Overcoming Anxiety

Your sitting there in front of a important client and all of a sudden your heart starts beating fast. You can feel yourself sweating, your shaking on the inside. How can you stop this? Your tired of having to asked to be excused to be able to calm yourself down to finish a meeting. But how? How can you overcome anxiety problems and panic attacks?

Taking time to treat yourself:

Find a time that you can sit down to follow these two steps. It needs to be an hour at the least. If you have children, make sure they aren't there so this doesn't scare them. But try to make sure you have someone nearby just in case you scare yourself. You will need to do this preferably in your bedroom on the bed, this way the relaxation afterward is easier.

The main the treatment:

Now that your ready for this, and you must be ready for this or you wouldn't be reading this. Lay down on your bed. This step will help more with panic attacks than with nervousness. While laying on the bed, start thinking of things that you know brings on a panic attack. Now make sure to read all this before attempting this. Once your to the stage of the panic attack, try to make it worse. A panic attack is fear. When you realize your not dying, you won't be scared of the panic attack any longer and they stop. You must reach that point, you have to try to actually make it worse, when you can't that's when the body learns to function.

Dealing with Anxiety:

When your in public places and can't get away there is something you can do to help relieve anxiety. When you find yourself shaking inside try taking a deep breath and then tighten up the muscles in your thighs, hold it for 4 seconds and release, repeat until you feel the shaking going away. Sometimes just the counting itself can help calm a person.

Ending the Battle:

What it all boils down to is that it's up to you to stop the battle. You have to beleive in yourself and build confidence to stop it all. The nervousness comes from not being confident in yourself and it shows to others. Which can lead to other problems in life. If these steps work than you can function without having to deal with medicine, but if they are so severe that these don't work, consult a doctor.


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