Paddleboards - The Perfect Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise


Perfect aerobic exercise

A new way to keep fit is rapidly gaining popularity with paddleboard aerobic exercises, which gives a low impact, total-body workout to people of all ages. Paddling helps to strengthen the muscles throughout your body giving a toned appearance. People can take part in this fitness regime anywhere there is a reasonable stretch of water, not just the ocean.

Paddleboard aerobic exercises allow the whole body to get a decent workout, but the shoulders, buttocks, legs and back benefit by strengthening those areas throughout the workout. It is advisable to use a paddleboard that is 6 - 8 inches longer than the height of the person using it, and are about 32” wide. By following the recommended dimensions, this allows the user to concentrate on the exercise rather than just trying to stay afloat.

  • Paddle with others. Paddleboard aerobic exercises are excellent for an all-over body workout, but the pace needs to continue increasing over time.  Joining a group of paddleboard enthusiasts will add a social aspect, and an incentive to improve personal fitness levels.
  • When a faster pace of paddleboarding becomes easier, try entering a marathon. These are not the 26-mile marathons that runners tend to do, but are mostly just a mile or two. Paddleboard marathons can be part of a competitive sport with its own leagues and champions.  Make sure the marathon which will suit your level, and not a London Olympic style event.
  • During paddling, as well as increasing the stroke speed, start adding torso rotation to further increase the paddleboard aerobic exercise benefits. This will significantly strengthen the torso and abdomen while increasing your calorie burn rate.
  • A paddleboard can be used as a platform for completing traditional aerobic exercises on land. Start doing push-ups and sit-ups while on the paddleboard, or make a series of paddles followed by push-ups. Doing a combination of exercises with help maximize  core body strength and endurance.
  • Start putting repetitions into your paddleboard aerobic exercises. Paddle for 2 minutes, do sets of lunges for 2 minutes and repeat.  By doing repetitions on the paddleboard in the same way as in a gym, this continues to build core strength.
  • Start using a heart monitor.  By keeping your body working at the correct pace, this will help ensure your body stays in the aerobic zone for maximum endurance and weight loss.
  • Set yourself distance targets.  By using a heart monitor and stopwatch, try and improve the time it takes to reach the target.  Repeating this goal each session which will increase your aerobic exercise rate, burn more calories, and improve your stamina.

Buying your first paddleboard is an exciting experience, but by adding paddleboard aerobic exercises into your routine, the calories will soon drop off dramatically.  In addition to a general increase in stamina and muscle strength, paddleboarding will enhance any body leading to an improved level of fitness.


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