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Dearest lost... A fabulous question of which I am only to happy to answer as best as I can. There are several reasons why the word "crazy" or "insane" pepper the writings and speakings of those that do Not suffer from any mental disorders. I think that first and foremost, Fear of the unknown. What people fear they shun or single out. They try to put as much distance between "their" world and ours. By labeling "us" crazy, they can feel separated from that issue. rather than take the time to try and understand, it is easier for people to place a name on it and walk away. A second reason why it is assumed that if we are manic or bipolar or BPD, we Must be crazy, is the t.v. The shows today, though I do love to watch them, such as SVU or CSI or any number of the forensic/hospital shows have taken the bipolar issue and made it a money maker. Daily, there is at least one show that has a "criminal" that has committed some "crazy" crime and they label them BPD or Bipolar. Millions of viewers see that and they then just Accept that All disorders of the mind leave the person a threat. "Why would they do such a thing?" That statement is more and more often answered with "I heard they were like bipolar or Have some personality issue." They speak without truly having a clue as to what our world is like. They listen to friends and family and away they go with thier belief that If you are bipolar, you ARE in fact "nuts." I guess if you were to take the short trip to an answer, it would be one word. "Ignorance." That isn't used in a bad way or to say they are idiots. They are Not but what they are is Ignorant to what being bipolar/BPD really means and does not mean. What it means is that our world IS a little different from thiers. We do walk in a place that often takes to the highest of highs and to low places that No body would ever want to go. It means we look at life and those around us through eyes that see deeper than most. What it does not mean is that we are crazy or violent or unapproachable. We are normally the very farthest from that and avoid confrontations when ever we can. We laugh and smile and cry and yell and agree abd disagree, Just like they do. Life is busy and fast paced. people don't always have the luxury of time to sit and read up or try to understand who we truly are. Educating them, through words and writes and talking is the number one key to showing people we are not "crazy." In fact, we are extremely intelligent and have vast imaginations. The list of successful artists and groups that are bipolar is very long. Their minds take them places and open up doors for them and they take it. We need to continue to teach people that we are Not crazy... we are just a little more anxietic and a bit more compulsive, but sane, for certain. Thank you for asking this question and remember, you are never ever alone in your journey. Always, Darrel

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lostwithinmyself 5 years ago

Hello, Thank you so much for this answer. Wow you have opened my eyes a lot. I have tried to educate them by telling them i am not mad/insane/crazy etc etc but still they call me these names which my kids then picked up and have now started calling me mental etc and saying mum have you taken your med's today *sigh*. My mother in law did ask me the other week what is bipolar and i tried my best to explain but i am really not good with words to be honest and i don't really understand what bipolar is apart from im a moody cow sometimes lol. But its so hard to explain to someone without telling them too much of what goes on in my head at times. I guess yes people can be very ignorant but one day they may find themselves in my shoes and i doubt they would be able to cope. Thank you so much for sharing this means a lot to me!! x

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Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Lost... it is difficult to explain what we ourselves do not always understand. And yes, to tell too much of what goes on in our heads only fuels the fires of fear and seems to give creedance to the names they use. Sometimes better to direct them to reading material about OPD and bipolar. I am always here to listen and help. And I think my e-mail is on here somewhere so feel free to write and I will always respond. Hugs and prayers for you from me. Always, Darrel

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Victoria Lynn 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

Wonderful, Darrel. People who don't experience it themselves just can't seem to understand. Your hub should help bring some sense of understanding to anyone who takes the time to read it. There's a hubber on here who wrote about being bipolar--excellent hub. Her name is Escobana. You might be interested in seeing what she has to say, too. Thanks for being open, Darrel. It helps others.

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Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Victoria Thank you for being so faithful to read my hubs and tyhank you for the wonderful words you always have for me. I will look at Escobana and appreciate the heads up. I am always thrilled to see your vcomments. Thank you again. You are a beautiful soul with a beautiful smile. Have a fabulous day. Always, Darrel

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 5 years ago from South Africa

Perfect! Darrel, you've said it all so clearly and straight forward. It is so good to know you are in control of your disorder and not a victim of it. I'm so proud to be your follower.

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jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Bravo! You answered that question beautifully , and said it with grace and dignity , and that not only goes for bipolar disorders but also many others , even O.C.D. in which i have , people think im off , or not in touch with reality or... well , whatever they think is fine because "me and God , Love me " and thats what truly matters, you have to love yourself because you are a unique and quality made individual because of your gift , and thats exactly what it is , its a gift , not a curse , you just have to learn how to use it too your advantage , Its always easier to focus on "poor me " , i have this and this wrong with me , but .. once you learn to use your gift and not try to disown it , things will look up , at least it does with O.C.D , you have to learn how to accept it and who you are and love who you are , because people can talk about you all day long and say ugly things , but in the end , do they really matter? no , they dont put food on the table , or pay the bills or do anything for you for that matter . Own a flaw and enjoy it . adapt and keep on , keepin' on ! :) its a struggle with disorders , but its because they "NAMED" them wrong , its "Gifted" . not disorder ...they give ugly names to the ones they dont understand :) have a great night !:)

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Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

How perfectly well you have put this, jami. It IS a gift and it is something that should Not be an embarrassment but in fact a place to call home. When people have asked me "if you could be different, would you?" I say "Ummmmm, noooo... I like me. In fact I love me. I may not always like some of the things that come with it, but the me that I am, I love."

The gift is the feelings and emotions and love and imagination and the purest heart that loves people that other "normal" people shun.They miss out on some fabulously wonderful friendships. Yep, if this is nuts, then let me be nuts. I think it is just fine. Wonderful comment jami.Thank you very much. Darrel

Christall 5 years ago

I agree that this disorder is very hard for many people to understand. We ourselves with the disorders don't always understand, or accept the things that God has thrown at us. I think we just need to do our best to educate people (like you do on this site) and to be accepting of the people that don't understand us.

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Dday50627 5 years ago from Iowa Author

Thank you hon for reading this hub and for your comments. You and I know that those that love us are the real heroes and they may not always understand but they love us just as we are. That speaks volume to our hearts. Thank you again for reading. love ya always, Darrel

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