Perfect Prenatal Multivitamins

The trend in terms of prenatal multivitamin supplements is leaning towards the whole food derived supplement rather than the isolated vitamin itself. the logic behind it is that a whole food vitamin whether prenatal or otherwise has superior delivery and better stomach bacteria preservation. Kind of like taking your vitamins with an active culture cup of yogurt. Well, not exactly but you get the picture. Of course proper nutrition goes beyond just simply good prenatal vitamins.

The whole food prenatal vitamin supplement by New Chapter called Perfect Prenatal is one popular brand of whole food vitamin popularized by stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow. However just because the vitamin is an organic, probiotic, whole-food complex, instaed of synthetic chemical isolates does not give you an excuse to eat poorly. Yes, Perfect Prenatal supplements are derived from whole foods but they are not a substitute for whole foods. But let's take a look at some of the claims made for this supplement New Chapter Prenatal Vitamin.

Organic Probiotic Supplement VS Food

New Chapter claims their product has the highest Oxygen radical Absorption capacity. What this means is that all the great fruit extracts blackberry, blueberry, prune, raisin, etc contained in the vitamin allows them to make this claim. Well yes. if you're eating a balanced diet or more on the order of super balanced since you are pregnant and need nutrition density for two rather than just yourself then pancakes in the morning, a burger for lunch, and lean cuisine for dinner is just not going to cut it. There is no way your vitamin can give you enough fiber and the raw alkalinity needed by the body that whole raw vegetables can provide.

Unfortunately you cannot condense all the live enzymes and nutrients in an organic salad and put it in a pill I don't care how many types of extracts your prenatal vitamin has or whether its chewable prenatal vitamins or liquid prenatal vitamins or citracal prenatal vitamins. Your body actually lives off the organic water and minerals provided by foods like whole raw organic romaine and red leaf lettuce. It doesn't matter if your pill has these exracts, your pill doesn't have that organic natural living water full of enzymes and alkalinity that is so essential for any pregnancy.

Perfect Prenatal: Remembering 3 Pills

Perfect prenatal vitamins are taken in three doses throughout the day, one pill with every meal is what it work out to. Many pregnant working women are not able to remember to take all three pills and it can become quite a headache if you're not used to popping multiple pills a day. I know I like to take my two pills in the morning and that's the end of it. However one of the advantages I think is its digestibility since it has all of those probiotics like Bacilli acidophilus, bifidus, rhamnosus, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Supposedly these make them easily digestible so even if you have an early lunch and forget to take one then you can even take it later with some fluid.

Perfect Prenatal VS Prescription Prenatals

Many women who start a pregnancy and don't investigate their  prenatal vitamins usually end up with something like vitafol OB with DHA which is what I take. This is a standard prescription that contains 2 separate pills. One is the blue pill which contains all the vitamins and minerals. Then there is a large gel capsule honey colored filled with presumably the DHA component which is docosahexaenoic acid of 250 mg in an oil based solution.

Aside from the fact that it's not organic the other thing is that it contains synthetic food colorings FD&C Blue #1 Aluminium lake to color the blue pill I suppose. There is also D&C Yellow #10 Aluminium lake for the honey colored capsule. Not to my liking at all. Probably not harmful but hardly adds to the usefulness of the supplement. Unfortunatley I need the DHA according to my doctor so we've stuck with it. I may decide switch over to the perfect prenatal later on. I'm currently in my 18th week as of this writing.

Gwyneth Claims The Lustrous Health of her hair is due to Perfect Prenatal Vitamins
Gwyneth Claims The Lustrous Health of her hair is due to Perfect Prenatal Vitamins

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