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There are several factors that doctors, teachers, and mental health professionals take into consideration when making a diagnosis for ADHD or ADD. Diagnosing adults with attention deficit disorders is often much more difficult than in children, because the symptoms of ADHD can resemble that of other disorders. It is common for adults with ADHD to be misdiagnosed as having other types of mental illnesses or even physical illnesses and related developmental disorders. In children, doctors will typically conduct an interview and a physical examination first to rule out any physical conditions that could mimic the symptoms of ADD.

Vision problems, hearing problems, epilepsy, anemia, and thyroid conditions can also exhibit the same symptoms as ADHD. However, it is common for a child with ADHD to also have vision or hearing problems, especially if a sensory processing disorder is also present. Following a physical examination, doctors will then use behavior rating scales or checklists for attention deficit disorders in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Interviews with parents, teachers, and caregivers are also sometimes included in order to get a better understanding of a child’s school performance and behavior at home.

Some of these ADHD tests are available online for parents and teachers to determine whether or not further testing for attention deficit disorder is necessary. Online ADHD tests can save families on limited incomes a great deal of time and money. However, if it is suspected that a child might have ADHD, a professional medical assessment is the best way to be certain that the child has the right diagnosis. This can save families, as well as the child, a lot of heartache and frustration from having to live with an inaccurate diagnosis.

Most online ADHD tests consist of preliminary screening questions. Tests used by doctors and psychiatrists for diagnosing attention deficit disorders include Connors’ Parent Rating Scales and Child Behavior Checklists. These resources are also often available to teachers and school administrators. Often, public schools can provide assessments for ADHD and other types of developmental disorders free of charge through state and federal programs.

Some of these ADHD tests can also be found online, but additional information about a child’s physical health, as well as their behavior and learning patterns, may also be required. For adults, the Wender Utah Rating Scale is often the most accurate tool for diagnosing attention deficit disorders. Many adults with ADD live their entire lives without being diagnosed, or are misdiagnosed and treated for other types of disorders. Adults with ADD typically suffer from low self esteem and high levels of frustration associated with school or job failure, money problems, drug abuse, and depression.

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