Olive Oil and its many different uses for the home and body

Bottling Olive Oil

Uses for Olive Oil


We have all used olive oil in the kitchen for many things. We can use it while frying, baking, or cooking great cakes. Then you can use it for salads, sauces or even in adding flavor to our bread.

No, you do not need to stop there, try using some ideas that I have listed below.

Uses For the Body:

  • Sore or Dry throat - sip teaspoon of oil before going to bed, also helps prevent snoring.
  • Dry Heels-File of the excessive dried skin, then, rub on some olive oil. Cover with pair old socks before going to bed.
  • Massage the body - use to massage the body, add chili seeds for that extra deep massage. Do not rub hand near eyes after massaging, as it will burn.
  • Remove car grease- rub on olive oil, wipe off with paper towel. It will remove the grease.
  • Remove paint from hands and face - rub olive oil into skin; wash off with soap and water.
  • Manicure nails - soak in oil and rub into the cuticles and nails, helps prevent cracking and revitalizes nail and skin.
  • Wiry and frizzy hair - place small amount in hands and rub lightly over hair, it will help control your unruly hair
  • Nappy Rash-use to prevent nappy rash after bathing baby, if none available use Vaseline

Green Olives on Branch

Olive Oil Bush Lamp

Polish Wood with Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Household Uses:

  • Furniture polish and cover cracks - put small amount on soft cloth and wipe over furniture, use extra to cover cracks. Add strained lemon juice to give a fresher smell
  • Prevents sticking - rub small amount inside measuring cups, will prevent honey, syrup from sticking to sides of container
  • Candle wax - rub small amount inside candle holders, this will prevent wax from caking on holder
  • Shine Stainless steel pots- pour small amount on soft cloth and rub over the pot, this will bring up the shine
  • Prevent Rusting - rub gardening tools with olive oil to prevent rusting when left out in the weather
  • Sticky Zip - rub small amount on the metal of zip only, taking care not to get any on material
  • Squeaky hinges - apply small amount on hinges to prevent squeak
  • Shines shoes-put small amount on cloth and rub onto shoes. This will prevent them from cracking
  • Copper and Brass-clean then apply small amount of oil to tarnishing
  • Prevent Wood cracking or splitting-apply a small amount on soft cloth and rub into the wood
  • Rejuvenate old leather-apply to soft cloth and rub over the leather


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Comments 12 comments

Just_Rodney profile image

Just_Rodney 8 years ago from Johannesberg South Africa, The Gold Mine City

Karen thanks for this one very useful tips, some that I did not know.

John Chancellor profile image

John Chancellor 8 years ago from Tennessee

Lots of useful tips here. Thanks.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

John, Thanks for dropping by

MM Del Rosario profile image

MM Del Rosario 8 years ago from NSW, Australia

Hi Eileen,

gee, the olive oil is like a miracle oil. I think I will try it on my dry heels, I always have dry or crack heels especially during the cold season.

I think it will also save me from buying those styling Schwarzkopt "zero frizz" since i have a very unruly hair. I will try it.

thanks MM

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Its amazing the things you can use olive oil for. We like using a bottle of baby oil and putting chilli seeds in it. Really warms up the injured back. Thanks for reading this hope it helps you with those things

stevemark122000 profile image

stevemark122000 8 years ago from Southern California

Interesting hub. Thanks

seriessek profile image

seriessek 8 years ago from Tampa Bay

Hi Eileen, Thanks for the post. Danny and I use olive oil all the time. It is fabulous for your skin. One thing we use in particular is a whole skin regimen with a cleanser, and an eye balm and an oil that even feels great in your hair, especially if it is a little dried out. Are you as beautiful as your dog? We would love to see your photo!!!

Karen Ellis profile image

Karen Ellis 8 years ago from Central Oregon


A lot of great tips. I know one that I will especially use - oil in the measuring cup before measureing honey. I make my dog treats with honey or malassas and I always feel like I'm wasting so much that sticks to the measuring cup. Thanks.

cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 8 years ago from North Carolina

Another wonderful Hub Eileen, I drink lemon juice and a tablespoon of olive oil early in the morning, it helps my stomach very well. It helps digestion. Glad to see there are so many benefits from Olive Oil. I have bookmarked it. Cheers :)

omdelhi profile image

omdelhi 8 years ago from New Delhi

Thanx for sharing of such a nice tips.

alexadry profile image

alexadry 8 years ago from USA

Very helpful, I am of Italian origin and I always have olive oil in my kitchen.

Eileen Hughes profile image

Eileen Hughes 8 years ago from Northam Western Australia Author

Thanks everyone I did comment individually the other day and nothing worked but glad to say we are back on target and all working ok now.

Thanks for stopping by. cheers

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