Nothing Like The Pitter- Patter

Of raindrops hitting the roof.

 Comfortable, relaxing and peaceful, the perfect end to a great day. Soothing rthymic rain, and the smell of fresh clean air.

Some believe that rain washes away sin. One way or another rain cleanses the earth. A fresh start, after the rain. Like many of us receiving our fresh start. Don't we share that experience? A chance at starting over, new beginnings and a fresh new day. Coming soon to a life near you...a brand new year.

The basis of Christmas from a Santa point of view is that you get what you deserve. You know the "checking a list...naughty or or lump of coal" yudda..yudda infinitum. I hope everyonr got what they deserved today. And I do mean that. But next week is New Year's day, and tonight here it is raining. After a picture perfect day. The soothing relaxing end to the day. Along with the pouring down rain, so does the pent-up stressful feeling of the day wash away.

So as I settle into an evening of the rapping- tapping upon the roof, thank god it's not reindeer upon it right now. I would like to take a moment a wish you all peace, health, abunance and joy. And may your New Year's not be too short.

All the best to you and yours

"Listen to the Rain" by Evanescence

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eovery profile image

eovery 8 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

Yeah, it is raining here too, Freezing Rain on top of 18" of snow.

At least it is above 0 deg. F.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Hubbing.

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