New Study Rates 1 in 10 Americans Depressed: Mississippi Ranks Highest

A report released by the Center of Disease Control, and reported by, states that 1 out of 10 people in America are depressed or suffer some sort of depression. The report goes on to say that some ,if you live in certain states, are more at risk than others. If you live in Mississippi you live in one of the most depressed states in the union. This is not to say that Mississippi is a depressing place, but per-capita more people are depressed in Mississippi than any other state.

Other states of mention were Tennessee, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Louisiana. North Dakota had the lowest amount of depression per population in the United States. Other data that concerned the states that had the highest amount of depression other health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood-pressure were common. also reports that 3.4% of those who took the survey suffered from chronic depression. Other statistics that surfaced presented the data that those who took the survey, 10% were unemployed and 22% had some form of disability. October 7 of this year is national Depression Screening Day. The Center for Disease Control urges people to be screened for this disorder.

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