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Wild Oregano-The Powerhouse Herb

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wild oregano-its not the kind on your pizza

Herbal remedies have indeed increased their share in the marketplace in recent years.In these times of genetically engineered food and destructively wide spread drug use it is not at all surprising that the health of our culture appears to keep going down.Herbal remedies are here because the people seem to have demanded them.They have been used successfully by many for thousands of years.Today's herbal remedies extraction methods are much more technologically advanced.The end result is a better and more potent product.Unfortunately sickness and obesity are huge money makers in the world today.Its sad to say but the last thing some would want are thin and healthy people.We all have heard a story or two haven't we?Whenever a non drug method of combatting an illness comes into view,it is often downplayed and perhaps even attacked if it works and sometimes even if it saves lives.But many people are finally waking up.Many are discovering what thousands in other countries as well as Native Americans had already known all along.That many of these herbal remedies really do work.

There is one particular herb that comes to mind that hasn't gotten much publicity but is the super powerhouse of herbs.This herbal remedy is called oil of oregano.Ingestion of this herb in either bulk (the plant itself) or oil form has been proven over and over in several major studies to do some pretty miraculous things.In fact,the results often surpass many of the big name drugs.Namely the antibiotics.The oregano used in these studies were not oregano products you'd find at the grocery store or on your pizza which is ussually mexican oregano or marjoram.Both of which lack in nutritive and medicinal comparison and value.The oregano used in the studies and now sold in healthstores is called wild oregano-Origanum Vulgare,the best of which is obtained from the various regions of the Mediterranean where the herb possesses higher levels of chemicals called thymol and carvacrol which make up an average of 90%of the plants oils.Carvacrol has powerful anti-microbial activity and is a natural phenol.Extraction techniques being used can also be a factor in the overall potency of the product.Oil of oregano has an extremely pungent smell and just a few drops ingested can pack a mighty punch.Because it is a superb antifungal and anthelmintic-(de-worming activities) it has been used in Chinese medicine as well as throughout the world for centuries.Its uses have been wide ranging from loosening of mucous,to treating fevers,vomiting,diarrhea and as a digestive aid to rid the body of intestinal parasites and fungus.Nearly all people have a fungal condition to one degree or another.Oil of oregano can play a major role in the elimination of these fungal invaders.

Many countries are now recognizing the factors between fungus and health.This information was known back in the 1940s and written about in various doctors books but somehow became forgotten about.If you have ever taken antibiotics without probiotics you may have a fungal condition in one form or another.Even the eating of corn,peanut butter,mushrooms and other various foods may over time produce a fungal condition.Exposure to certain molds may bring about such a condition as well.I was surprized when I heard about all of this on Doug Kaufmanns tv show-know the cause.Personally I like peanut butter and these other foods so I take a daily fungal agent as part of my diet to keep things in check.Oil of oregano is a great fungal agent as well as apple cider vinegar,garlic,tea tree,caprylic acid and several various others.It isn't the food itself as much as it is how the food is stored before its processed that fungus may form on it.It used to not be this way.For the ultimate education about this subject and how fungus may lay the foundation for countless numbers of various illnesses visit www.knowthecause.com

In this fungal arena oil of oregano shines very brightly.Being such a powerful natural agent the various bacteria,fungus,viruses and parasites appear to have little or no adaptation to it as they tend to do in traditional antibiotic use.Influenza microbes are killed by it.Oil of oregano is anti fungal,anti parasitic,anti viral,anti bacterial,anti inflammatory,anti oxidant,anti allergenic and helpful in digestion.It can also effectively treat headaches,gum disease,bronchitus,insect bites,arthritus,asthma,constipation,dandruff,ringworm,warts,sinusitus,earaches,flu and cold among many other conditions.Unless one is allergic to this plant species no real side effects have been reported through its use.It does sometimes tend to lower iron in some rare cases and that's about it.University studies nationally and worldwide have shown that oil of oregano kills e-coli,staphylococcus (staph) and destroys all kinds of influenzas and tends to do so quite thoroughly.Many claim these new flu bugs have little if any resistance to it.Another benefit of oil of oregano is in its nutritional power as it is loaded with vitamins and minerals as well.There is a lot of anti oxidant power in this herb.

Taking a probiotic may be a good idea when taking the oregano or its oil for prolonged periods of time.Oregano is strong stuff.Like antibiotics but without the side effects,it destroys the bad bugs but may destroy or offset the good bugs as well over time.These good bugs are your good intestinal bacteria.Antibiotics,drugs,growth hormones,genetically enhanced produce,stress,microwaved food,msg,high fructose corn syrup and any of the 1,500 chemicals that are in much of today's prepackaged foods that legally do not even have to be listed on the package label.Its no wonder so many are in the shape they're in.Most of these can adversely affect the digestive system and a good probiotic can help with this whether one is taking oregano oil or not.The oregano oil itself is ussually mixed in with a base of virgin olive oil during the processing of it because the oil in itself is way to caustic and hot for consumption.Mixed in with the olive oil it becomes more palatable.Capsules of the ground up herb can be purchased in ingested instead of the oil.The benefit of taking wild oregano in its raw plant form is that it reaches the digestive system better than the oil.Both have their own special benefits.Since the days of Hippocrates it has been known to many people that the oregano that grows wild throughout the Mediterranean is one of the most potent and therapeutic agents to be in found in all of the herbal remedies of both yesterday and today.

Note-Information here is for entertainment purposes only.Videos and pictures are not mine and belong to their rightful owners.

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Samir 4 years ago

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Thanks and take care always.

cw_star profile image

cw_star 6 years ago from Largo Florida and Bellefontaine Ohio Author

Hi Bob,I believe traditional uses of fresh herbs may not provide those concentrations that technological extraction processes are capable of producing today.A good (non herb although today there are plant based probiotics) example is probiotics.There are now probiotic suppliments so concentrated that one would have to eat two dozen bowls of yogurt in comparison to taking one dose.However,no process can replace the benefits of consuming the food as is in its natural form.The enzymes and cofactors more so remain present in its freshest form,whereas processing can tend to reduce these factors.It's a more natural process for the digestive system to handle the fresh and raw herb.Its good for the system.I think that's why many will say-vitamins and suppliments may be good for you but food itself is always better.The wild oregano in its raw form has its advantages over the oil,even though the oil is more concentrated.Some say that life begins in our digestive sytems.The biggest problem in health today in my opinion is the over prescribing of antibiotics without probiotics to replace those good bacteria that have been removed from the system.This sets the stage for all kinds of problems as bad bacteria replace these good ones.Like they say-pump a cow up with antibiotics then feed them grain.They'll get big and blow up.Give a child antibiotics then feed them cereal.Makes me wonder sometimes about child obesity in this country.Even though the raw herb doesn't possess the potency of the oil it may still work better since it is being taken through the digestive system where the small intestines villi are able to assimulate the needed nutrients from it.Another factor is this.No matter how potent a product or herb is,the body can only assimilate so much at any given time.Like taking high potency B vitamins,a lot of it gets eliminated in the bathroom because the body can only absorb so much.I would have to say that if ones nutrient assimilation is low,then indeed,the raw herb itself may be better if taken fairly regularly over a period of time.I do believe that one would have to eat an awful lot of herb to match the potency of the oil,however it isn't always so much the potency as it is our ability to assimilate it.Oh my gosh.I think I just wrote you a book.lol.I hope this helps Bob.Thank you for reading my hub and have a wonderful week as well:-)


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rwelton 6 years ago from Sacramento CA

Hi - New to HubPages. What about traditional uses with fresh herbs or would you have to consume too much to match the concentrate in the oils?


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