Oklahoma You Are Too Hot

Flaming Hot

When you feel like you got out of the frying pan into the fire.
When you feel like you got out of the frying pan into the fire.

Heat Feels Unbearable

Dear Oklahoma,

I am writing you this letter to let you know that your people are in a drought, and we are overwhelmed by the heat outside. We all need rain, but it has not shown up yet. I seek comfort but the only comfort I can get is inside my home with my air conditioning. My body feels sick, because it knows something is not right outside. I know you cannot respond to me like an adult, but it really would be nice, if your skies were filled with rain clouds and just a nice down pour without any tornadoes. Your insect inhabitants seem to be thriving, but your people feel the heat., It almost seems now like getting from the frying pan into the fire.

Please tell your people that they need to hydrate stay cool and get out of this horrible heat.
I worry about the ones that cannot tolerate it, and those of us who go out to work in it, then be mindful of your neighbors, and that they might need your help. Don't forget the animals and pets that you make sure they have enough water to hydrate themselves with. For goodness sakes do not leave any child in a vehicle. This heat can get even hotter in a vehicle, and they can lose their lives in seconds. Also do not leave your pets in the cars either.

I ask you to let your people know that we need to bond together to endure all things. Thanks to the fire fighters ,who risk their lives in wild fires, and thanks to the paramedics and hospitals that help heat related patients that have over heated in this horrible weather. Thanks for all those civil servants that repair our busted water lines, and pick up our trash in this heat.

If I thought it would help by doing a rain dance, then I would be doing it. However, I have no energy left. Most of all I keep praying for the weather to let up,and things to not be so hot. Also think of your neighbors around us , because their states need it to. Oklahoma great state of many Native American tribes and many settlers, then know we want you to be whole again. We wish for people to be considerate and not start wild fires with cigarettes thrown out of the window. Check on your neighbors and help us to be strong in tough times like drought.

Your Citizen in Oklahoma that is extremely hot.

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ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

I am not sure what happened after I wrote this hub letter to Oklahoma, but that night clouds started to form, and I looked at them thinking to myself, if it could rain. In fact during the night the rain came, and the heat is not hot today. Do miracles of hope happen? It did for Oklahoma last night and this morning. Our temps soared as high in areas of the state of up to 111 and I think even higher in places around Oklahoma. We were at 105 temperature yesterday.

This might be a small miracle, but it is one that we so needed!

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

Well I am listening to my local weather station and this drought heat is going to get worse for us here. We are suppose to reach 110 on Tuesday in Oklahoma City. I felt bad, when it was 105. We have also been losing the lives of some of our citizens to this heat. Please stay out of heat and stay hydrated, if you live in Oklahoma.

ladybluewriter profile image

ladybluewriter 5 years ago from United States Author

P.S. Oklahoma- I thought your heat was getting me, but in the past few days Oklahoma City is on fire. Evacuations are taking place, and people are losing their property, their pets, and their vehicles to fire. Your winds are rough and sparks up the flames, and not to mention we are still near 105 temperature. There is hope on the horizon of the temperature lowering by Sunday, but I pray for your people here. Things are much worse, than they were, when I wrote this hub.

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