People Without Health Insurance

People Without Health Care

If you live in America and have no health insurance you had better start paying attention to this debate and voicing your opinion. I hear on talk radio everyday how Americans don't want government run health care. The Americans that most the people are referring to have access to a good insurance plan and health care plan. I feel as though the people without health care is not paying much attention to this debate. I have a full time job and pretty good health care and health insurance. I am one of the lucky ones. I talk with people every week who are not so lucky. When I talk to them about health care or health insurance they are not sure what I am talking about. They are simply just not paying attention. I am afraid that someday they will wake up and realize that they still do not have health insurance or health care.

While better health insurance is needed for most people in America, the people who need it the most are African Americans. They have a higher percentage of people out of work compared to any other minority. They have more health care issues than anyone else in America; yet, most African Americans are not paying attention to the health care debate. I really try to encourage this group to listen and learn about how any health care legislation will affect their lives. Most people don't even relalize that it would be better for America if everyone was insured. I say this because if everyone had insurance, we would not have to pay so much in taxes to support local hospitals and their emergency rooms..

What You Can Do If You Are Uninsured

If you are an American without health insurance and good health care, you should be just as involved as the so called "tea party" crowd. For those of you who do not know what this is it is a group of individuals who get together in large crowds to protest issues relating to health care. They are trying to get Congress not to overhaul our health care system. Most of these individuals either already have health insurance through their employers or .they are on medicare or medicaid. Therefore, they are more afraid of change than anyone else because. of how their lives may be changed regarding health care and health insurance. I am not recommending anything like "tea parties". What I am recommending is that you look up health care reform information on line and decide for yourself if it is a good thing or not. You can visit different websites by searching for health care, health insurance, health care reform. You can do something as simple and sign up to volunteer with a local organization supporting health care reform. The most important thing you can do is contact your Senator and express your opinion regarding health care. Write or call your Congressman's office. Look up the phone number and addresses in the Internet data base.

If you do not have health insurance, please watch your cable television stations for daily updates on the health care debate. The bottom line is do something so that no matter what the outcome you can say you did your part.  See links at the bottom of hub for other information on health care reform.

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