frieda Babbley 8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

Oh wow. Great hub. Nice info. My sister has been putting lemon in her water lately, since I told her that it helps clear your kidneys and is a good source of vitamin C. She hasn't had a headache in a long time, and I bet this is why.

Thanks for the info.

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