New Therapy for Asthmatics Gets Popular in Russia: Frolov Breathing Device

By Dr. Artour Rakhimov (

Asthma medications cost billions to asthmatics, while their efficiency is limited and side effects are common. Furthermore, there are no effective drugs to stop chronic or excessive coughing. This is a fact of modern pharmacology. Hence, it is logical that many doctors search for additional therapies to reduce hospital stay, symptoms of asthma, coughing and amounts of the drugs used.

Western people hear too little about health innovations in Russia. But there are some recent inventions and discoveries in management and treatment of bronchial asthma and acute asthma exacerbation there. Apart from the famous Buteyko respiration method (a more familiar Soviet discovery with 6 successful western randomized controlled clinical trials), there is another supplementary medical therapy that has been widely used during recent years in Russia for management and prevention of asthma and acute asthma exacerbation. It is called the Frolov respiratory device technique. Over 2 millions Russians practice this therapy these days. Hundreds of people claim that they can stop asthma attacks and bouts of coughing with this remedy.

How might respiration training improve symptoms of asthma? First, all known physiological publications reveal that asthma patients over-breathe at rest or when they are in normal conditions (they breathe about 2.5 times more air than the medical norm at rest). How may chronic over-breathing or hyperventilation worsen or produce symptoms of asthma? There are three known symptoms or signs of asthma.

1. Constriction of airways occurs due to low content of CO2 in the lungs since carbon dioxide, according to numerous research papers, is a powerful bronchodilator or dilator of airways.

2. Modern men and women assume that big or heavy breathing (or hyperventilation) is able to boost oxygenation of cells. However, hundreds of physiological publications have definitely shown that hyperventilation decreases oxygenation of tissues due to hypocapnic (deficiency of CO2) vasoconstriction of blood vessels and the lowered Bohr effect. Tissues hypoxia (oxygen deficiency in cells), through hypoxia-inducible factor alpha-1, promotes inflammation, and that is the next acknowledged and crucial feature in asthma.

3. Body hypoxia generates free radicals due to anaerobic cell respiration and that suppress the immune system. In its turn, immunosuppression causes frequent respiratory infections and excessive production of mucus. It also leads to appearance of allergies.

Consequently, the less and slower we breathe, the more oxygen our tissues get. (Note that we consider here our unconscious or basal respiratory patterns.)

As a result, there is a direct breath exercise “Stop Acute Asthma Exacerbation” to lower or eradicate key signs of asthma in about two-three minutes. The exercise comprises simple breath holding and decreased breathing and has over 90% success rate.The same exercise is used to stop coughing naturally.

Breathing retraining with the Frolov device

How to make our respiration pattern lighter and slower and get more carbon dioxide and oxygen in the cells? The perfect option is to slowly breathe through a device that traps exhaled CO2 for the following inhalation. Then later, after the breath work or respiration session, our involuntary or basal breath pattern will be light and slow. This is exactly what the Frolov respiratory training device does and how it works.

In recent Russian medical controlled trials, physicians demonstrated that, after around 1.5 months of breathing retraining exercises (in average, only about 10-20 minutes 2 times daily):
- EVC (expiratory vital capacity) was improved from 87% to 100%
- RV (residual volume), a sign of hyperinflation of the lungs, was diminished from 151% to 117%
- FEV1 (forced expiratory volume in 1 second) was increased from 67% to 88%,
- FEF25% (forced expiratory flow, 25%) was improved from 39% to 64%;
- FEF50% from 41% to 65%;
- FEF75% from 51% to 75%;
- DLCO (diffusion lung capacity for carbon monoxide) was augmented from 64% to 77%.

These were the changes in the experimental group. All these advances were statistically significant, while there were no significant advances in the control group. These are possibly the most amazing achievements in history of modern medicine for treatment and management of asthma and acute asthma exacerbations. The device also led to large decrease in problems with chronic coughing.

However, during this clinical trial, the hospitalized patients did not apply numerous lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve efficiency of the Frolov breathing device therapy. For example, physical exercise with nose breathing only, prevention of supine sleep (it reduces body oxygen level), prevention of mouth breathing during sleep (this is another factor that contribute to highest mortality in asthma during early morning hours when patients are at sleep), correct posture, learning diaphragmatic breathing, and many others.

This trial for asthma and some other clinical trials of the Frolov breathing device discovered easier removal of mucus, less wheezing, diminished shortness of breath, reduced inflammation in airways, reduced coughing and normalizations of the pulse, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, cardiointervalography results, renovasography measurements, body antioxidant defense and other key physiological parameters and processes.

This makes sense since chronic overbreathing and hypoxia (or low oxygenation of cells) are found for virtually all chronic diseases.

More information: Frolov Breathing Device and How Frolov Device Works. These and other web pages from provide overview, physiological effects, trials, medical quotes, and history of the Frolov respiration device technique.

Here are YouTube videos about coughing and how to use simple breathing exercises to restrain constant cough: Most Natural Cough Relief and Treatment of Cough.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov is a health educator and breathing teacher. He is the author of books and the educational website with hundreds of medical quotes, charts, graphs, tables, references, results of clinical trials, analysis of respiratory techniques and therapies, free breathing exercises, manuals, techniques, lifestyle modules and other resources for better cell oxygen content and health.

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