Not All Yoga Mats Are The Same

Yoga Mats

Choosing The Right Yoga Mat

Yoga uses mainly your body to achieve the desired outputs, such as improved health and better state of mind. Aside from your body however, there is another thing that you need to ensure a successful yoga session - the right yoga mat. A yoga mat is not just anything that you can put on the floor. It is also not the same with an aerobics mat. Whether you're a newbie in yoga or a certified yoga fan, there are a few things that should be considered to be able to choose the best mat for you.

Looking For a Yoga Mat

  1. Comfort is the first thing that you should think of when looking for a yoga mat. Remember that you will have to work your body out on this mat. To give yourself a pleasant yoga experience, choose a mat with a material that works best for you. Do not buy a mat just because it's what all your friends are using.
  2. Get a yoga mat large enough for you to do the different positions. As you need to put your attention to your postures, you need a mat that will not distract you with its limited size. Always check for proper length and width.
  3. As stability is important in yoga and you must be able to maintain the positions of your feet and hands throughout the session, the material of your yoga mat should allow you to do your routines without slipping.
  4. There are several types of yoga, and your mat should match the type you want to do. The Power Yoga will require a tougher mat than the Hatha Yoga, for instance.
  5. Understand that not all yoga mats are created equal. Therefore, buying a cheap mat without considering quality is not the best way to go. Getting a mat that is not durable will make you purchase a new one every 4 weeks. In the end, you would have only spent more money. Besides, several good mats come at very reasonable prices.
  6. The mat should also be able to absorb your sweat without getting stinky after a few uses. It also needs to be washable.

Yoga mats come in different materials, sizes, thicknesses and colors. This is definitely not to confuse you with so many options but to ensure that you get the mat that best fits your personal preferences, your body built and your choice of yoga type. With the right mat for you, you can be assured of a good stretch and a great workout.

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