Olive Oil Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Yeast infections are found to mostly occur in women. This infection is mainly caused by the development and growth of bacteria in the vagina. The yeast infection normally causes itchiness, burning and swelling during urination and sex. The symptoms obtained from the yeast oil infection can get worse if not catered for. The yeast infections are at times caused by irregular menstrual cycles, weak immune system, diabetes and living a stressful kind of a lifestyle.

In order to avoid the yeast infections, you need to always take a balanced diet. By having balanced diets, your body will be able to have a strong immunity that will fight away all the bacterial infections. A balanced diet is that which is rich in vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. Leafy fruits and vegetables provide are best for the human body because they exist as strong vitamins. There are several remedies to this particular infection. The first remedy is the by the use of garlic cloves. What the infected person is supposed to do is insert garlic cloves in the vagina. This particular method has been a common method of getting rid of the yeast infection. Garlic is known to be potent in fighting the overgrowth of bacteria. The procedure states that the infected person is supposed to peel off the garlic cloves and make slices of the garlic. What is highly advised is that the garlic slices should be inserted properly.

Using olive oil is another popular method of healing the yeast infection. Virgin oil is the most recommend olive oil type. This is because it is known to have garlic additions in it. Olive oil can be very strong when applied without dilution. This way, all the existing bacteria can be extremely gotten rid of. If you can manage to handle the sensation, you can keep it in your skin for as long as you can. The process is done by dabbing a moderate amount of olive oil on to a dry cotton cloth. Thereafter, you are required to rub the olive oil that has been applied on to the cotton cloth around the vaginal area. Do this for as long as you do because the longer it takes the better the healing.

You should realize that yogurt is not only used as an edible substance. It is also well known to be a healing remedy for the yeast infection. This is because yogurt is full of the probiotics bacteria which known to be a great enemy to the yeast infection bacteria. However, natural yogurt and manufactured yogurt that contains sugar will worsen the infection, so avoid the sugary yogurt. You can use yogurt as a healing element of the yeast infection in two ways. The first way is by direct application on the vaginal are. This method is similar to the olive oil method. The other way is by applying it on to a panty liner. Ensure that you have changed the panty liner after a few hours and replace it with another one that has a yogurt application.

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