Nutritional Benefits of Papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit that is not only famous for it's whitening properties but also in helping heal and prevent certain diseases of our body when taken regularly.

As a beauty element, it is effective in clearing out blemishes. WIth continued use, your skin will become visibly clean and clear. My father used to use fresh papaya leaves as pumice to our skin when we were little. We used to have dry and sensitive skin so he used papaya leaves to help clear out these imperfections. Maybe it was effective as the condition of our skin has improved.

As a cleansing agent, papaya is also good to detoxify ourselves. Eating papaya after a meal will provide proper digestion and prevents constipation. I highly recommend this nutritious fruit to be a part of your daily diet.

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The new technology has made it possible for papaya to be included in the daily products that we use. If you are someone who doesn't like eating papaya, you can still experience it's health benefits from other forms such as liquid and bar bath soap, in your facial wash, toners and moisturizers. The bleaching properties of papaya are main reasons why it is a primary ingredient in soaps, lotions, and other whitening products. It is also added to the other food products that we buy from groceries.

Papaya is also a good antioxidant. The environment has become so unhealthy for an individual. We can get so many diseases from our daily exposure to fumes, chemical products which are added in the things that we use daily, even to the food we eat in the form of additives. We need protection from these harmful elements and papaya is a very powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants protect us from our own injured cells or particles of cells called free radicals. The injured cells try to link up with healthy cells in our body. When they are successful, our healthy cells become injured as well. This is where the problem starts. Healthy cells then don't function the way they should. Because all cells contain genetic material, the injured cells reproduce more injured cell. This is the start of the process where your cells start to age and for some, become cancerous.

The high Vitamin C content of papaya makes our body stronger and helps combat these free radicals. Vitamin C is a free-radical scavenger. It fights these free radicals and when they are successful, our body becomes healthy again.

When antioxidants roam around our system, the damaged free-radical cellular particles are neautralized which then protects not only individual cells and our skin, but the entire immune system of your body. When the immune system is strong enough, then we can resist infection and other diseases that would come our way. Vitamin C also reduces lipid production in the brain and spinal cord, these areas are frequent sites of free-radical damage. Significant amounts of Vitamin C are needed to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Papaya is also rich in different enzymes that helps protect our body:

1) Papain - greatly aids in digestion. Ripe papaya is easily digested by he body and aids in constipation.

2) Arginine - known to be essential for male fertility.

3) Carpain - thought to be good for the heart.

4) Fibrin - which forms part of the blood clotting process.

Why don't you start your journey now to a healthier you. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet in order to strengthen your immune system to help increase your resistance against diseases. By the way, these kind of foods are also beneficial to a younger and healthier looking skin.

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angie 8 years ago

i used papaya ripe to rub all over my body..esp. on face.. Is papaya can't damage to used rubbing on my face and body everyday?

chai 6 years ago

thanx for info.... n_n

sarah odus 5 years ago

what is the best way to use papaya leaf?

star 5 years ago

blah blah blah egghhhhhh

papaya leaf for whitening 4 years ago

have noticed some black asian indegenous people who wants to have lighter skin are using papaya leaves. One of them who really uses everyday have a big difference among the colors of others on their tribe. So far this maybe effective because they don't have any commercialized cosmetics in their place , just in the backyard they can gather that type of plant. They could have just buy some food rather than wasting their money

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