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India is an amazing place. The world’s largest democracy, a country filled with intellectuals, doctors, writers, and extremes- from the super rich-to the poorest of the poor. I have noticed that hub pages has a fair share of Indian authors and that makes sense. There are millions of intelligent Indians that speak and write very well in English. I was thinking, as an aspiring hub-page entrepreneur, that it might make sense to have a hub that will attract the attention of some of the many Indian Hubbers. Also, it is advised to write on a subject that you know and love. Perfect, two birds with one stone!

I spent a year in India, when I was only thirteen years old, in a boarding school located in the foothills of the Himalayas. I remember India very well-and still, to this day, have vivid dreams of the sounds and smells of her bustling cities. Bubbling vats of the super sweet gulab jamuns, and fragrances of dhals and curries haunt my memory. India made a big impression on my young American eyes.

One of the most memorable sounds from India inspires what I want to talk about today. That is the sound of Indian peasants cleaning out their throats, mouths and noses in the morning. I know, that isn’t the prettiest of sounds to remember but it stuck with me. I remember walking through poor Indian neighborhoods in the morning and being amazed by all the men and women going through the very same routine that seemed very foreign to me. Indians are very clean people and even the poorest Indians have a fifteen minute morning routine where they meticulously clean out their mouths, and even their nasal passages. As you walk by their thin-walled houses you can here the gurgling sounds of throats and noses being cleaned and cleared.

Today I want to tell you about two products, originating from India, that can very simply improve your oral hygiene. The first is a Nettie Pot, or as I call it a nasal doucher, (maybe I shouldn’t try to be a salesmen). Basically this is an instrument that one uses to clean out deep nasal passages with a warm salt-water solution. Nasal Douching is great for allergy sufferers and city dwellers because it basically flushes your nose of foreign contaminants including pollen and air pollution. I am a wild-land firefighter and my Nettie pot gets a lot of use! It is not the most romantic of processes, you might want to close your bathroom door when you use it-but talk about effectively helping rid your nose of contaminants and pollen! Here is a link to a Wikipedia article that supports the beneficial effects of nasal douching.

A video of nasal douching!

HealthAndYoga(TM) Stainless Steel Neti Pot for Sinus Congestion (Ayurvedic JalNeti)
HealthAndYoga(TM) Stainless Steel Neti Pot for Sinus Congestion (Ayurvedic JalNeti)

A fancy, stainless steel Nettie pot that will be around for the long haul!

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, Stainless Steel (colors may vary)
Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, Stainless Steel (colors may vary)

Nice Basic tongue scraper.....kill that bad breath!


The second India inspired, oral hygiene product that I am enthusiastically promoting is going to help you achieve fresh breath. A real metal tongue scraper! If you want a truly clean, germ-free mouth you should try a tongue scraper. It is very satisfying to scrape your tongue in the morning and see what you have scraped off it. Yuck! According to this: Wikipedia article the bacteria and fungi, dead cells and such, hanging out on your tongue, account from 85 to 95 percent of all halitosis (bad breath). If you are serious about oral hygiene and great breath, do what our Indian friends do and use a tongue scraper! Click on the amazon link and check them out!

Well, thanks for reading and as always I enjoy feedback and would love to hear from some Indian Hubbers!

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Judowolf 5 years ago

Paul, thank you for the article.However, It was kind of different and now I know all about India,s oral obsessions.



PaulStaley1 profile image

PaulStaley1 5 years ago from With the wind---(or against it) Author

Hey Judowolf--Yeah interesting cultural habits! I think there may even still be a few "street dentists" left! Have a nice day amigo!

PaulStaley1 profile image

PaulStaley1 5 years ago from With the wind---(or against it) Author

Hey--also you inspired me to change my title with your alliteration!

Judowolf 5 years ago


Glad I could be of assistance, but I think you came up with alliteration first. I guess it does not matter as long as we get readers.



htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Thanks for the great post,It's really nice

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