Oprah Talks Health/Nutrition with Film Writer..

for those of you who missed yesterday's show..

I was well informed after watching a discussion between Oprah Winfrey & Journalist Micheal Pollan yesterday afternoon..

Ok, a lot of what they discussed was old news to me--like the fact that the meats we eat nowadays are of a different substance than what our great-grandparents ate, or that more than half the food in American supermarkets is processed. But there were a fair few facts shared, that, to me, were completely new information..

Were you aware of the fact that:

Goat meat is the most consumed meat around the globe? In a survey taken on the show, many people thought maybe beef or chicken..but it was shared that something like 90% of the world's population eat goat meat more than any other meat. Interestingly enough, goat meat has less calories than chicken & more protein than beef (betcha didn't know that)..

Or how about this fun fact:

Americans consume a shocking 3 MILLION POUNDS of antibiotics yearly..

But that's not the most alarming part of the picture...read on..

Animals (livestock specifically--that WE eat) are fed a staggering 27 MILLION POUNDS of antibiotics per annum..

As a result, our bodies are now becoming antibiotic-resistant because of the amount we take into our bodies simply by eating meat--because the animals we eat are full of them. This creates antibodies in us, rendering the medication that we sometimes need to rid ourselves from harmful bacterias less effective, or even completely useless..

What about fresh produce? Even the fruit/veg department is in question..

I recently returned from Africa where I had the privilege of spending years there as a volunteer/mission/aid worker. During my first day home, I experienced a "flavor downturn", if you will, when biting into a piece of "fresh fruit" that I bought at a little coffee/cake shop at the Chicago airport. I immediately noticed the sheer lack of taste (compared to the natural & full flavor I was used to in African fruit) in the fruit that I had thought I recognized as an apple.--At that point I had doubts... This was due to the fact that the apple had probably not only been raised on cheap fertilizers, been genetically modified to grow faster, sprayed with varying forms of pesticides, but also was likely handpicked way before ripening fully, then shipped to the producer/distributor where I was then fortunate enough to experience a fruit quite unlike it'sgreat-grandmother..The point of my little story? Even the fresh produce that we eat has been modified till the point that the vitamin/nutrition count formerly attached to specific fruits & veggies is significantly lower today..

Here's another little piece of "brain-bubble-gum":

Kids (in the United States) drink 2x as much soda as milk..(I can't decide whether or not I already knew that..I think I did..)

In any case, whether or not I previously knew that cows should eat grass & not corn, or that a chicken grows from chick stage to full-grown in 4-6 months when given antibiotics, unless I want to be the subject of ill-health/medical bills/discomfort & general aches & pains (small inconveniences like cancer, diabetes, high-cholesterol & heart-disease, to name a few), I need to judiciously & calculatingly decide what I put into my body. It's a choice that, obviously, only I can make..

Recent health-related choices I've made, not necessarily as a result of watching yesterday's show include:

--Making a conscious effort to eat whole grains & cut out white & corn flours from my diet..

--Cutting out sugar/high fructose Corn Syrup & other sugar-like substitutes..

--Consuming less foods w/ high amounts of E numbers in the ingredients..

--Taking vitamin & Omega-3 fish supplements when I can..

--Keeping fried foods down to a minimum..

--Getting enough rest nightly & exercising at least 3 times per week..

--Eliminating stress from my life by thinking positively & having a general attitude of thankfulness & praise towards God & life in general..

I leave you w/ this question:

What are you going to do about the above-mentioned circumstances that affect your own life?..

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