Cancer...My Story

When to bring in Hospice

Cancer is often the silent killer. Sometimes it just creeps up on us out of no where. When your love one has been diagnoised as being terminally ill and no treatment is going to be continued it is time to call in Hospice. Hospice care can be in the home or in a hospital. Having Hospice in your home makes it more comfortable for the patient and their families. It is an end to life care. They will help your loved one be comfortable and free of pain as they go through the stages of dying.. They will offer support for families both spiritually and physically. Hospice is a wonderful thing. I don't know if we could have made it through with out them.

Cancer- My Story

I lost both of my parents to cancer. My dad had lung cancer, and bone cancer. He died at the age of 52. He was diagnosed with stage four cancer. He went to the doctor because he felt like he had pneumonia and his ribs was bothering him from coughing. He survived four months after his diagnosis. I say survive because he was determined to be around for Christmas. He passed 3 days later. We had hospice in two months prior to his death. A nurse cared for him or a regular basis and kept him very comfortable. When Dad passed she took care of getting in touch with the funeral director and handled everything. No police were involved. We were able to have our own private wake in our home to say goodbye before making arrangements at the funeral palor.

My mom also died from cancer. Hers was pancreatic that had spread to her spleen, stomach and lungs. She passed at the age of 66. When she was diagnosed we were all shocked. She had always kept up on her routine checkups, colonoscopy , and endoscopy. She had her last test in December, Everything was fine. A couple month after the colonoscopy she said her stomach did not feel right and nothing was agreeing with her when she ate. She called back the doctor that performed the conlonoscopy and he sent her for a Ct scan and a MRI, The cancer was already spread and was at stage four. Surgery was not an option, we started chemo but it was only going to make her comfortabale. After about 4 weeks of treatment her body could not handle any more and we were forced to stop. Hospice came into our home and she passed away in the comfort of her own home with her family beside her only two weeks later.

My Mom Was A Brave Woman

My mother was a very brave woman. She took care of my newphew and my 90 year old uncle up until the day she started chemo. I will never forget the day that we meet with the oncologist to go over the reports. The doctor told my mom that her cancer was too far gone to be treated but that they would do their best to give her quality of life. I of course started to cry and my mom told me not to cry that it was Gods plan and that it was her time. As we drove home she told me that she did not want me to tell anyone and she told me about all the arrangements she had made with her affairs and gave me the lawyers name.

The following week we started chemo. Each day that went by mom began eating less, only drinking fluids . Her taste had changed nothing tasted good. When I would go over to see her she just wanted to sleep and she would send me home saying she just wanted to rest. She withdrew from everyone and slept all the time. The only time I got to spend with her was when I took her for treatments. But as soon as we got home she wanted to be alone. My mom was a very independent woman. She bathed herself and would get up to go to the bathroom up until the day she passed. I remember trying to help her the day before she died and she was yelling at me to get out of her way she would do it herself. My mother did not want to be a burden on her children and she did not want her grandkids to see her like that. She was an amazing person. I hope that I can be the mother that she was.

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oldersister profile image

oldersister 4 years ago Author

As a did research on Pancreatic cancer one of the signs was diabetes. My mom had diabetes. I only wish we knew that there was a link between the two, Maybe then we might have caught it early enough to have surgery.

oldersister profile image

oldersister 4 years ago Author

It is very difficult for the caregivers when their loved one is the hospital or hospice care. They need the support of family and friends. There are so many emotions that they are going through and could really use the support, It is very difficult to watch your love one deteriorate,withdraw from you, not eat or drink and just want to be left alone to sleep. Often you are left alone wondering if today they will take their last breath. You are left with feelings that you do not want them to go, but you do not want them to suffer anymore. It is very difficult to watch especially knowing the inevitable. There is no preparing for yourself for death. Even when you know that they are no longer suffering, it doesn't make it any easier.

Kathy 4 years ago

Someone dying is a terrible thing for a family to have to watch, I know exactly how you feel older sister

Sally 4 years ago

What a touching story. Thank you for about your experience and hospice.

Mary 4 years ago

I can feel your pain as you write about your parents. Your mom sounds like a wonderful lady. May she Rest In Peace

oldersister profile image

oldersister 4 years ago Author

Kathy, It is a terrible thing for a family to have to go through. I am sorry to hear that you have had the same experience

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