No Crash Energy Drinks

A No Crash Energy Drink Is Hard to Find

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No Crash Energy Drink

There are two major ingredients that don't belong in a "no crash" energy drink.  One is sugar in large amounts.  The other is caffeine, sometimes referred to as anhydrous caffeine.

Both of these are fairly short-acting sources of energy.  They pick you up quick -- even give you a big rush -- and then, drop you down into a crash worse than how you felt before drinking the stuff.

The secrets to a long-lasting energy buzz is a drink that is formulated with guarana instead of caffeine, using 5-15 grams of fruit sugar to sweeten a twelve ounce can.  The rest of the sweetening can be handled with the herb stevia, which has no calories.

Other important ingredients are B vitamins, Taurine, Vitamin C, and Panax Ginseng.  These smooth out our body's reaction to having a lot more energy unlocked, plus they protect against "free radicals" that are created in the process.

That's about all you need to know to choose a no crash energy drink.  I will say that there are few brands that use mainly guarana for the energy boost.  More often, guarana is added to the usual caffeine to give it a little more staying power.  Green tea, yerba mate', and kola nut may also be added to guarana -- and these are mellow, as long as guarana is the primary stimulant.

Sucking down a big glob of sugar is like driving your car with one foot on the brake.  It puts a damper on both the quality and the length of the energy buzz when more than 15 grams of sugar are present.

On the other hand, going with artificial sweeteners is dangerous to your health and your mood.  Aspartame is widely recognized as a neurotoxin and has been shown to cause tumor growth in lab animals.  Other artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, may also be dangerous.

Why take a chance?  There are a few energy drinks that meet the "all-natural", no crash guidelines and they are so worth the effort to find them!

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Scott Randall 3 years ago

To my surprise I tried an energy drink that didn't give me a crash after it wore off. It seems to be well balanced with vitamins and probably the reason it works so well. Advocare makes it and they don't sell it in retail stores but there's a large distribution network that does. Found it and order through

Paul Kemp profile image

Paul Kemp 3 years ago Author

Thanks, Scott, for that info. It figures that an energy drink marketed by doctors would be of better-than-average quality. I will have to check that one out, especially the ingredients.

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