Make a New Year Resolution You Can Keep - Here's How

New Years Resolutions Ideas Should be Well Thought Out

Time to get ready to make your resolution a reality
Time to get ready to make your resolution a reality

New Years Resolution Ideas That are Attainable

This year over 100 million Americans will make a New Year’s Resolution, just like every year. There are also many who don’t bother making one, or who have quit making one because they’ve failed at it too many times to try again.

There are also those who try and try every year, diligently and whole-heartedly, and they fail every year. There’s not something wrong with the person, it’s all about the resolution! The wrong resolution is being made, one that can’t be reached. This is the biggest mistake people make when deciding what their resolution will be.

Big changes in someone’s life won’t be easily done, no matter who the decision maker is or how much they want the change. Some people know they won’t reach their goal before the first of the year is even here, because they‘ve tried before and failed but they want it so much for themselves that they make the same one over and over again.

New Year Resolution Tips: The Best Resolution Isn’t Just One Goal

The absolute best resolution is one that is made up of several smaller goals that accumulate to a result in the end. It shouldn’t be written in stone, either; a person should be able to restart the resolution if they should somehow fail one of the smaller goals. Remember, a major change in one’s life is rarely successful in one try.

In fact, a long-term study done at the University of Washington found that when resolutions are huge, profound changes in a life (such as quitting smoking or losing a large amount of weight), only about 40% are successful on the first try - that’s less than half - and only 17% actually reach the goal after six to eight tries, with the remaining 43% that failed totally. So try, try again!

On’s health page called, “The Daily Dose” says that 4 out of 5 people don’t stick to their New Year’s goals, so statistics differ. It also reported that the top three New Year’s Resolutions are not surprisingly these:

  • To save money or get out of debt
  • To lose weight or begin to eat better and exercise more
  • To quit smoking

How to Make a Resolution and Keep It

  1. Fist of all, waiting until January first isn’t the best time to start thinking about your resolution, but any time is a good time to make a beneficial change in your life.
  2. Secondly, make a set of consecutive small goals that add up to the total resolution. For instance, quitting smoking involves changing several habits that trigger the smoking habit. Stop smoking while driving, then stop smoking while you’re on the phone, and so on until the end result is smoking cessation.
  3. If you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and climb back on. Don’t allow yourself to get too discouraged to continue.
  4. Albrecht Powell, writer for says, “Fake it till you make it!” Attitude is everything and this cannot be stressed enough. If you act like things are going great, chances are that things will look up, given a little time. Know the smaller goals can be reached and then reach them.
  5. Write down your resolution and the steps that need to be taken. Studies prove that when something is written down, the writer will remember it more readily. If it’s committed to memory then one can act on it impulsively or without thinking. Don’t make it so detailed that it’s easy to forget. Keep it simple.

Top New Years Resolution Suggestions From a Poll

In July of 2009 I set up a table at a market and polled 174 shoppers. They were asked to give me their most important New Year’s Resolution. Here’s the results:

  • 57 said they wanted to spend more time with family. The young ones and the old ones, people are finding more value in their families again.
  • 41 said they wanted to save money and/or get out of debt.
  • 23 said they wanted to start exercising, lose weight, and make healthier choices.
  • 12 said they wanted to begin making Green changes in their lives, lessen their carbon footprint, take public transportation more.
  • 12 said they wanted to stop smoking.
  • 6 said they wanted to stop drinking.
  • 6 said they need to manage time better, make better use of time, enjoy life more, don’t work as hard.
  • 6 said they wanted to be more organized, keep a cleaner environment (whether it’s a desk or home).
  • 4 said they would try to stop Cussing.
  • 3 said they wanted to ask for a raise.
  • 1 said he wanted to stand up for himself.
  • 1 said she wanted to give more, go to church, pray more.
  • 1 said he wanted to be more honest.
  • 1 said she wanted to not be so lazy.

There you have it. That’s what people in Portland, Oregon are doing, at least the ones at the market.

Remember to make your goals reachable and make several to be reached throughout the year. You’ll get more done and feel better about yourself. Modify old behaviors that trigger the bad habits and keep trying.

New Year Resolution Ideas - Some Sort of Self Improvement

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Frugal Fanny profile image

Frugal Fanny 6 years ago from BC

Wise words. :) I once made a resolution to stop eating sweets (and thus eat healthier). I managed it quite happily for a little over a year, until someone was upset that I didn't eat some of their birthday cake! lol I wonder if I can do that again? :)

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