Extra virgin olive oil can be use for the treatment of infertility in both men and women. Most infertility cases are as a result of hormonal problems, 40% of infertility in woman can be traced back to not having enough hormones in the system which could be referred as to having a hormonal imbalance. I can’t be called a gynecologist or a medical practitioner but the purpose of writing this hub is to share my experience with those who may be going through infertility, and also out of my 7 years childlessness experience and how I got pregnant through the use of extra olive oil, honey and mustard seed.


Before Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil For The Healing Of Infertility

I got married in the year 2001 to my hubby, after the wedding we had so much plans which includes raising our own family immediately, but these plans was putting into standstill as a result of childlessness. As the days roll into months I began to get worried of what could be the cause of me not getting pregnant. I could no longer enjoy my marriage due to infertility, I was worried, devastated and feel rejected in fact I almost opted out of the marriage just to save my face. The steps below are the steps I took while trying to get pregnant.

Steps I Took To Get My Infertility Healed

In the year 2003 I went for an infertility test which prove that I was 100% ok to pregnant at any time I wish to, but after a year passed by and no pregnancy I went for another test hoping to hear what the real cause is, at this particular test I was tested of having hormonal imbalance which is the reason why I have not gotten pregnant. On the 3rd of March 2005 I was placed on a hormonal drugs which was supposed to last for 6months. After the 6months have elapse yet no pregnancy I lost all hope of ever getting pregnant again I went back to the clinic on Nov 8th 2005 to seek for medical advise, on getting to the clinic I was told that the medication would continue at least for 2years before any other kind of medication would be prescribed again.

Devastated I left the clinic about to board a taxi when I bumped into an old school friend of mine who happen to be at my wedding, she asked after my husband and kids which I told her that I have no kids at present, I also told her that the reason of my visiting the clinic was due to my inability to get pregnant. In fact I narrated my ordeal to her and she told me to see her the next day, when I got to her place the next day she introduced me to a trado-herbal medical practitioner who ran another test on me and told me that actually the problem was really due to hormonal imbalance which could be corrected or enhanced if am ready to go through a therapy called the olive oil, honey, mustard seed therapy. He also told me that if I can follow his prescriptions very well that by the grace of God I would get pregnant.

When I left the trado-medical center I just told my self that am not going to fall to this kind of treatment, in fact I was not too sure if I was really going to get pregnant by just using ordinary extra virgin olive oil, I was expecting something else not this. So I never went back to the trado-medical doctor again.

The next year being 2006 I traveled to another city, my husband was transferred so I have to move with him, on getting there one of my husbands colleague who happens to be a family friend promised to introduce us a someone who would run test on both of us to know the real cause of the infertility, so another test was run and yet another confirmation of hormonal imbalance, I was placed on yet another hormonal drugs, yet no pregnancy occurred after one year of using it. After that particular treatment I stopped taking any other form of treatment from any one who claimed to have the right kind of medications for me.

Then on the 6th of May 2008I was introduced to a lady who also came from a different city to work in that particular city. She was not a medical doctor neither was she a gynecologist, but she was a woman who stayed for 10years in marriage without a child. We talked on length and I asked her what she did to overcome her own side of infertility, she told me that the problem she was having was also hormonal imbalance that prevented her from getting pregnant all those years of childlessness. She now told me of how she got her healing through olive oil, honey, mustard seed therapy, I was shocked at first because I have asked to go through that same therapy before 3years back which I refused so hearing that she got her healing and hormonal corrections through the use of that same therapy I almost screamed.


After that chat with this lady I rushed immediately to get an extra virgin olive oil, honey and mustard seed. I already knew how to prepare the mixture for the therapy, so that was not a problem.

Remember that I rejected this same treatment before but now I just want to try my luck and see if I would have the same result as the lady I spoke with after all am the one who is going to prepare the olive oil mixture; so I mixed the olive oil as directed;

Directions: Ferment about 100grams of mustard seed with 25cl original honey for 2days then on the second day mix the fermented mustard seed and honey with a bottle of 75cl extra virgin olive oil allow to soak for another 24 hours. Take 3spoonful of the mixture first thing in the morning and last thing at night for at least 6months.

After I took the olive oil mixture for 3 months I almost got discouraged but for my husbands continuous encouragement by the end of the fourth month I missed my period, at first I did not want to go for a pregnancy test but on a second I went for a pregnancy test on the 15th of October 2008 only for the result to confirm that am pregnant, my joy knew no bound after 7years am going to be a mother. I began all the necessary preparations for welcoming my baby like buying the baby cribs, infant shoes, baby walker, baby cradle and the rest of them.

On June 2nd 2009 I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. As I hold him in my arms my joy knew no bound, I was fulfilled. Now as I looked back and ponder what would have happened if I have not refused to take that olive oil mixture at first I would have been a mother of 5years old kid, but in all I still thank God for giving me this wonderful gift of life. You too can be a mother only if you give this a trial, all the ingredients are natural and so have no side effect. And you can prepare this at home following the procedures and quantity prescribed above.

Please always consult with your medical practitioner for advice.

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Richard 6 years ago

i will try it cos i have similar problem, i pray it works for me .

hajr 6 years ago

thanks for sharing this info . i am ttc from last 4 years with hormone imbalance . let me try this

mary 6 years ago

I will try it, I hope it works for me

profile image

Bitten Once 6 years ago Author

@infinite babe, i believed i have tried as much as i can to list out on how to mix the solution.

LS 6 years ago

I first heard of this from a friend's husband who first heard about this remedy from a trado-healer. The trado-healer's remedy only comprised of honey and mustard seed. I did a search on the internet to see if someone else might have heard of it only to find this. I am now very optimistic about it.

I have bought all the ingredients and I'm going to give this a try. My hormones have been outta whack for a while. Hopefully, I won't have to go the full length of IVF, but even if I do, at least my hormones will be operating normally and will do what they are supposed to do for the process.

jummy 5 years ago


This is a very good idea,I want to ask if this can be use by my spouse.

samina 5 years ago

thanks for sharing your experience ,please tell me how to measure a spoonful of this mixture because oil is on top and honey and mustard seeds have settled at the base.waiting for your reply

productsontrial profile image

productsontrial 5 years ago from Austin, TX.

This is a great article. I will try this remedy myself and see if I have any luck with it.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

isibhakhome A. 4 years ago

Thanks for shareing your own personal experience am going to use it too and I pray it work for me and I will also share such experience. But can my spouse with low sperm count use this method too?

grace 4 years ago

thanks to share this inform.i wish i would have read this b4. just had IVF but will try for next child.my hormones are very low.

once again thanks for the infor

cocopina 4 years ago

was the mustard seed that was used the one we grow in the garden?

Eddy 4 years ago


bitten once,i would like to know if the mustard seed were blended before using it in the mixture?

Annette 4 years ago

Having hormonal imbalance will try it.and thnx for the info.

Annette 4 years ago

How to store the mixture when prepared?

Adetola 4 years ago

Me too i will try it because i always have miscarriage due to hormonal imbalance.

Adetola 4 years ago

Me too i will try it because i always have miscarriage due to hormonal imbalance.

LIZZY 4 years ago

I too will try it because the doctor says my situation is bad due to hormonal imbalance but hopeful that this God's natural way will work for me by HIS grace.

nancy 3 years ago

which type of mustard seed? the yellow one or black one?

Daniel 3 years ago

Does it have any adverse effect on men if they use?

Blessing 3 years ago

I just want to knw if the mustard seed will be ground into powder and do u shake the mixture each time before taking.

busmarc 3 years ago

pls oncebitten...thanks for this post...do i av to keep shaking d mixture evrytime and must d mustard seeds be grounded....pls reply cos i av the mixture already and i have begun treatment

Mrs.Israel 3 years ago

should i grind the mustard seed before fermenting?

henry 3 years ago

I wil just have to try it on my wife its 3yrs now since we get married

profile image

Bitten Once 3 years ago Author

@mrs isreal, yes you need to grind the mustard seed first before mixing it up.

Tracy 3 years ago

I have a question? please someone, be kind to give me answer.

I made the mixture of the mustard seed, honey and olive oil, according to the praparation guide line. My misture seems to be in 2 sediment; the oil above and the coagulated mustard seeds and honey below; my question, what do i drink: the oil above or do i have to mix up the whole thing?

profile image

Bitten Once 3 years ago Author

The mixture must be properly mixed before you drink. Whenever you want to drink it make sure you mix very well.

tracy 3 years ago

Thanks for replying to my prevous question; i am not here to dispute the ingredients, but my girlfriend thinks 75cl of virgin olive oil is too much; well probable because she saw my mixture as all the oilve oil is ontop and the honey and mustard seed are just on the bottom of the container as if blocked . do think you i made a mistake? i used 100gram black mustard seed, 25cl liquid pure honey and 75cl virgin olive oil.

atty 3 years ago

could i use mustard powder and get same results

chelem 3 years ago

Can someone with fibroid Take d mixture?

mrs tee 2 years ago

pls, confirm that the mustard seeds has to be grinded first before mixing with honey & leaving to ferment for 2 days .

Noor 2 years ago

Hi, I want to ask that , which mustard seeds one must use( black or brown) .Secondly it should be ground???? .Also just mix the mustard seeds in honey for two days and then this mixture in olive oil?????( that's fermentation process).

mrs obi 2 years ago

please can i use this mixture along with the hormonal drugs given to me at the hospital?

TEE 2 years ago

Pls clarify. someone who just got back from Isreal gave me the yellow & brown color. Now my question is, if i grind both colors together will i get same effect or it is better to grind separately ???.....I WILL APPRECIATE YOUR RESPONSE ON THIS.

profile image

Marthe 2 years ago

Hello, I'm a woman of 38 years old and I want to do everything I can to get a child with my boyfriend. We live together with two other people and we would love to raise one or more children in our midst, with our four. I read the comments above and I would really want to know which mustard seeds you used. Maybe you can tell more about how the fermantation works with the mustard seed and the honey and how you mix this (and keep it mixed) with the olive oil. And I suppose 3 spoons full in the morning and before sleeping is tablespoons, I suppose. Thank you. We live and play music together. Maybe you like to see our website www.contactmuziek.nl

musfique ahmed 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for your kind information.

i want to know about the preparation of mustard seed,honey & virgin olive oil therapys weight purpose.acctualy i wanna to know the preparation of 100gms mustard seed,75cl virgin olive oil & 25cl pure honey.is that regular use or the weight of ingridients how many days goes.after ready the method can i store it.

Mem if you dontmind then please give me a solution for understanding this method..

Oklahoma 2 years ago

Where can I get mustered seed in Lagos,I need it pls

mrs chris 2 years ago

May God bless you for this imformation

mrs james 2 years ago

Thanks very much for this information. I will try it right away, bless u

profile image

Annmarie chapman 2 years ago from Queens

GM ..Please help , my mixture of olive oil honey and mustard seed. I not mixing in .

teba 2 years ago

@oncebitten tank u so much for the info may God bless u.i was said to have hormonal imbalance aftre I had a miscarriage.my period has been irregular since then(2012) I have been place on monthly injection and medication to menstrate and if I skip this med I wont see my period.i skip dis med due to a trip I made to a remote area and I made up my mind not to go to the hospital again or take any drugs again and dat if it comes fine and it not fine cos am just sick and tired of my situation.but as God will have his way I google for natural treatment for Hormonal imbalance and saw dis link.dis was around ending of April 2014 dis year.i took my chances cos I tut it a natural remeady.i made d mixture and start using it in may.and to my surprise I felt what av not felt n years I ovulated and my preiod came exactly 14 days after.pls can a man with low sperm count use dis mixture too

maggy 2 years ago

Hi teba,

Please explain how you mix all the ingredients,mustard seed did you use the yellow ones ,and did you chrushed it,please reply

kalene 2 years ago

i have a problem with the mustard seed i soaked them whole but nothing is happening do i need to crush the seed? i am desperate and hoping for an answer as soon as possible. my hormones have caused problems in every area of my life

teba 2 years ago

@maggy..I use d black mustard seed cos that is what is available n my area.I blend it wit a blender into a powder form before mixing it wit honey for 48hrs.after dat I add extra virgin olive oil for another 24hrs.then mix d mixture with a mixer before drinking n d morin and at nit.I mix it often cos it settle after some times leaving mustard and honey at d bottom and oil at d top

profile image

Bitten Once 2 years ago Author

use the black or yellow mustard seed it all the same effect as along as the mixture is properly done. grind or blend the mustard seed, soak with honey and add your olive oil. naturally the oil will stay on top while the rest will be at the bottom. this does not affect the efficacy of this natural remedy. all you do is to shake whenever you want to take it. Hope this answers your question.

twinkle 2 years ago

Thanks a lot @Bitten Once.i just started my fermentation process this evening n have great hopes that God will grant me a child

twinkle 10 Aug 14 2 years ago

Oops! Pls will it still work? I mistakenly added the olive oil before the second day (less than 48 hours).pls answer me! If I have to start the mixture all over.tnx

lola 2 years ago

Well done oncebitten, pls u ave nt anwered if men wit low sperm count can use it

FO 2 years ago

Thank u ma for dis info. Wld try dis merhod

susan 2 years ago

Pls I want to know if it works on fibriod.

amina 2 years ago

Hi kindly tell me the storage condition is it in the fringe or it can stand room temperature? Desperate woman.

mama 2 years ago

Thanks. So much

Sunday 2 years ago

hi this is amazing how do i get this seed within Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria if it works we can rescue thousand of homes enduring their marriage instead to enjoy it many has suffer shame disgrace and a lot of weeping all days if it works then more will be vindicated thanks

Adeleke Muhydeen 2 years ago

Thank my sister. May Allah bless you. How is Family and your children. Am selling this and i believe in it. Olive oil is a wonderful oil from Allah(SWT) that can not cures less than 70 diseases according to Prophet Hadith. Honey is also miracle remedy that can cures every diseases because Allah(SWT) says in Qur'an .Also in Hadith of the Prophetic of Allah(SAW). Mustard seed is also good to treat infertility and other problems related to it. Please my Peoples used these medicine because is natural herbal. for more detains call this numbers (+234-7035921187 or +234-7054644638). We also have Other Prophetic medicine such as: Black seed oil , Zaytoon Fruit, Miracle Remedy for cough , Sidr Water, Khal Water, Pure Honey, Miracle in Camel, Tumeric powders, Apple cidar, Saffron, and Etc.

horla 2 years ago

Thanks so much for d info. A fend of mine told me about this therapy so I decided to check it online just I got this link. I will try it. thanks

Anna 2 years ago

Love your blog, love to look at all the vintage items. I'm following on Linky Followers and would like a follow back, if you want. Believe me getting all those bloggers isn't easy, as I'm sure you know. Many Link parties and a lot of rojects and posts. I'm still a newbie.Thanks for sharing, I'm following on Pinterest also. Love all those suitcases!Diddie

ife 24 months ago

God bless you ma! God will grant u ur heart desire, this is my5th yrs of childless and am just reading it & i can feel relieved from barrenness, I will do as u said may God show us mercy ( Amen)

ife 24 months ago

God bless you ma! God will grant u ur heart desire, this is my5th yrs of childless and am just reading it & i can feel relieved from barrenness, I will do as u said may God show us mercy ( Amen)

Best Baby 24 months ago

Dear all, I am happy to find this natural remedy as I have being on ttc since 2012. Pls I didn't grind the mustard seed should I pour everytin in a bowl so that it will be easy to have all the items in dailyintake.

ella 23 months ago

Pls ma can it be used to treat low sperm count in hubby. I need answers asap. God bless Yu richly.

kelly 23 months ago

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FO 23 months ago

Please can i use GOYA type of extra virgin olive oil?

mary 23 months ago

pls i was by my GYN Doctor dat i hv fallopian tube blockage. Pls can i use dis therapy i'm fed up.

bibian 23 months ago

Nice information bu shared here.

karina 22 months ago

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HELEN 22 months ago

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Chichi 22 months ago

I have already bought the brown mustard seed, hope it is okay? Pls reply @oncebitten

Deborah 21 months ago

Please how can i use it for my fibroid, and which type of mustard seed can use, black or yellow?

Deborah 21 months ago

Please how can i use mustard seed for my fibroid and which type black of yellow?

Zoe 21 months ago

This mixture really works, but make sure that you stop using it after your last period or cd9 because if you continue it will terminate your pregnancy

Kiki 21 months ago

Seriously i flattened when my Husband of 8 years left to be with another woman in Texas. I cried and sobbed every day, until it got so bad that I couldn't bear it anymore. and i reached out to the Internet for help, until i hit on the real thing, and that is you Dr.OWASELE. I almost gave up trying to get my Ex-Husband back and having a contented family again.. I had tried the whole lot I knew, and with your spells, blessings and extraordinary magical powers, you did all the work, and immediately after 18 hours, my Ex Husband came back to me and he was penitent for everything that he has done. And now my life is balanced and i am happy again. Dr.OWASELE you do a great service to people, and I don't think many people had known about you. You are the diamond in the rough. Thank you Dr.OWASELE You are talented and you give off yourself so freely like you did to me. Thank you for weaving your magical love spells for me and Sergio. He is back to me just the way it was when we first met.. from the depths of my soul! I am immensely happy now. Thank you and God bless you so much sir. now my man is back to me just in 18 hours, as you have said it..wow.. i am fully rewarded. Thank you so much sir, Lots of appreciations.. Here is Dr.OWASELE via email: owaselespelltemple@gmail.com

Mike 21 months ago

I thank God for d woman in question. I also want to use this opportunity to encourage our people to know that it is only God that gives children. Though, we have to do our part as a man. Before my wedding I went for semen analysis n was diagnosed with poor motility sperm. Infact d active cells were 3%, 2% were sluggish n 95% were dead. My wife was also with scanty staph infection. To me, I felt also dead bt d doctor encouraged me. He prescribe a locally made drug(afretaron) for me n asked me to take it for 1 month with vitamin a, e n folic acid which I did. On getting home i Googled d possible causes of low motility n discovered that I am guilty of masturbation, tight pants n hot water baths which by d grace of God I stopped them. After taken d drugs i didn't go for another test becos my wedding was nearing n a lot of pressure was on my head. Bt after d wedding we tried for 3months n nothing happened. So I went for another test, this time d count rose from 31 million to 180 million while motility rose from 3 percent to 30 percent active. I then browsed for ways of improving sperm motility n discovered some vitamins n minerals which i took as supplement together with some fruits. Later i went for another test which included swab test n was diagnosed wit moderate staph, now d motility is 40% active. My wife was also diagnosed wit same infection n we went for treatment as prescribe by d lab for ten days. To the glory of God today my wife is 2 months pregnant after searching for 6 months, and I knw that d God that started dis good work will bring it to a marvelous end. Vitamins like a, e, c, b n minerals like zinc, selenium, co-enzyme, l-canitine are needed for d wellbeing of the sperm. For more information call...08069250652

Amy 21 months ago

Can this work for one who is not ovulating

Tata 21 months ago

I am going to try it too to trust God to bless me.

Tipsy 20 months ago

My question is "Do I stop immediately after my last monthly period, because I read mustard seed can terminate pregnancy? Please reply.

Adams Bella 20 months ago

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Tenshay 20 months ago

Hi bittenonce,Im from the caribbean I pray to god that this remedy works.

I notice you said take 3 spoonful it this Teaspoon or tablespoon ?

And should i stop taking the remedy once I have my period?

I desperately await your answer

Tina 20 months ago

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Sarah 20 months ago

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Adenike 20 months ago

Can My Husband Also Use It

Carolyn .L. Martinez1 20 months ago

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joy fred 20 months ago

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Adeleke Muhydeen 19 months ago

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BLESSNG 19 months ago


SANDRA 19 months ago

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Adams Bella 18 months ago

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sticker 17 months ago

Hi...thanks ma,for dis info.will also try it n see ba wen should I stop taking it ....is it wen am I my menses or wat n better still wen should start taking it plzz. Ans plz

frank 17 months ago

Can this mixture be used to treat low sperm count

Alozie 17 months ago

please can this mustard seed stuff be used by male and female.

franka 17 months ago

good morning, pls, does this mustard mixture eliminate fibroids in the womb? pls help me

Mrs raheem 16 months ago

please can i use GOYA IF i dont get that extral virgin olive oil ma.

tracy 16 months ago


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lisa 12 months ago

We have not met Dr. Ojemen but have heard of his excellent work on people's life. We contacted Dr. Ojemen and he started his work on her life and right now my wife is cured. she was diagnosed with HIV and after taking Dr. Ojemen Herbal medicine she was cured. You can reach him on (drojemenspellhome@hotmail.com)or call him +2349052116214.





4. ALS

5. Hepatitis!!.

dele 7 months ago

Can this mixture be use to treat low sperm count?

baby 5 months ago

what is the natural way of treating blocked fallopian

Mrs kema 3 months ago

Thanks for sharing this

Mrs Kema 3 months ago

Add Your Comment..how do we store the mixture as we drink; in freezer, freeze, or where? to avoid it getting spoilt before 6months.

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