On Doctors and Healing

To begin with, I would like to say that being healthy does not mean never being sick or feeling under the weather. The body needs to have opportunities to grow, learn and become stronger. I suppose this is where that saying about “what doesn’t kill You makes You stronger” comes in. Our bodies need a hurdle to jump over here and there, otherwise our bodies and our immune system would not have anything to learn from.

I personally have given-up on doctors many years ago. I find most of them useless. I know these are strong words and if there are any doctors reading this, please do not take this as a personal attack. I am only going after the ways in which medicine is practiced. Doctors are humans too and they can make mistakes. On top of which, I constantly hear about recalls on certain drugs every so often. That certainly worries me because it means people have been taking unnecessary medication, which can often distress the body.

There are two main problems I find with the way most doctors deal with their patients. The first is that most of them act as all-knowing beings when in fact all they can do for their patients is to give them an educated guess. There is nothing definite about the human body. It can change in many ways and it can do many things; it all depends on the individual. Some people can do things that would kill others and laugh while at it (as a quick example take a look at the Ice Man, to be able to unfreeze your consciousness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKT1Wvz3xm0

Thus, when a doctor gives anyone a diagnosis, I would check with four other doctors at least before taking it as truth. And even in case of an illness, doctors are not always needed. We, as humans have all we need in this body – it is a perfect thing. It can do whatever we want it to do, as long as we have the will-power. Here, I am not talking about the will-power to get-up to go to work or school in the morning. I am not talking about the will-power to cut-down on fatty foods or cigarettes. No, the will-power I am talking about is found deep within us and it is an extraordinary force. It is the power which the Ice Man knows how to access. This is the personal power which sorcerers and warriors have used since the beginning of time.

I heal myself. I do not need doctors for illnesses. If I ever broke an arm or severed a leg, yes I would go to a hospital but only in such emergency situations. A regular cold, the flu, addiction, cancer … all these can be cured by ourselves. We just need to learn that we can do it and then, build the personal power necessary in order to heal. Illnesses need to be understood and doctors do not always understand or even care to understand why. Doctors always tell us what is going on and what they can do. I think one must understand not only what is happening but why it is happening.

Why has a cell become cancerous and why is it turning other cells cancerous? Why is it that all of a sudden a part of us has turned against us? Those are questions that need to be answered and doctors do not seem to be answering those questions. They seem to be in a hurry to find ways to kill ourselves, like chemotherapy … I would not even use therapy as part of a word which has to do with killing. There is no therapy in killing, not that I know of anyway.

The second problem which probably annoys me most, is the point at the end of a doctor’s appointment, when another appointment is made:

“We’ll see You in a couple of weeks Jonny. Hope You feel better, take care!”

That is roughly how it goes, I do remember from years ago … And of course the doctor is going to make You another appointment – at least here in North America, they get paid per appointment. The more patients come through the office, the more money the doctor gets. So, what incentive is there for the doctor to heal You!? If everyone was healthy and knew how to heal themselves, doctors would be close to homeless and starving. It is in their interest for people to be sick. There is no incentive to keep people healthy. Your sickness is their pay-check. How wrong is that …?

Of course, what I am saying here is way beyond what most people regard as normal but I do not believe in normal. I believe in myself. I wish people could do the same and doctor’s visits would become something of the past.

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diogenes 4 years ago

I try to stay away from them as much as possible for many reason, some of which you have described.


Spirit Whisperer profile image

Spirit Whisperer 4 years ago from Isle of Man

Thank you for another great hub from the heart. I thought this might go well with your message. http://youtu.be/H88wz1GpSkE

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Greetings Mr. Diogenes,

I think a main problem is that we are taught to always run away from discomfort. We do not always try to understand our state of discomfort and many people simply run to a pill or other. Then, people run the risk of getting addicted to the pill ...

I have seen many cases where people got addicted to prescription medication. As long as our health is priced and profited from, we're in trouble. And that is just one aspect of the problem.

All the best and may You be free of any need of doctors!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank You for your comment Mr. Spirit Whisperer, I keep trying ... what else do I have to do? LOL


Hubert Williams 4 years ago

I am not sure I could rid myself of cancer but I not sure I would want to try the current treatment. I would know that the cancer would eventually kill me, but I think the treatment would kill my will to live and severely interfere with me enjoying my final days with my wife and son.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank You for stopping by Mr. Williams. I am positive that with the right frame of mind, cancer is not that big of a deal.

Cancer is a result of a trauma within the body and any trauma can be overcome considering all the circumstances are taken into account. Every person is different and the those subtle differences are very important.

Thank You for taking the time to read and comment. All the best!

Sustainable Sue profile image

Sustainable Sue 4 years ago from Altadena CA, USA

This is a huge topic for me. First off, good health is my top priority in life. Secondly, this has translated into getting to know my body really well, such that I can tell the minute something is off. Hatha yoga helped me do that. Thirdly, I touch medication hardly ever and don't go to doctors either.

I'm 61 and healthier than any of my younger seven siblings, one of whom died of cancer at age 46. I don't have headaches, stomach problems, or any of what plagues most people. I hardly ever have colds and they're small ones, easily overcome. I've only had the flu twice. Yes, i've had things to recover from - sprains, bruises, pulled tendons - but I recovered and am living testament to what Mr. Happy is saying here. You can be healthy without doctors and without insurance. (Ever calculated how much money you've spent on health insurance?) Thanks, Mr. Happy, for addressing this issue.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank You so much for the support Mrs. Sustainable Sue. I find the most difficult part is to have people listen to my thoughts and not think that I am completely insane.

People have been trained to think negatively and that is a harsh obstacle to overcome. Healing cannot take place when the word "no" is held so dearly by people.

Thank You for the inspiring comment and all the very best!

lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 4 years ago from Alberta and Florida

Couldn't agree more, Mr. Happy. Last time I saw a doctor, he had his hand poised over his prescription pad while asking, "So, what's the problem?" Therein lies the issue, I think -- what drug shall I give you? I deal with some seniors who are taking upwards of twelve different drugs a day, some as many as twenty. How can this be possible? And no one ever suggests they make lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, relaxation; no one give them nutritional advice; no one explains how their body's organs work. No -- it's just drugs, drugs, drugs. (Strange how if drugs are made by a large corporation and prescribed, they are good; if they come from a tradition of common usage for centuries, they are bad.) Ah well, rant over. Lynda

gps2012 4 years ago

What a good hub and quite a timely topic for me to ponder. Thank you, Mr. Happy.

I would want to agree, but what's the alternative treatment of cancer other than the prescriptions of our doctors? Just last week I was diagnosed of cancer, I would appreciate very much your suggestion on what approach I should do...before the doctors detail to me their treatments.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

That's too funny Mrs. Lynda (although it really isn't funny because we are talking about our health here)! I could just see that important/concerned look which doctors tend to give the patience while they are juggling their bottles of pills.

I just find it so wrong that our health is linked to profit and money - in my mind, our health is priceless ... All the very best and I certainly wish You will continue to be free of doctor visits! : )

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Greetings Mrs. Gps2012,

thank You for taking the time to read and comment. Since this is a personal matter, I will speak with You in person.

All is good! Cheers. : )

Sustainable Sue profile image

Sustainable Sue 4 years ago from Altadena CA, USA

Lynda's comment reminds me of something that happened to my sister a few years ago. She, her husband, and I were sitting at the bar in a restaurant in Santa Barbara on the pier. Suddenly a surfboard fell from the ceiling and hit her husband over the head, knocking him off his stool, then bounced off and hit my sister too. Naturally there was panic, but an ambulance was called and they were whisked off to the hospital emergency room. I followed in their car.

In the emergency room, both were examined. He was ruled fit immediately (though he was the one who'd gone white and fainted with shock). My sister was still lying on her bed when the nurse came in, all jolly. "Well I'm happy to report that you'll be alright, and guess what? I get to prescribe to you . . . " this medication. I couldn't believe how she expected us all to light up with her because my sister was getting medication. Wow, what a privilege!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

That is quite the story Mrs. Sustainable Sue. I am glad it all turned-out fine. I'll watch-out for flying surfboards if I ever pass through Santa Barabara's restaurants on the pier.

The pharmaceutical industry makes serious profits by keeping most people medicated. Keep 'em poor and medicated, sort of how the System works ... "crowd control" at its best.


Earthy Mother profile image

Earthy Mother 4 years ago from Southeast England

Following your comments on my previous hub, I just wanted to let you know that I read this one too. I do, inherently deep down believe that there is more going on than what we are led to believe with cancer, but other than googling for information and sorting the bogus from the genuine, it is hard, I feel, for me to actually know which way to turn. I was diagnosed with cancer upon discovering a lump in December - in January I had surgery to remove it and in February I was starting chemotherapy. There didn't seem to be an option, or I didn't feel comfortable enough to reject the doctors advice as I never had anything else to turn to as such. I did feel things were moving very fast, and I can say, that here in the UK we do not have to pay for our healthcare or treatment so it is not as though the doctors have anything to gain for pushing this treatment. The whole thing was so unexpected to me - and I could guess at what could've caused it - perhaps resentment towards my partner for various things - but then it could also have been caused by dairy, smoking, excess alcohol, having children after the age of 30...the list is endless as to what could've caused it and it's been a really hard time. But deep down, if I had more faith in something else, perhaps I could've took more time out and said, I'm going to give myself six months to see if I could stop this myself, but when people are telling you you are lucky to catch it early, and deal with it before it's spreads it's very hard...I read also that your Mother died of cancer...I'm very sorry to hear about that. Which type did she have and do you have any theories on it? All the best, I'm enjoying reading your hubs and like your candid approach and honesty with regards the various substances you have encountered! Take care, from Earthy Mother, here in the UK xx

Sustainable Sue profile image

Sustainable Sue 4 years ago from Altadena CA, USA

My brother died of cancer too . . . at age 46. It started out as Hodgkin's Disease twelve or so years before that, which has an 80% recovery rate. But he elected to take chemotherapy instead of changing to a healthier lifestyle, so although it went away for several years, it also came back. He did chemotherapy again and this time started making lifestyle changes, bit by bit. But this time after remission it came back as full fledged cancer, which he was never able to get rid of, in spite of treatment after treatment.

Did you know that chemotherapy actually causes cancer? Doctor's know it, too, and many will tell you so. It's really important not to do it more than once.

Jackie Lynnley profile image

Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

I so agree with you and each time I hear someone died of cancer or has it bad I have to wonder why they don't try natural remedies at least. Thinking of Robin Gibb now everyday and wish someone had planted the idea of natural to him but since he is in a coma on his way out most claim it is a late time to give advice. I tell my doctors what I use and of course they have no good comment, if any. They make money or get kickbacks on those medicines that can kill us or why else would these people with their pill suitcases be running in and out of their offices?

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Greetings Earthymother,

I am glad You are enjoying my posts. I like to share knowledge. It is what this wolf is after.

I will say more in my next post which perhaps I can get out of me by the following Sun-rise.

May Wakan Tanka guide us All!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Hello again Mrs. Sustainable Sue,

perhaps You should write a book on health tips. Many could benefit from it. : )

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Sadly enough, I agree with You Mrs. Jackie Lynneley ...

Our health has become the profit of others. I am not sure if that infuriates Mr. Happy more than it makes him sad but either way, things will change!

Thank You so much for your comment.

Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 4 years ago from United States

awewsome message Mr. Happy.

I agree with you. Our inner self needs to be strong for our body to fight against any illness and that can only be done IF we pause in our life and understand within ME.

many votes with an interesting/awesome!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank You for the visit Mrs. Ruchira. Indeed I think many of us should take some time to look within, for healing and strength. I am happy You see the potential in that.

All the very best!

backporchstories profile image

backporchstories 4 years ago from Kentucky

Wow, I see you got lots of reaction on this article. I agree with your thoughts. My husband and I work with herbs and healing the natural way. We think alike. I hope you can visit my hubs and see. Love the wolves! We are practicing Lakota ways and the wolf is high on honors with us!

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Greetings Mrs. Backporchstories,

I love your Spirit! Natural Healing through energy manipulation and with the use of sacred medicine herbs, is something which I promote.

The Wolf and Eagle Spirit guide me. I am so ever grateful ...

I wish You Power. May Wakan Tanka walk with You!

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