Organic Aloe Vera the Heart Diet and Supplements

What is your emphasis on?  Is it health or eating any food without concern about the results?
What is your emphasis on? Is it health or eating any food without concern about the results?

Is your diet making you sick?

Ok, here we go again, any time you change or begin a new diet plan for the heart, with emphasis on lowing the LDL cholesterol, be sure you do your homework concerning your intake of daily nutrition. That is to say, make sure you get a full days supply of nutrition, not the recommended daily allowance that's put out by the FDA and other government agencies, because the amount they put out is the minimum daily allowance and that just isn’t enough nutrition to maintain a healthy human body in this fast paced lifestyle, which most of us are used to.

Are you taxing your body with your lifestyle?

Today, even some U.S. Government surveys have recently determined, that it's nearly impossible to get enough nutrients in the body from the standard American diets being promoted today by some of the so called experts. Boy, that's a stretch!!

Most of the up front mainstream doctors today, recommend some form of intelligent, comprehensive vitamin, mineral, enzyme supplementation to go along with diet programs because of the ever increasing demand we put on our body's with today's fast paced lifestyles.

Is it a double cheeseburger for you or fresh organic foods?

Although some of the so called "shakers and movers" believe they can survive with the diet of the double cheeseburger, fatty fries and a coke; finishing the lunch off with two cherry pies...and relying on their supplements to do the job of filling your daily nutrition. Sorry folks, that just ain't gonna get it!! Fresh food is necessary to supply the much-needed nutrients to the body and keep the immune system up to power.

New data arrives daily on the many diet plans hitting the market, all of them, stating the same information...fresh organic food is the better way to go while supplementing your new diet plan with a top of the line vitamin, mineral and enzyme product.

Dr. Whiting for cholesterol management

Where is your light at the end of the tunnel?

In addition, there is now some indication that the natural food elements such as organic garlic and organic Aloe Vera, offer arterial plaque fighting capabilities , which aid the body in cleansing itself and lowering LDL cholesterol levels that restore immune system functions. See, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

The light at the end of the tunnel begins with your decision to change those "lifestyle" bad habits.

  1. By changing conditions that improve your health instead of destroying it.
  2. By helping the body's own natural healing force do it's job.
  3. By removing toxic waste from your body.
  4. By strengthening your immune system.
  5. By rebuilding total health via your new diet plan.
  6. By regenerating your complete body through detoxification, STRESS reduction, exercise and diet.

Are you drinking your “Aloe Vera Juice”?

And as always, supplementing your new diet plan with plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of Organic Aloe Vera everyday. When you do, make sure it is the “best tasting aloe” on the market!

p.s. Know your supplier of organic aloe vera juice!!

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gjcody profile image

gjcody 8 years ago Author

Thanks Chaser4 for stopping by again. You know ...getting started with this series was hard because there is so much to say that I don't know where to start. I know if people like you follow along with me, they and you will see the value of these articles.

It is a lot for most people to even believe. When I started learning all of this, it was really hard to believe and then to put it to work was even harder. We are a society of people that "want what they want ...when they want it."

Are you one of those people or have you given this a try? I would be interested in what you have decided to do. I think everyone would be sort of interested. What say you????

My best to you and your health!!

chaser4 profile image

chaser4 8 years ago

Hey gjcody...I'll have to admit, you have us hooked. Your hub series reminds me of when I was a kid waiting for the next weeks series of Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers or Hop-long Cassidy at the Saturday afternoon movie.

Every Saturday at 12:00 noon the cowboy series was on for 15 minutes, before the main attraction, at the local theater.....cost 10 cents.....lots of money back then...but well worth it. I looked forward to seeing them.....same here with your Hub series....I look forward to reading each one. Good stuff, keep them coming.

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