Should You Be An Organ Donor? Our Story. Traumatic Brain Injury.

Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie

Our Family Story.

I have been putting off telling our story, but I think I need to now. It was sad and awful time for us.

Something I hope never to go through again. We all hope we go before our children, but it doesn't always happen. Our child almost went before us.

I have always believed in being an organ donor and I have told my kids they should be, and then one day the most terrible thing happened. The phone call parents never want to get.

We were heading for bed early because it was near the holidays and we were exhausted. The phone rang and I heard my husband say, "I just don't know." Then he handed the phone to me and our son's friend was on the other end and ask if our son was allergic to any drugs. I told him none I knew of. I was already putting my clothes back on while talking on the phone. I could hear our son yelling in the background. My husband and I felt like our hearts were going to jump out of our chest. We wanted to get to him as fast as we could.

We can live with our own sickness, but it's awful when it's our kids. I felt the same way when our oldest son got very sick while in Saudi Arabia and we couldn't get there to be with him.

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The Flight

We both finished throwing on clothes, called the rest of our kids and we took off for the hospital. Friends of our son had gathered and were looking at us with sad eyes. The doctors were saying they didn't know if our child would make it.

The flight life would be coming soon and he would be taken to a bigger hospital. Traumatic brain injury they said. His heart had stopped on the way to the hospital. I won't go into the full story. Just what happened to us in the hospital?

Our daughter's friend was there to meet the flight. She lived in the city

Hospital Room
Hospital Room

In The Hospital.

I have to tell you first we never saw his doctor he never came out to speak to us. We only saw a physician's assistant. She was the only one we dealt with and she didn't like us because we questioned everything.

When you're in the hospital with a family member things are so different than you thought they would be. Faster than you can think they want to turn off the machines. Why do they want to turn off machines, because they want the organs? They're throwing the papers in your face. When they ask you, they have made the decision your loved one will not make it. You're not ready to let go. After an EEG, they told us he had flat lined (brain dead). We couldn't kill our baby.

They make you feel like a loser because you won't sign the papers. Believe me; things really change when it's your loved one in the hospital bed. We were afraid to sign the papers. We didn't know the law in our state. Could they turn off the machines without our permission? We thought as long as we didn't sign those papers they would keep the machines going.

We saw the nurses and doctors giving us dirty looks and heard them talking behind our backs about how foolish we were. Every day they came after us with the donor papers in their hands asking us to sign. They did this over and over again. We were not giving up not so soon on our son, not once did one of them say they were sorry for what we were going through.

Doctors can be intimidating. Don't look at them as celebrities. Stand up for yourself and do what you believe in your heart is best. Don't let them bully you.

Our son didn't die, two months later he came home with us. If we had let them turn off the machines would he have made it? I don't think so.

The machines and the medication they gave him helped keep the brain swelling down. If he had not had them he would have been brain dead. They had already told us he was brain dead. We would just not believe it. I will give them much credit for what they did to save him. I also think we saved him because we fought for him.

Organ donor is the right thing to do if you feel this way, but I'm just saying be very, very careful. We will never be organ donors.

No More Check Marks.

Clipboard girl just about followed us all over the hospital!

I have taken the check mark off my driver's license for an organ donor. I will let my family decide.

Think twice before you turn the machines off so fast. Wait, give your loved one time. If we had not waited our son would not have made it.

When they realized he was going to make it they told us he would never be able to do anything for himself. They had decided they would transfer him to a nursing home which takes care of this kind of patient.This nursing home was four hours away from us. We told them it wasn't going to happen we would decide where he would go and our plans were to bring him home and try to take care of him. I don't know if we could have done it, but we would try. If he had to go into a nursing home it would be near us.

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Trying To Recover.

I wish I could say once he woke up our nightmare with the hospital ended, it didn't. We still had to fight with them tooth and nail for his health. They do things behind your back without telling you. They weren't letting his friends in and didn't tell us they had stopped them from seeing him. One day our son said to me "Mom, I'm so sad." This did it we made them open his curtains and let light in. When we found out they had stopped visitors we insisted they let them in.

We also insisted they take one doctor completely off his case. I watched him when he would come in to see our son. If our son held out his hand to shake the doctor's hand the doctor wouldn't touch him. He talked to us like we were dumb. Reasons enough not to have him as our son's doctor.

We started to see improvement with him from this day on. When he got on the phone and dialed numbers without help they were shocked.

Another thing happened to him, a woman would come in and use this machine on his chest each day to keep his lungs open so he wouldn't get pneumonia. He was like a little kid. He didn't want it on his chest. I held his arms down, but couldn't hold his feet down. He managed to raise his foot up and push her away. She threw the pump at his head. The heavy pump just missed his head. I was so mad.

She knew what wing and floor she was on; she knew what she would have to deal with when it was brain injury patients. She could have really hurt him. He didn't hurt her; they should have sent help with her in the first place. He was not the only young person on this wing with a brain injury. He tried to tell her he was sorry, she would turn her back on him. Why in the world would they have someone like this crazy woman working on the floor or for that matter even in the hospital?

With brain injuries, patients almost always rant and rave and say words they would never say otherwise. Our son did this to my husband one day. I was sick and didn't make it to the hospital this day. The nurses ask my husband how he could stand the rants. My husband told them he is our child and we love him. He can't help what is going on in his brain. He asks her if she had read the brain book. She should have known all patients with traumatic head injuries did this without realizing what they're doing.

They were constantly telling us to read this brain book they had given us. Our son-in-law did read the book and he told us exactly what it said. The big problem the doctors hadn't read the book and they truly needed to do this and maybe they would have understood their patient better.

There were three young people on the floor all three had brain injuries. The girl on the floor was always trying to get out and banging on the doors. They're grown, but they're like children.

Life wasn't easy for him after he got out of the hospital it took awhile. His job was gone, a job he loved doing. His life was so completely different.

He is now doing great. We have never been sorry we fought with the hospital over turning off the machines.

Newborn Baby Boy
Newborn Baby Boy

Be A Hospital Advocate

When a family member is in the hospital you should always be there to be the patient's advocate. I was told this many years ago by a friend who's son was in the hospital. There are so many things which can and do go wrong.

One day they tried to take our son to surgery. They were heading out with his bed when my husband caught them and pulled the bed back. He had to almost fight with them to get them to understand they had the wrong person.

Another day our son was given a powerful medication called Haldol. When I got in the room he had his arms in the air and was shaking and said to me "Mom, what's wrong with me." I started asking questions and the nurse told me what had happened, she was also upset and said they should not have put him on this medication. This is the same medication they put Andrea Yates on the woman who murder her five children. They also gave him more than they were claiming to have given him.

When our son-in-law walked in wearing a suit and caring a briefcase the doctors in the room went into a full panic mode. They thought he was a lawyer, it was actually pretty funny.

Thank goodness our son was ok. I can tell you from this moment on we told them we didn't want him to have any medication until they told us and explained what the medication was for.

He was transferred later to a hospital in the city where his sister lived. The nurse there accused us of trying to take all he had she said she had seen this happen many times. She said this because his sister had come to the hospital and had tried to see him. This hospital had also tried to put him in a dark room with no company allowed.

The girl must have been crazy our son didn't have anything. He had no money. His job was on the line because he wasn't there hadn't been for almost two months, in the end, he never got his job back. When all was said and done and he did come home he had a $100,000.00 bill what his insurance did not pay. We were his family just there to take care of him. He didn't have a wife but did have a girlfriend. They had only dated a short time and were not living together.

This is just my story about what happen to us in the hospital.

I'm Not A Crusader.

I have been criticized because I refused to berate families who have donated organs. I have been told I care only for myself because I won’t denounce those parents who have donated their children’s organs. This is a choice they have to make I’m not a judge of what other people decide to do. I’m also not a crusader I just wanted our story of our son out there.

What I do know is being an organ donor stops a beating heart. Does God really want me to do this? I don't know the answer, but it worries me to stop that beating heart.

I feel very sad for all family members who have to make this decision.

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Do Not Copy

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Should You Be An Organ Donor. Our Story.

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moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

marlene bellemey, I'm so sorry about your son and your nephew. So many children lost.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

Melissa Caulk, So sorry for the loss of your son. Thank you for stopping by. Yes you can use my story.

marlene bellemey 3 years ago

Thank you for your post , there are more stories from parents out there and others ,I'm so glad your story and your son was victory , My son was a donor to his demise ,I fought but didn't have the power it was taken out of my hands , the flight we couldn't get there in the crucial moments ,we live Indiana he lived in az , no flights after certain time on weekends ( funny when most accidents happen on weekends holidays etc , it was the most horrific thing I have ever experienced in my life ,my child the doctor was callous pushing said he could declare him brain dead and nothing I could do to him , I pushed for tests I knew my son was still here not denial , they rush to judgement they do and will approach you in less than 25 hrs , but they had a signed documents my sons licence I stalled asked for this test , that test , I found out so much later , I pray and hope no one has to go thru this ,but people choose to believe a lie , my sin was not treated as a patient , hhis organs were treated ,two different things , my son foot would move as I ever so slightly would tickle it ( he was very ticklish , he had tears as we would talk to him I sat at his bedside ,and could do nothing knowing they were going to kill him , 2 days later they did , the autopt was worse more lies were revealed , I told my family ,but some thinking they had time to take it off their licence ,a year later had to relive the nightmare my nephew accident ,he was a donor , it played out the same except they were trying to do some life saving technics until that magic hour then they approached his wife ( but she knew a matter if time he was a signed donor , yes we lost two young men within a year , please don't put on your licence ,let your loved ones ,who care about you and your wishes not cold ,money hungry strangers ,my son should have Been entitled to his organs first he wasn't thru with them ,32 years young ,nepwhew 33 years young

Melissa Caulk 3 years ago

Thank you for being so transparent, I would like to use your story on my blog about the lie of brain death. Of course I would link back to this original post. Very riveting story, so happy the hospital let you wait. Our's did not and my son died. That is when I started my journey on learning what brain death and organ donation is really all about. If I can use it let me know at

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

Russianclomo, Thank you for stopping. I appreciate your understanding because I think some people don't understand.

The organs were more important to our son getting well than to give it to an unknown recipients. Even if the organs were lost because we kept up hope that was our decision for the hope of life for our son.

Russianclomo 3 years ago

I wish you and your family the best, as a parent you did the best thing you fought for your child. Thank you for posting your story and letting people know about your experience, it sickens me to think families may have lost their loved ones too soon after being pressured into donation of organs, its not selfish to fight for you family, the recipients are not more important then that one life. If it comes down to it and my loved one has a chance, I will keep on fighting even if the organs become useless because at that moment the life of family is most important and the organs are theirs anyways.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

Russianclomo, Thank you for stopping by and you are so right in everything you say. We always got the feeling that the organs were much more important and that they were going to give up on our son.

Russianclomo 3 years ago

Just to add, this shows the motives behind organ donation, the doctors treated your son not as a patient, but as an organ carrier. The doctor's absolute 1st priority was your son and they cannot look down on you for wanting to fight for your son. Your son comes 1st and it doesn't matter how many people need organs. Treating your son terribly is unacceptable, the doctors and nurses needed to move on from him being a possible donor, to him being their patient. I've always doubted when the organ donation organizations said doctors would still ensure your life first.

Russianclomo 3 years ago

That is terrible and the reason I will never be an organ donor. I see it as it's my body and I can do what I want w/it, I'm not being selfish I just want to ensure my survival if it ever came down to saving me or me becoming a organ donor. Even if you save X amt of lives that absolutely does not give you the right to treat the donor and family as a commodity or to cut life short thinking that "oh well the patient will die anyways". doing evil does not make it right even if you save 100 people. I feel like it's so insensitive because the grieving family is bombarded w/guilt trips about organ donation. I feel as though since organs are so rare, doctors, even w/out knowing someone's status may be so concentrated on preserving organs for transplant that they may miss an opportunity to save the donor or I have heard that doctors w/held care from a patient, how sick is that? The organization should back off if they see a family is unsure, I don't care about the time limit, it's the family that decides and they are not obligated to donate. That's terrible that they treated you and your son like that. It seems like they put a lot less value on his life then on the other people.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

Peggy W, Mother's pride I know but I thought he was very cute too. Thanks for stopping and for the pin.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 3 years ago from Houston, Texas

Came back to say that I am going to pin this to my health related board. This is an important topic and needs to be shared. I hope that my organs can be donated someday...but obviously only if I no longer need them! That is such a cute photo of your son.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

vespawoolf , Because of what happened to our son I will always believe people should wait to turn off the machines. I think doctors know very little about the brain. Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing.

vespawoolf profile image

vespawoolf 3 years ago from Peru, South America

Each story you tell is more gripping than the previous one! I've heard of this scenario with organ donors and this validates my decision. Although we don't mark "organ donor" on our driver's license, we definitely would donate our organs when there's no hope. But in your case there was hope and you fought for your son's life--something you'll never regret! We need to question medical decisions and not just take the doctor's word for it. Thank you for sharing your moving experience.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

Thank you Gail. It is so strange how a hospital decides how they are going to take over your loved one. When we talk about it we remember other things they did. Like deciding if he did live he would be a vegetable so they planned on putting him in a facility that was hours away from our home. We told them they were not going to do that he would go home with us no matter what.

Many of the people in the hospital were good people but we ran into few of them. Thanks so much or stopping by.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

QudsiaP1, Thank you so much for stopping by. What an awful experience you had. Glad your ok now.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

Sneha Sunny, Thank you so much for stopping by and for the voted and share.

Happyboomernurse profile image

Happyboomernurse 3 years ago from South Carolina

Let me start by saying how glad I am that your son is now doing well and that you and your family were able to educate yourselves about his condition and to stand firm with your convictions about choices for his care.

That said, I am absolutely horrified with the way you, he and your family were treated by many of the staff, particularly the hounding that you experienced about signing papers for organ donation at a time when your focus was still on the possibility of your son recovering from his Traumatic Brain injury.

This story does need to be told and I'm glad you've shared it here as it shows the power of love, hope and family support and advocacy.

Sending a Bouquet of Hub Love and Hugs Your Way,


moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

MJennifer, You are right. We have had many family emergencies and have learned someone always needs to be by your side. Thanks so much for stopping by.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

vocalcoach, I think research is very important. There are times I go into the doctor's office and wonder why I bothered. Thanks so much for stopping by.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

truthfornow, Thank you for stopping by I appreciate it. It was an awful thing to go through but so many families face the same thing. Our own nephew died from a brain injury.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

rajan jolly, Thank you and thanks so much for stopping by. He is doing fine now.

QudsiaP1 profile image

QudsiaP1 3 years ago

Oh my God; what an absolutely horrible event you had to go through. Doctors in their vain attempt to save lives often forget that organs come from human beings who may have loved ones. It appears to become some sort of a race. A race to get the organs out first.

I am great full that you gave your son a chance that you stayed with me through the thick and thin of it all.

I once remember going through the dreadful hospital experience. I was home feverish and went to the hospital; they prescribed me drugs without seeing whether or not my body could handle them. The drugs obviously made me worse; I ended up in emergency unable to breathe and they were not going to offer me oxygen assuming that I had tried to overdose myself!! In my attempt to breathe I pulled on the collar of one of the doctors who from my frail attempt realised 'I was not an overdose case'; remembering that another doctor had prescribed me the drugs.

They kept me overnight; where interns literally experimented on me; the canola (yellow thingy in which the drip goes); the intern put the needle in wrong and it came out the other way piercing my hand in the process... They give me too much of the drip too quickly and I shivered with hypothermia until another intern decided to see the reason to my 'unnecessary' shaking.

If all of this wasn't painful enough; the so called head doctor diagnosed me wrong (I had jaundice); and suggested I eat chicken, butter and prescribed another bucket load of drugs.

3 days later my liver nearly shut down; I was in the emergency again. Due to the doctors careless and reckless attitude I not only suffered a prolonged jaundice; I developed a painful skin reaction and during those 4 and a half months I actually wanted to die because I was in so much pain. I still have nightmares of the ordeal I suffered.

After that day; the very sight of doctors sickens me and I hope I never have to go to a hospital ever again.

Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 3 years ago from India

So sorry that you went through the dark times but I'm so glad that everything is fine now. I must say that the hospital people were rude. Their behavior was pathetic.

You were brave and you took the best decision. I agree that people should not let go hopes at an early. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to recover.

Thank you for sharing your story. Rated, voted up and shared!

MJennifer profile image

MJennifer 3 years ago from Arizona

This really resonated with me, Moonlake. Although in no way have I had the horrific experience you had, my own experiences with family members in critical care at hospitals has left me with the firm belief that it's amazing anyone can survive hospitalization without an advocate right at the bedside looking out for them! At one point, sitting at my mother's bedside, I commented to her, "Wow. We're in a highly-regarded hospital in one of the most affluent cities in the country, and this is the care you get? What do you suppose people get in the really impoverished areas?" and she replied, "Maybe they get compassion." Competence and compassion should be a given in a hospital setting, but I've found both to be in short supply in many cases. That said, I have great respect for most in the medical profession; however, I distrust hospitals and agree with you wholeheartedly that patients need a strong and committed advocate. My grandmother was right when she would say, "Hospitals are where people go to die."

Thanks for such a valuable hub. You make many excellent points.


vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 3 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You have gone through such a terrible ordeal. I, personally have little faith in the health care system. I was misdiagnosed and suffered for years before my own research found out what was wrong with me. Very sad. Voted up and more.

truthfornow profile image

truthfornow 3 years ago from New Orleans, LA

Very brave of you that you fought for your son and did not allow them to bully you. Unfortunately, healthcare is such a mess that people aren't getting good care. You have to always do your own research. Voted up and useful.

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 3 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Moonlake, I'm glad you did what you should have as parents. Doctors like these have brought a bad name on this noble profession. Hospitals have become big businesses, they want to make money at any cost.

I hope your son is doing fine now.

This is a very useful hub which I believe should be read by as many as possible. I'm sharing this here, tweeting, pinning and sharing on facebook.

Voted up and useful.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 3 years ago from America Author

Au fait, We are not the suing kind and believe me I can name three times that we should have sued. I believe people who doctors have that right and very likely have good reason. My friend died when she went to have hand surgery and when her kids tried to get information the hospital and the doctor covered up.

Thanks so much for stopping by I appreciate it.

Au fait profile image

Au fait 3 years ago from North Texas

An interesting and unfortunate experience for your whole family. I guess this puts a different slant on frivolous lawsuits. I'm sorry you didn't sue. Unfortunately losing a lawsuit seems to be the only thing some people understand.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America Author

crissytsu, Thank you. We are so glad we stood our ground and wouldn't listen to all they had to say. Thank you for the vote and for stopping by and leaving a comment.

crissytsu profile image

crissytsu 4 years ago from Texas

I am totally speechless...what an eye-opener. Thanks for telling your story. I had always heard things about how they only want to save your organs and not you if you check 'donor', but I had never heard a personal experience regarding it. Thankfully you didn't let them bully you--what a great mom! Voted up.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America Author

Peggy W, Your right even in doctor's office. I always went with my mother-in-law.I knew there was so much she didn't understand and seem to be glad someone was with her. Thanks so much for stopping by a leaving a comment I really appreciate it.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America Author

Lisa HW, A long time ago a friend of mine was with her sick son at the hospital and she said to me never leave a loved one alone in the hospital, always be with them.

I was once in the hospital and a nurse said to me," Your going to be in the hospital a lot from now on, take up for yourself don't let them walk on you." I never forgot what those two women said. When our son went to the hospital I knew what we had to do. We had to watch over him. I know they didn't like us but I didn't care.

So sorry about your friend and your nephew. You may be right about both of them. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America Author

Kebennett1, You do really get so many different opinions. Mostly they just seemed against keeping him on the machines. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

You are correct in that we all need friends or family to be there and acting as advocates for us when in the hospital...even doctor's offices sometimes.

Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 4 years ago from Massachusetts

moonlake, your story is more than worth telling; and I'm so happy to know your son is doing OK now.

My little nephew, 20 months old, had his throat swell from epiglotitis. He went from being croupy but conscious to being in a coma on Tuesday-into-Wednesday early morning. By Saturday his organs were being harvested. I'm in no position to second guess his parents' choice, but I've always wondered if - if nothing else - they hadn't been a little pressured into acting a little more quickly than they either should have, or even that they might have been comfortable with (even if things were as hopeless as believed by doctors). His heart was beating on its own when he was brought into surgery. Right judgment or not, that's always bothered me.

Other situation close to me: My friend and I were in an accident. I was told she had a spinal cord injury and that they'd brought her into surgery but couldn't save her. On the one hand, I just believed that. On the other hand, one her family members said something that struck me as odd, and that was that she said, "They said if she'd lived she would have been a vegetable," Years later, I wondered why "if she'd lived" even came up in conversations with medical staff. I thought, "Either she died of injuries included a head injury; or else she died of another injury; but what's with the "if she'd lived" thing?" Why was that even brought up? Another thing or two was said as well. I know we think up this kind of stuff under such circumstances, but I've always wondered if her mother (not the most educated person in the world, and kind of "no nonsense and no frills" type of person) had made a choice that might have been premature. I'll never know, and it doesn't really matter at this point, I guess. I do worry, though, that people are too often encouraged to make that choice earlier than may be warranted (or even "ideal" in terms of decision-makers' being certain and maybe even a little bit more at peace if they're at least given a little more time).

Kebennett1 profile image

Kebennett1 4 years ago from San Bernardino County, California

Oh this one brought me to tears. Last year my friend was taken off life support after two weeks. He passed away 6 hours later. It was terrible, my husband and I were with his wife the entire time. During that two weeks, Three different doctors told her three different things and she never knew what to believe. Finally she just prayed about it and found peace in the decision to take him off life support and leave it in God's hands. I am so happy for your son and for your family. You have all been blessed with his second chance at life.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 4 years ago from America Author

Peggy, I think everyone needs an advocate when they go in the hospital. God only knows what can happen to them when no one is there to watch. Thanks so much for stopping and for the vote and sharing.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

You were your son's best advocate in that hospital from the sounds of it. Nice to know that he has recovered and is doing well. My husband and I both would wish to be able to donate our organs, but naturally only if we have no chance of recovery. It sounds as though there were several mistakes that would have been made had you not been there to look out for your son's best interests. That is quite a story! Voting this useful and sharing with my followers.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author


Thanks so much visiting my hub and for the vote.

Derdriu 5 years ago

Moonlake: What courageous generosity to re-live this wrenching experience in the re-telling!

Thank you for the memories and the tips, voted up, etc.,


moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author


Thanks so much for visiting my hub. Our whole family always knew we would be donors until this happened to us. It shocked us I can tell you.

fucsia profile image

fucsia 5 years ago

Thank you very much for this Hub. Your experience could be a moment to reflect on this delicate argument that often is take for granted: I mean that I think for many of us is obvious that being organ donor is a right thing but not everyone thinks that can happen to them. I work in a Hospital and it happened to think about this, but I really do not know how could be my reaction.

And your message, "be very, very careful", is very, very important.


moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author


Thank you for stopping by and telling this story.

I think this happens more often then we know.

aspiring2begreat profile image

aspiring2begreat 5 years ago from Houston, TX

Back home and years ago, there was a young mother of three working the late shift at a convenient store when a robber came into the store, robbed her and for the fun of it, shot her. I don't remember the specifics, only that when her heart stopped, they refused to do CPR. Instead, they rushed to harvest her organs. Her husband was devastated, and her three small children were without a mommy. I was a teenager at the time and an organ donor. After that, I changed my status as well. I'm a blood donor. I love helping people... but I just can't imagine someone's greed adding to my family's horror and depriving my children of a mother in the event my heart briefly stops.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author


Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words.

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

Love the inspiration and motivation behind your words. I have included this subject in my Appreciation of Life series, but your example says it best.

Thank you for sharing from your heart. Voted UP & UABI, mar.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

Thank You Movie Master, it turned both our hair gray. It was the worse thing we had ever been through. Thanks for stopping by.

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Hello moonlake, what a dreadful experience for you, it must have been so traumatic. I am so glad your child recovered and is doing good now.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Best wishes MM

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

AliciaC thanks for stopping by and leaving comment. We're so glad he's still here and not the vegetable they told us he would be if he even lived.

AliciaC profile image

AliciaC 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

What a horrible experience for you, moonlake. I'm so glad that your child recovered.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

Beata Stasak, I know how you feel I also can't give blood and I want to. My husband use to give all the time and now he can't.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

Gypsy Rose Lee, We stayed with him everyday and for as much as we could. One day they came in and were going to take our son to surgery. My husband had to stop them and they were ready to fight him over it. Come to find out they were in the wrong room, it was suppose to be an older woman going to surgery. This is suppose to be a top notch hospital. Everyday it was something else.

Thanks for stopping by.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

SusieQ42, Your right the doctors give up to fast. So sorry about your husband. Thank you, for stopping by.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

Cutters, Thank goodness for the donors you had. There are so many people out there that need organs. Thanks for stopping in.

Beata Stasak profile image

Beata Stasak 5 years ago from Western Australia

Very useful, thank you, moonlake, I am thinking about being a donor for a very long time, your article stopped me on a thank you again:) I can't give blood not healthy enough:)...but got too many transfusions from many, many donors so I feel I should do something to pay back to these kind strangers who saved my life:)

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Thank God your child survived and great that you didn't sign. Wow reading that gave me the shivers. Thanks for the warning.

SusieQ42 5 years ago

This must have been the hardest thing to deal with. My late husband, who died from a brain tumor 17 years ago, would fall asleep for a week because his medication had to be increased to keep the tumor from swelling. We never knew if he was going to wake up or not. The doctors wanted me to let him die, but I said no, it's not time yet. He lived another 3 or 4 months and I've never regretted my decision. Too many times doctors want to play God. It simply wasn't his time and neither was it your sons time! Good guys were strong. Shame on the doctors and nurses who pressured you! They lost in the end because your son lived.

Cutters profile image

Cutters 5 years ago from South Carolina

I am not able to donate my organs since I already had 2 transplants. I can't even give blood so they tell me. I get evil looks at the DMV when I tell them no for the organ donor. It is not my fault!

Cutters profile image

Cutters 5 years ago from South Carolina

I am not able to donate my organs since I already had 2 transplants. I can't even give blood so they tell me. I get evil looks at the DMV when I tell them no for the organ donor. It is not my fault!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

writer20 Thank you, for posting and for the up vote.. I feel that way also DNR. I don't know if anyone would want any of my organs so many are in such bad shape.

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

We are organ donors to help people when we passed on to heaven. Also we both have DNR in our will if we are not waking up in the hospital.

up up & away/ awesome for your greay hub.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

Dexter Yarbrough, Thanks for stopping by and for the up vote. I know when you always hear be an organ donor many really don't know what it means to do that. If it means giving your loved one a chance and losing the organs well then so be it and no should feel guilty over that.

Dexter Yarbrough profile image

Dexter Yarbrough 5 years ago from United States

Wow! Moonlake, you have certainly given me some good information to be armed with if I ever have to face this situation.

I am so happy that you didn't give in to the whims of those that want what they want. Your child came first. I hope many more people have the opportunity to read your story.

Voted up, up and away!

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

mary615 Thank you for stopping by. We made the right decision. If they had removed the machines as soon as they wanted to the outcome would not have been the same. The machines and the meds he received gave his brain time to rest and heal.

They saved him but only after we fought for him.

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America Author

Cutters, Thank you for stopping by. It has been years now since this happened. He is doing great.

mary615 profile image

mary615 5 years ago from Florida

I certainly hope and pray that your child has recovered from this experience. I cannot imagine what you must have gone through. You wrote a very thoughtful piece on how you feel about this subject, and I agree, it is not a decision to take lightly. I wish you the best. I hope you will write more later so we can know how things are now. Regards, Mary

Cutters profile image

Cutters 5 years ago from South Carolina

Doctors now a days just want their money. Most do not seem to care about people any more. I am happy to hear you did not give in to their pressure. If this ever happens to me (which it better not) I will explore every option before i sign those papers and maybe even wait longer than I should just in case. Thanks for the hub and I am sorry you had to go through this sad time in life and I hope things are back to normal for you!

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