Philhealth Benefits Requirements


Why do we need Philhealth

  • Helpful to health care expenses
  • We need insurance
  • It’s mandatory to employees (private, government, OFW, household)
  • Health is wealth
  • It’s frickin affordable

How to claim Philhealth benefits and what are the requirements? Philhealth is one of the major health insurance providers in the Philippines and it serves sufficient and affordable social health insurance coverage to all Filipinos. Whilst it is government owned and controlled corporation, it’s the most affordable health insurance service in the country. Working as wing of the Department of Health, it is very important to be a member of Philhealth unless of course you’re not working and don’t want to be insured and don’t want any help with your medicare needs. Every employee, private or government employed, household helper, sea-based OFW automatically becomes a member of philhealth according to Republic Act 7875 or National Health Insurance Act of 1995, as amended by RA 9241.

Philhealth is continuously improving its inquiry system. Oh I wish there would be an online inquiry that could serve anytime. It’s gonna be cool to have text inquiry too just like of that of the SSS. Anyway, back to my main topic, what are the requirements in claiming for Philhealth benefits when you’re hospitalized or confined in the hospital? The answers are listed below. Read on.

Philhealth Membership Category and Documents Needed

Employed Member

  • Philhealth Claim Form 1
  • Updated MDR (Member Data Record)

Individual Paying Member

  • Philhealth Claim Form 1
  • Premium payment receipts
  • Updated MDR

Overseas Worker / OFW

  • Philhealth Claim Form 1
  • Premium payment receipts and/or
  • Updated MDR

Sponsored Member

  • Philhealth Claim Form 1
  • Valid Philhealth ID (Identification Card,) and/or
  • Updated MDR

Lifetime Retirees

  • Philhealth Claim Form 1
  • Philhealth Lifetime Member ID (Identification Card)
  • Updated MDR

Steps on Availment of Philhealth Benefits

The following are the usual instructions and procedures on how to avail Philhealth benefits upon confinement or hospitalization. If you’re a member of Philhealth or a qualified dependent of a member, you can file for hospital bills deduction or reimburse some amount from your bills according to health coverage. Before you do, take note that the following conditions must be met:

  • Have paid at least 3 months of premium contributions within the immediate 6 months before confinement. (9 months of premiums within the last 12 months -for pregnancy cases, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other selected surgical procedures)
  • Be confined in an accredited hospital by Philhealth for at least 24 hours due to sickness requiring hospitalization. Also don’t forget that your attending doctor must also be Philhealth-accredited.
  • Your availment is covered in the 45 days allowance for room and board under your Philhealth benefits.

2 Ways to Make Use of your Philhealth Benefits

Philhealth Benefits By Automatic deduction

First, submit to the billing section of the hospital the requirements mentioned from the documents needed above. (I listed them earlier as each member has different doc requirements)

Talk to your attending doctor regarding the remaining fee for their service over the professional fee benefit you’ll get availing your Philhealth.

Then once your documents are completed and fees are finalized, the billing section will compute all hospital bills and deduct your Philhealth benefits.

If the member or beneficiary was confined abroad, the following documents must be submitted within 180 days after discharge from hospital:

  • Philhealth claim form 1
  • MDR or supporting documents
  • Original official receipts
  • Medical certificate written in English (with final diagnosis, confinement period and services rendered)

Do you have a Philhealth account?

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Philhealth Benefits By Reimbursement or Direct Filling

This is when members and qualified dependents choose to make use their Philhealth benefits after they were confined or discharged from the hospital. You are required to submit the listed documents mentioned earlier within 60 days after you are discharged together with the following docs.

  • Philhealth Claim Form 2 (this is to be filled up by the hospital and your doctor)
  • OR / Official Receipts
  • Operative record for surgical procedures done

Finally, Philhealth will send you (to your address) a BPN (benefit payment notice)

That’s a wrap. Hope this post was helpful. Before I forget, all Philhealth forms are available to download for free from the company’s official website. The most demand Philhealth contribution table is also displayed there. I just hope the website loads faster than today coz I know lots of people prefer online inquiry than going to any Philhealth branch offices nationwide.

- an important form in registering as member of Philhealth.

**Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Philhealth. The details from this page are based from its brochure I've got from the hospital. I'm just here to share this and share other's experiences as well

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Rowena Canares 5 years ago

can i get a mdr via omn;ine process?

EMILY G. SIOTICO 5 years ago

may philhealth card n ako,pano ko ba magagamit un?at magkano ang premium ko kung individual ako nagbabayd ng philhealth ko nagyon/?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Rowena hello. As of now, Philhealth doesn't entertain online MDR requests. It is still done at any Philhealth office. Thank you.

@Lope hi. Yes you can claim benefits by direct filing. Follow the steps and submit the requirements listed above (under Direct Filing) Thank you.

@Emily hi. As of now, Individually paying members pay P100 premiums per month. You can pay either quarterly, semi-annually and annually to Philhealth or any Philhealth affiliated banks and payment centers.

Anna Lee Oamilda 5 years ago

I was once an employee of a private school way back 2006-2007 and a member of Philhealth for that covered year. Can i still avail the benefits of my Philhealth even if im not actively contributing my premium nowadays?

Michelle Samson Dulay 5 years ago

Gaano po ba katagal bago matanggap ng member yung BPN. Naconfine po kc yung mother ko November 2010. As of today, di pa po nakukuha yung reimbursement. Binalikan po namin yung ospital, naipasa naman na daw lahat ng kailangan.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

@Anna Lee hello! You must have continuous contributions to avail the benefits. So you must be active again. I suggest even if you're not employed, be an individual paying member and pay your premiums. You can pay in advance for convenience anyway. :)

@Michelle hi! I suggest you make a follow up to Philhealth office and ask about your claim. That's the only solution I can think of right now :) Happy Holidays!

kong 5 years ago

good day...can i still pay for the past 3 months for quarterly application this december to cover 4th quarter of 2012?

kong 5 years ago

good day...can i still pay the quarterly premium this december to cover last quarter of the year?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

you can pay the 4th quarter premiums up to the last working day of December. Which was yesterday I think

Jaime Baloloy Jr. 5 years ago

Bakit po tumaas ang bayad sa hemodialysis treatment sa bawat session?

Joy 5 years ago

Pwede ba kumuha ng phil health kahit college student ka pa lang? Requirement kasi sa subject namin (OJT/Practicum)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

You can apply as an individually-paying member. Go to Philhealth, fill out the membership registration form and attach the doc requirements like birth certificate and IDs. Then they will issue your PIN (Philhealth Identification Number) keep this coz this will be used once you're employed in the future..then pay your premiums which is P100/month for a starter like you.

emily kamezaki 5 years ago

paano po ang gagawin ko? gusto ko i member ang mga grandchildren ko whos living with me since birth..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Go to any Philhealth office and register them as new members.

thess bautista 5 years ago

gud pm.. ako po ay naoperahan s rizal medical center lastjan.6..inayus q po ung philhealth ko.bli dependent aq ng husbnd ko, ofw sya. sbe s philhealth s rmc, ung marerepond qlng ung billings q s hosp.dhil package dw.psok aq s cholesectomy,, nde dw aq insigent.. so wala n dw ako mrerepond, eh ako halos bumili ng gamit s at gamot s po ganun.

lan 5 years ago

i am new member of philhealth for almost a month, probably i need to go an operation, i want to know if i can use it in accredited hospital? thanks

richard rodicol 5 years ago

pwede ko po bang ma download ngayon yung mdr form

mary jane a. cadotdot 5 years ago

beneficiary ko po ba ang mother ko isa po akong OFW kong sakaling kailangan niya ang name ko as a member of philhealth what we need?

mary jane a .cadotdot 5 years ago

kong ang anak ba na lalaki ang member just self employed automaticaly ba na beneficiary ang mother ?

catherine dela rosa 5 years ago

ask ko lang po kasi nanganak po ako sa hindi accredited ng philhealth na clinic nung august 1, 2011. bago po ako nanganak siguro mga 7 months na po ung tyan ko saka ko lang nalaman na hindi pala cla accredited, ng manganak ako nag file po ang asawa ko ng claim form kaso po nadenied ng philhealth. may magagawa pa ba kami para may ma claim kami...

raisa escanilla 5 years ago

pwede po bang kumuha ng i.d even dpa ulit aq employed now? nu po reqs. at mgkanu?

jayson ibanez 5 years ago

naospital misis ko. diarreah sakit nya, n confine cya 2.5days. hindi daw accredited ng philhealth ang sakit ng misis ko. kumpleto naman hulog ng company ko s philhealth. at kumpleto requirements ko.

Joel Concepcion 5 years ago

Around how much % reduction in hospital costs can be achieved using PHILHEALTH?

jeanilyn 4 years ago

Paano ig ang isang member ay nakabayad nga kanyang Philhealth contributions from January to June den later naawol sya tapos nagbalik sya bayad sa philhealth from October to december den january and february pagkatapos nagmaternity leave sya sa february. makavail pa rin ba sya ng Philihealth benefits?

pam calinisan 4 years ago

hello Philhealth!

I am a Philhealth member and here's my predicament...

my daughter recently was admitted to St. Agnes hospital due to Dengue stage 3 as final diagnosis of the doctor, but the said hospital only deducted 8k to our total bill instead of 16k which I have read and saw with your case rate for Dengue cases.

How do I address this? Can I file a formal claim or re-imbursement with Philhealth?

I believe that the hospital purposely made the deductions of 8k only, thinking we are not aware of the package. They are also very unfriendly with such incidents and issues being brought up to them.

I hope you can check on them, that is a very improper practice on their part.

St. Agnes hospital - Roosevelt St. Quezon City

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

The final bill is always discussed prior to payment especially the Philhealth discounts and the value that's gonna be off in the total amount of hospital bill. The best thing to do about your case is go to the Philhealth office and discuss this matter. There are some ceilings and lines as to the maximum coverage of benefits to every member which is based on his/her income, sickness and more. A Philhealth official can best discuss this with you. Hope your case will be solved :) Good luck.

sonny ramirez 4 years ago

na-admit ako sa hospital at lahat po ng hospital bill ay binayaran ng insurance ng company namin. may mare re-inburse pa po ba ako?

jetterly figuracion 4 years ago

nung pumasok aqu sa penshoppe 10 years ago pina fill up nila aqu ng philhealth...then nung nkapasok aqu sakanila kinakaltasan aqu ng philhealth...papaano ko malalaman kung nkapasok ba ako sa philhealt o hindi...baka po my mairecomend ka na pede makontak or mahingaan ng info

rosalinda s. lirazan 4 years ago

My mom was confined from Feb 3 to 6, 2012. The only benefit deducted from my philhealth was the room accommodation. She is now confine again. Cna she still avail the benefit? She is also my dependent.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jetter You can ask for MDR from your Philhealth office. Then check your premiums if they have been posted.

@Rosalinda Yes, just fill out the forms in the hospital and submit them together with the requirements

r. sarmiento 4 years ago

i lost my philhralth no. and i want to pay premiums again since i stop paying for two yrs . i am also an sss pensioner with more than 120 contributions to medicare will i still pay the philhealth premium thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

If you are an old age pensioner, you can ask your son or daughter to list you as dependent so you can have Philhealth benefits and you can stop paying anymore.

Jehan 4 years ago

Good evening !I would like to ask how do i get my maid a philhealth id?

a) can i just register her as individual paying member but i will be the one to pay her monthly contributions

b) or do i have to register her as employed pls. let me know forms to fill up.Thanks

dysie 4 years ago

paano po kung di ko na file yung mama ko pati mga kapatid ko po sa philhealth ko magagamit ko pa po ba yung philhealth ko just in case na may magkasakit sa kanila plz reply po sa number ko 639283447826.

genie 4 years ago

paano ko po malalaman kung ilang hulog napo ako?saan ko po titignan?

Raquel Edades 4 years ago

Pano po pag ang member naconfine tapos namatay? Kc Ganun po nangyari sa tatay ko tapos na trace namin na may mga nabayaran pa po sya sa philhealth

melanie 4 years ago

pano po ba ako makakkuha ng form ng philhealth through internet yung dun na po ako mag fill up ng information kasi po madyo malayo kung ppersonal p

kaycee 4 years ago

ma aavail ku pdin ba ang philhealth benefits khit na 1yr na ko d nka pag hulog pero 3years aq may hulog?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jehan Good Day. Register her as employed. Philhealth recently allow online registration for its members. Just visit their website and apply online and submit the requirements. Thank you.

@Dysie You must make an update about your beneficiaries and submit thir required documents like NSO authenticated birth certificate plus your Philhealth number, and valid IDs. Thank you for dropping by.

@Genie hi. You can ask for your list of premiums from the Philhealth office. I hope the company would launch online inquiry soon.

@If he’s a member of SSS or GSIS, your father could receive burial benefits if he is entitled.

@Melanie hello there. Yes, you can download some forms in the Philhealth website. Just make sure your computer has Adobe PDF reader installed.

@Kaycee hi. It is a requirement that you have at least 6 months latest contributions before you can be entitled to receive benefits. If you stopped, you can’t use it anymore. Insurance kasi ito.

meekel 4 years ago

im pregnant now. nagstop ang contribution ko nung n separate ako sa employer ko nung june 2011 . pwede ko p bang hulugan ang july 2011 hanggang ngaun? at qualified p b ako para magamit ko ang benefits ko kung this june 2012 ako manganganak ?

Manuel garcia 4 years ago

Pwede ko ba add yung father ko as beneficiary ko?

Ann 4 years ago

pede q poh ba mhulugan ung kakulangan qng contribution as of 2011 para mgam8 q poh ngaun s maternity q...last poh n naemployed aq March 2011 after nun nagkawork aq December 2011 na poh..ngaun september poh aq manganganak...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Kaycee correction to my comment, as of July 2011, Philhealth announced that availment of benefits for confinement now require to have at least 9 months contributions within 12 months prior to the month of availment

@Meekel hi. You can no longer pay your late contributions retroactively. You can only pay January to March 2012 right now. “As per PhilHealth Circular No. 06, series of 2001, retroactive payments are not allowed except when a member can show proof of sufficient regularity of premium contributions or payment of nine (9) consecutive months or three consecutive quarters within the last 12 months prior to the missed quarter. If you meet this condition, you shall be given a grace period of one month immediately after the missed quarter to pay retroactively including the current calendar quarter.

For newly enrolled members (with less than 12 months reckoned from date of enrollment), retroactive payment for the missed quarter including the current calendar quarter shall also be allowed within the month immediately following the missed period.

This privilege is granted only once every 12 months.”

@Manuel hello there. Yes you can add your parents as beneficiary is they are non-Philhealth members or inactive Philhealth members provided they are 60 years old and above. Include them in your membership profile or just update it so they can avail of their benefits conveniently and easily. Thank you.

@Ann hello. Please see my comment to Meekel above. Thank you for dropping by.

ciela 4 years ago

hello voluntary member po ako since year 2007 regular mag pay ng premium..unfortunately i forgot to pay this quarter jan to mar 2012..pde pa po ba cia bayaran next week?kasi schedule po ng husband ko na mag pa opera ng kamay nia this june..if ever po na di n pwede hulugan yun jan to march ma aavail po ba namin yung philhealth..last year po di po ako sa office nkapagbayad kundi sa bayad center sa bangko po..thanks pls reply asap.

hilda 4 years ago

Hello, tanong ko lng po ofw ang husband ko nanganak po ako last oct. 25,2011 CS po, pwede pa po ba namin maclaim yung ginastos nmin, di kasi sagot ng insurance namin ang maternity. At kung pwede pa ano ho requirements na dapat nmin dalhin paguwi ng pinas this month.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Ciela if you are paying quarterly like me, you can still pay Jan-March this first week of April. It’s Holy Week so I suggest you pay now.

@Hilda You can try direct filing or reimbursement by submitting these requirements to Philhealth office or through the accredited hospital within 60 days after your discharge:

-PhilHealth Claim Form 2 (to be filled up by the hospital and attending physicians)

-Official receipts or hospital and doctor's waiver

-Operative record for surgical procedures performed

hilda 4 years ago

Hello po san po ako makakakuha ng claim form dito po kmi sa middle east? thanks po

ciela 4 years ago

thanks po neeed ko ppo ba i bring un receipts kasi last year po sa bayad center ako nagpay..tas nung nagpunta ako sa ofis nio cb di pa daw naipopost yun nga lng daw po problem pag sa bayad cenetr nagpay matagal ang posting..

rd 4 years ago

tanong lang po. nag direct filling po ako para sa reimbursement ko sa phlth office Quezon ave. if ever hindi ko po ma receive ang BPN, maaaring hndi ko na po b makukuha ang reimbursement ko. May due date po b itong BPN? salamt.

ann 4 years ago

qualified parin po ba ako magclaim d ko po kasi nabayaran ang first quarter ..nagresign n po kasi ako from work last dec ngayong april po na admit ang tatay ko..thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Hilda hello there. What claim form do you need?

@Ciela hi. It’s a pleasure. Yes, it’s advisable to bring the receipts and have them photocopied. Submit the photocopy to Philhealth and update your payment so they will post them. You can pay your current quarter premiums then the same day para wag kana balik balik.

@RD hi. You need your BPN to know and report the actual payments made by Philhealth from your confinement/availment. Philhealth is responsible to send your BPN and you are responsible to give them your correct address and make a follow up in case it’s not received. Without the BPN means they no amount yet to be deducted relative to your benefits.

@Ann to become eligible to receive benefits, you must have paid at least 3 months of premiums within 6 months prior to the month of confinement of your dad. Since you were separated from work, you need to update your PMRF and change from employed to individual paying member and pay the first quarter. Sadly, it’s late for paying January to March since it’s April now. Just go to Philhealth and try if they might consider but I think March 31 is the deadline for the first quarter.

jaycee 4 years ago


im a philhealth member and also my husband.. Is it possible na magamit namin ung same philhealth benefits namin sa panganganak ko? kelangan ba nmin pareho mg submit ng form (CF1). thank you

sai 4 years ago

my son will be scheduled to have an eye surgery (Strabismus surgery).. nakalagay kc sa website ng philhealth na exclusive ang optometric services.. considered ba na optometric services and eye surgery?

ramelo 4 years ago

one of my twin is having a congenital heart deseases and she needs to undergo heart surgery and i am a member of phil health does this case accredited to philhealth?tanx

ramelo 4 years ago

for instance,the heart surgery cost 250,000 php how much does the phil health reduce to our billings?pls reply

mhae 4 years ago

good day po.. ask ko lng po kelangan po b 60yr old n ang papa ko bgo nya mgmit ang philhealth ko..thank you very much..

alexa 4 years ago

Hello, i just need to confirm that if u already used the automatic deduction benefit you can't use the reimbursement/direct filling, only either of the two?

Mylin G. Delos Reyes 4 years ago

gud day po, ask ko lang po about reimbursement sa nagastos nmn sa gamot habang nakaconfine anak ko sa hospital. Beneficiary po kc ng husband kong OFW anak ko. Naconfine po anak namin last November,2011, ipinasa ko po ung mga zerox ng resibo ng mga nabili kong gamot sa labas ng hospital, pero up to now po wala pa kaming nareceive na reimbursement cheque from Philihealth.d po ba 60 days after nagrerefund na po kayo. Eha ngaun po eh naconfine ulit anak nmn, medyo malaki nagastos nmn sa mga gamot sa labas ng hospital, im afraid na di na naman kami makakuha ng refund.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jaycee I’m not sure about this but I think it’s not possible to use 2 people’s benefits for one patient as it states that “Philhealth does not allow multiple declaration and application of its entitlements of both spouses. We advise you to decide who among you will declare and provide for the Philhealth coverage of your child as a dependent.”

@Sai Yes optometric services are exclusive from the coverage except Cataract surgeries. You can ask your doctor anytime if the surgery could avail of Philhealth benefits.

@Ramelo see this list of coverage

@Mhae yes it is required to list your parents as dependents if they are 60 and above. If they are below 60, they can register as individual paying member and have Philhealth benefits.

@Alexa hello. Yes, you can’t use 2 at the same time

@Mylin I suggest you go to Philhealth office to expedite your claims and tell them it’s been so long na wala parin feedback. Good luck.

mona 4 years ago

paano po kung ang agency ko ay kinakaltasan na ko sa philhealth kahit hindi pko ko official member may kaylangan po ba akong hingin na katunayan sa agency na kinakaltasan aq (bukod sa payslip) bago ko mg apply?

joy 4 years ago

I am a seafarer,I continue paying my philhealth last may 2011 then I stop this february 2012, since I already disembarked from the ship.I am pregnant now,the schedule of my delivery is on September 17,2012,and I want to avail the philhealth benefits for my delivery,how many months do I need to pay to avail?thank u

sherlyn villalobos 4 years ago

nag work po ako for almost 5yrs kaso ng resign ako ng feb.2011,seanse hindi ko na po nahulugan ung mga nxt month hindi daw po ako acredited na makakuha ng maternity ko,ask ko lng po pwede ko po bang magamit ang philhealth ng father ko as maternity??

Flor David 4 years ago

Naospital po ang tatay ko noong Feb.10-13.2012. For reimbursement na lang daw po ung phlhealth ko dahil kulang ako sa requirements. 3 days after na madischarged nakumpleto ko ang mga requirements. Tapos pinapirma ako sa waiver na for Direct Filing... Hnd ko po alam ang ibigsabihin nun kaya hindi ko inintinde.. hnd rin naiforward ng ospital hanggang sa naglapse na ngayon.. mahahabol ko po b yun? kz po kung ako pala magfifile nun sana hnd n tinanggap ng ospital. Pde ko b kasuhan ung ospital dahil hnd nila ipinile? thanks po

Ramelo 4 years ago

Member po ako since year 2007 nagbabayad ako regularly how can i use my philhealth para sa anak ko she needs to undergo heart surgery eh wala naman sa list of case rates ang heart surgery?

pats 4 years ago

hi ask lang po, pwede po ba ung ganitong case: Sponsored member natapos na yung validity at nag enroll ng IPM then nung may renewal for sponsorship, pwede po ba mag change balik ang membership as sponsored member.. thanks

Eve 4 years ago

ofw po ako, since every 2 year ako nakakauwi, my philhealth last renewed on november 2010.pwede ko po ba i-renew at saan po? currently, nasa uae po ako.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Mona they can’t pass the payment to Philhealth unless you have already your Philhealth number. Become a member asap.

@Joy You must have paid at least 3 months of premiums within 6 months prior to the month of confinement. You must pay continuously.

@Sherlyn You can’t use your daddy’s Philhealth. You can however become a beneficiary of your husband.

@Flor Direct filing means you will be the one to file in availing your benefits to Philhealth thus the hospital had no obligation to file for you anymore. You cannot complain them sadly since you agreed that it was to be done by direct filing.

@Ramelo yes heart surgery is not listed from the list of cases. You can ask Philhealth office about the other alternatives. I honestly don’t know if there’s any. Thank you and God bless.

@Pats yes, update your member’s record and choose the one that is applicable in your current status – this time sponsored member. Use the PMRF (Philhealth Member Registration Form) to shift from one membership to another. What is important is your premiums are paid continuously.

@Eve Since you are abroad and you want to renew your Philhealth, you can ask your relatives in the Philippines to pay your premiums on your behalf and submit the documents showing proofs that you are still an OFW like (photocopy of visa, valid OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate), employment contract, valid IDs) plus authorization letter authorizing your relative to renew on your behalf and pay your premiums.

Maan 4 years ago

Will I be able to use my philhealth for my maternity/labor even though i stopped my contribution to philhealth for about a month (Feb - March) till now ?

Peach 4 years ago

Would I not be included in the exception for the exclusion of retroactive payment if I am a newly voluntary member? I worked as an employee until 2009 and some months of 2010 so my contribution stopped after that. I was not able to visit the Philhealth office last March to file my change in membership and pay for the first quarter premium..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Maan why did you stop? Sayang naman. Philhealth requires us to have at least 3 months of contributions from the latest 6 months period prior to the confinement period. That time allowance is the most important of all.

@Peach As per PhilHealth Circular No. 06, series of 2001, retroactive payments are not allowed except when a member can show proof of sufficient regularity of premium contributions or payment of 9 consecutive months or 3 consecutive quarters within the last 12 months prior to the missed quarter. If you meet this condition, you shall be given a grace period of one month immediately after the missed quarter to pay retroactively including the current calendar quarter.

profile image

elysha 4 years ago

nagpamember po ako this january 2012, magagamit ko po ba ang card ko this coming september for maternity/labor?

Nicey 4 years ago

panu po e activate ung philhealth ko para magamit ko sa pagpagnak.7 months pregnant po me now.b4 ngwork po me but now d n po nhulugan.mkapag avail pa po b ako at paanu po?thanks

beng bongais 4 years ago

im expecting to give birth this coming july 2012 with Ceasarian operation on my 3rd baby... kaya lang po yong hospital na pag aanakan ko ay di accredited ng philhealth.. possible po ba na ako na lang ang mag ayos at mag file ng maternity benefits sa philhealth. salamat po... God bless

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Elysha yes you can use it as long as your contributions are continuous and without lapse

@Nicey please read the article above dear and you must have at least 3 months of contributions from the continuous latest 6 months prior to your due date or hospitalization.

@Beng it is a requirement that the hospital is accredited by Philhealth. Yes, you can file your availment of benefits personally after you gave birth. Just follow the listed requirements in direct filing listed in the article above. Make sure your hospital is accredited, too. God bless.. :)

Martha-- 4 years ago

I am thinking to go home back in my old country as Balikbayan coz I am now 60 yrs.old & widow--I want to join the Philhealth memberships--which requirements are needed ?How much should I pay?Thank u very much!!

profile image

budsneypes 4 years ago

ive been working for almost 5yrs in defferent companys,i dnot knw if they paid my philhealth,and nw im not woking anymorre cus im pregnant.where do get info to my philhealth card so that i can use it.i dnt knw where to go and whre to ask to?thank you and gobless

cristy 4 years ago

gud day,, tanong koh lang kung may makukuha pa ko maternity benefit? nanganak aq last oct 2012,naless naman un bill koh,, cs kc aq. svi nila after 6 months may makukuha daw aq from philhealth totoo ka yon.. til now kc 6 months n lumipas wala p ku narereceiv eh..

Nutritivo 4 years ago

sir twentyfive, very impressive po kayo, and dami nyong alam sa philhealth at bukas palad nyong sinasagot yung mga queries ng readers nyo. comment lang po ako kay dun sa inquiry ni mam ann which was posted 3 months ago.

ann 3 weeks ago

"qualified parin po ba ako magclaim d ko po kasi nabayaran ang first quarter ..nagresign n po kasi ako from work last dec ngayong april po na admit ang tatay ko..thanks""

if ever po na ang isang employed ay nseparate sa employer at hindi po sya nakabayad ng isang quarter, meron pong grace period na 3 months(1 quarter) para mabayaran ang unpaid quarter retroactively.

so kung last remittance ng emploer ay december,(then nseparate sya)

tapos 1st quarter ay ala syang contribution

pwede pa rin nyang bayaran yung 1st quarter together with the 2nd quarter as an self employed member

Nutritivo 4 years ago

@sir ramelo macocover pa rin po ng Philhealth ang operation ng anak nyo under Fee-for-Service system. Room rates, OR fee, Professionjal fee, drugs and medicines, x-ray and other labs. If ever po na may magagastos kayo during confinement(e.g. mga prescribed na gamot na hindi available sa ospital) kumuha lang po kayo ng official receipt ng gamot at iattach nyo po sa claim form para mareimbursed sa inyo. Yung amount po ng deduction ay depende sa operation, at specialty training ng surgeon at level ng hospital. Just make sure po na accredited ang hospital at ang doctor sa philhealth.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Martha you can register as Individually Paying Member. Just submit your PMRF (Philhealth Member Registration Form. I have posted the link in the article. You can download it and fill it out with your details and pass the form to Philhealth personally together with birth certificate and valid IDs, your supporting docs for your qualified dependents (if any) and money to pay your premiums. You may choose to pay P300 monthly (P1200/year) if your monthly income is below P25000 otherwise you pay P600 per quarter (P2400/year) if earning above P25000

@Budsneypes the best thing to do in your case is to go to Philhealth office where your company might be remitting.. You must know your Philhealth Number because it is important for life. If you don’t know it, you must know it now. Go to Philhealth and ask them if you’re even registered and have been paying. Bring valid IDs. They will be kind to assist you. God bless..

@Cristy did you file for availment? If you did, then you must expect something. Contact Philhealth and ask about your availment. Thanks for dropping by.

@Nutritivo I love my readers so I share things I know when I can. I used to work in the government that’s why I know a bit about stuff. Philhealth is so important in life and I’m happy to remind everyone it must be maintained.

Thank you about discussing about the grace period if an employee missed a quarter. Yes, Philhealth allow that if they proved that the member was paying continuously in the previous 9 months. Since Ann seemed like a new member, I didn’t assume she was paying continuously as she told me she stopped.

Thanks so much for assisting our fellow Kabayans here. It means a lot. You are so kind and I’m so happy you share things here too. Please keep on sharing because we’re happy about it. :) Thanks Nutritivo. God bless you so much.

cristy 4 years ago

magkano ba un benefit pag ceasarian section? tnx poh....

Martha 4 years ago

Thanks for all the Infos---should I consider my son as my dependent--I will go home alone for good--receive a small widows pension monthly--my son will stay with his family here in Europe & no decision to live on the Phils.someday if he retires--could u please help me in my situation.God bless u--

sonia m. 4 years ago

Ano po an requirements sa OFW na babalik ng Libya galing sa kanyang pagbakasyon d2 sa Phils? dati siyang member sa Philhealth kaya lang ng naging OFW siya ng almost 6 years di na sya nakakapagremit ng contribution niya.

Nutritivo 4 years ago

@twentyfive No problem. Natuwa lang po ako ng nakita ko yung page na to and your dedication to answer their queries. Limited lang naman po ang knowledge ko sa Philhealth pero masaya po ako ng tumulong sa inyo. Thanks po sa acknowledgment.

@cristy Pasok po sa case rate package ang Ceasarian Section. 19,000 po ang package. Dapat po sa Level 2 to 4 hospitals ito gagawin at kailngan accredited ang hospital and at least 1 doctor na mag-aattend sayo.

Note: ang elective CS or yung by request ng patient ay hindi po reimbursible pati yung mga repaeat CS na walang indication

Nutritivo 4 years ago

@sonia m kailngan nyo pong iupdate/activate yung membership nyo maam bilang OFW.Requirements

*Fully accomplished PMRF(Philhealth Membership form)

*Birth Certificate of member

At Proof po na kayo ay isang OFW(any of the ff):

working visa/re-entry permit, overseas employment certificate,job employment contract,company ID, or last 2 months na cash remittance receipt prior sa renewal ng membership

Yung premium po ay currently 1200/year pero next year po 2400/year na

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You are so kind and helpful. I wish you all the best in life. God bless someone so generous as you. :) Thank you so much for your help with our fellow Filipinos here. I am welcoming you anytime to share anything in this page.

I was gonna pay my Philhealth today but it was a non-working Holiday here in Pampanga. hehe

Diane 4 years ago

ho.. just wanna ask if June 2012 ang due ko, ano yung 9 months na dapat bayad ko na para ma'avail ung benefits?

gumahin aljohn virtudazo 4 years ago

hi .. just wanna ask if gumahin aljohn virtudazo is already member of philhealth..... I'm just going to confirm that my name is already registered..

thank you..

jane 4 years ago

i just wanna ask matagal na po akong member ng philhealth ngayon i stop paying my philhealth since noong nagstop n akong nagwork. and now i am pregnant due ko sa june 2012 pero this year naactivate ko na ang philhealth i already pay from january to june 2012 sa banko. still magagamit ko pa rin ba ang philhealth benefits ko sa panganganak ko this june 2012, as what you have said kailangan na it should be a 9 months contribution.paano po ang case ko sa ngayon?pls give me an answer or advise for this. thank you and more power to all.

Milyn 4 years ago

hi po! just wanna ask nung january lng po ako naging member individual philhealth 2 times na po ako quarterly P300.00 nakahulog...pwede ko na po ba gamitin to sa panganganak dis august...need advise pls.

thank you very much!

Maricel Rivera 4 years ago

hi.... ask ko lng po naoperhan po ung anak ko nong jan.13 2012 hanggng ngaun ala p po dumarating na BNP

k o po malalaman na meron po kme marerepund tnx po....:D

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Diane @Jane @Milyn for pregnancy cases they require 9 months of paid premiums within the last 12 months of the year of your due date

@Gumahin Please confirm it via the Philhealth office. That is so private, Sir.

@Maricel if they didn’t send the BPN much longer, you must make a follow up from the Philhealth office you filed it. Thank you and God bless.

hilariona 4 years ago

gano po katagal matanggap ang reimbursement check?

choco 4 years ago

pagnarelease na ang cheque ilang days bago maipadala sakin?

ellebana 4 years ago

ofw po ako at ang brother ko,na confine ang mother ko nun may 8, nasa occ mindoro po sya, tinanong ng sister inlaw ko kung pd gamitin alin man sa amin ng brother ko, ang sabi kaylangan daw ang personal appearance ng philhealth member dahil may mga kaylangan pirmahan,nagpadala na po ako ng copy employment contract,passport,owwa oec at philhealth id.

Cris 4 years ago

Hi.ask ko lng po..pwede b magamit ung philhealth kahit 2 months hnd nakapaghulog. nasa hospital kasi brother ko and needs series of tests..last contributions nya s philhealth is last march of this year.pwede kaya nya magamit un or kung hnd is it possible n hulugan namin ung remaining months n hnd xa nakapghulog para lng magamit nya ngaun?

thanks for the reply..

Angel 4 years ago

hi.. isa po akong ofw at uuwi ako by august para manganak sa pinas.. and i have read na payments of reciept ang one of requirements,but agency kasi ang ngbayad directly nun so i don't have copies so pwd ba akong kumuha ng copy dun mismo sa philhealth? thanks..

sun 4 years ago

pwde po bang gumawa ng mas mabilis at madaling proseso ang philhealth sa pagbabayad ng hospital bill..napakatagal kasi ng reimbursement e...dapat automatic na yun katulad ng ibang healthcard..minsan kasi sakit sa ulo pa yung reimbursement

rey 4 years ago

retired employee ako n made more than 130 contributions or premiums to then SSS medicare. Asked philhealth ofc if im eligible to become a non paying member a

rey 4 years ago

retired employee po k and made more than 130 contributions or premiums to then sss medicare. i want tno know if im eligible to become a non paying member coz i asked ur sattelite ofc in our place n they told me im not eligible and still has to pay premiums. Hope u can enlighten me on this matter. tnx

profile image

maribelle gallo34 4 years ago

hello again, ano po ba ang dapat gawin para makuha na ang bpn ng anak ko,last august pa po sya naconfined sa hospital, until now wala pa po yung BPN nya,ang asawa ko po ang member ng philhealth ofw po sya,,salamat po!

kisha 4 years ago

blessed day!ask k lang po kung pwede ko gamitin ung maternity benefits ko this month (May 2011).6 months pa lang po ako member..kung skali po ba pwede kong bayaran ung 3 months para maavail k ung benefits?thank you

Nutritivo 4 years ago

@hilariona @choco pasensya na po wala ako gaanong idea about cheque release, ang alam ko lang po medyo matagal talaga ngayon ang pagprocess at pagrelease dahil sa dami ng nagfi-file

@ellebana pwede po alinman sa inyo basta po pasok pa rin sa validity ng payment nyo yung confinement ng mother nyo. kung wala po kayo sa pinas pwede po makipagtransact ang relatives nyo kaso in order of priorities po

-legitimate spouse

-children 18 years old and above


-brothers and sisters

tapos kailangan po may proof na nasa ibang bansa kayo, OEC, or employment contract pwede na po

@angel ok na po ang MDR kasi nakaindicate po sa MDR ng OFW ang validity ng kanyang payments make sure lang po na bayad kayo at least hanggang september para sure

profile image

maribelle gallo34 4 years ago

gusto ko po imember ang kapatid ko na 33 years old binata po sya pwede po ba na ang mga pamangkin ko ang maging beneficiary nya?thanks po!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Hi guys. I’m sorry for late reply, I’ve been to Ilocos for a holiday..

@Chris your brother can avail of benefits if he paid his missed months and if he proved that he’s been paying continuously for the previous 9 months.

@Angel you can request for your MDR to see the list of your contributions from Philhealth no problem

@Rey you can become a Lifetime Member since you are a retired employee. You must file your application to Philhelath to avail of benefits. The usual requirements are PMRF, latest 1x1 photo, and SSS latest contributions (as you mentioned you’ve been a SSS member), your birth certificate, and valid ID

@Nutritivo thank you very much for answering some queries here. God bless your kind heart. :)

YARA 4 years ago

tanong ko lang private employed ako since feb 2010 kaso ngresign ako nung january 2011 so wala ako work kaya hindi ko nahuhulugan yung philhealth ko then september nabuntis ako 1month na tyan ko nun kaso nakapaghulog ako october 2011 til jun 2012 maaavail ko ba yung maternity benefits ko saka ok lang ba na hindi ko na update yung members category ko from employed private to individual ??? saka ano mga need ko to process yung benefits ??

alex 4 years ago

pwede ba malaman kung ano philhealth number ko through phone lang po.?

cathy 4 years ago

tanong kolng po pwede p po bang mag pamember ang retired n AFP SOLDIERS?ano po b ang requirements?

cathy 4 years ago

pwede p po bang magpamember ang retired n PAF soldier?ano ang mga requirement?

liezl 4 years ago

query ko po 23 Jan 2008 admitted nnay ko due to hypertension at deretso po ICU inilbas ng 31 po.bkit po kaya walang dumating sa akin na benefit payment notice/ refund..malaki ho ang napagbyaran ko private hospital at bili gamot s lbas...thank you

profile image

maribelle gallo34 4 years ago

kailangan ba ang personal na pagfile ng bill sa opisina ng philhealth,,,hanggang ngayon wala pa yung bpn ng anak ko at kailangan ba ang birthcertificate ng beneficiary kasi wala silang request nun sa amin,,,salamat po!

rosmandy aquino 4 years ago

lahat ng hospitalbill binayaran ng insurance ng company namin my maririinburst pa pi ba aq sa philhealth

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Yara yes you are qualified to claim benefits if you have at least contributed 9 months from the present period. Better update your status from employed to individual paying member so you wont have any problems in processing your application.

@Alex Try calling their hotline. I don’t think it’s possible though.

@Cathy Yes retired AFP, PNP and BFP can become a member by becoming a Philhealth Lifetime Member. You need to submit accomplished PMRF (I attached the link in the article In case you want to download it) and latest 1X1 ID picture, your NSO authenticated birth certificate, or valid IDs plus your

-Statement of Services issued by previous employer indicating not less than 120 months of service excluding leave of absences without pay;

-Certification/Letter of Approval of Retirement from the GSIS indicating not less than 120 months of service;

-General, Bureau or Special Order indicating the effectivity date of retirement.

Nutritivo 4 years ago

@yara kung may ang due mo, unfortunately hindi nyo po magagamit ang PHIC dahil hindi nyo po nameet ang 9 mos consecutive contribution, in 12 mos prior to confinement, kasi po kung bibilang tayo ng 12 mos pabalik, ang premium contributions nyo po ay, april'12, march'12, feb'12,jan'12,dec'11,nov'11 at oct'11 so lumalabas lang po na 7 months yung. Pero dun po sa newborn care package papasok si baby nyo kasi 3/6 lang po required dun. Suggest ko na rin po na magupdate na po kayo ng membership, fill up lang po kayo ng PMRF at indicate nyo naVoluntary member na kayo

@alex unfortuantely po hindi natin pwede malaman ang PIN nyo through phone for confidentiality and protection of members

@cathy ang alam ko po ay qualified lifetime members ang uniformed personnel retirees, update ko na lang po kapag nakita ko ang requirements

@liezlpunta na lang po kayo kung saan pinakamalapit na Service office dun sa hospital at magrequest po kayo ng BPN

@maribelle gallo34 maam kung automatic/hospital deduction po ang nagyari sa inyo, hindi nyo na po kailngan magfile personally, pero kung full payment po kayo sa hospital pero ay eligible naman po kayo sa benefits, dun lang po nagddirect filing sa PHIC office. yung BPN po ay minsan nagtatagal talaga, 60 days po kasi dapat mafile un from date of discharge, yung iba po kasing hosp iniipon muna nila yung mga file bago sila magsubmit(by bulk sa office) kaya po nagtatagal lalo ang proseso, kailngan po ang birth certificate kung idedeclare nyo po sila as dependent

@rosmandy aquino kung sinagot na po ng insurance company nyo ang buong bill, wala na po kayo marereimburse from philhealth dahil hindi naman po kayo gumastos :)

profile image

maribelle gallo34 4 years ago

puwede po ba na ang mga pamangkin ko na nasa poder ko idagdag sa beneficiary ng asawa ko ?thanks again!

xtn profile image

xtn 4 years ago


i'm a ofw po and gusto ko po sanang mag enroll. nakita ko po iyong online application nila, inilagay ko pong beneficiary ang parents and they senior citizen na po. Hiningi po nila na birth certificate nila pero di ko pa po nauupload. so, hindi pa rin po ba valid na naenroll ko sila as my beneficiary? hindi pa rin po ako nakakabayad, pwede daw pong magbayad sa mga remittance center dito sa abu dhabi.thanks

ashie 4 years ago

hello po..!!!ask ko lang po pd po ba magamit ang philhealth sa panganganak ko,kung naun month palng po aq mging november po aq manganganak..o ped po hulugan ko na ung months na kulang ko..?tnx po have a gud day

liezl 4 years ago

thank u po..pwede pa po makapagrefund kahit mtgal na

rapunzel salen 4 years ago

hi,can we search online for the masterlist of our employee's philhealth number? we have already reported their names to philhealth office. how about their mdr? thanks a lot... gud day

meann 4 years ago

sa outright deductions my marerefund pa ba? at wat un mga requirements?

mitss 4 years ago

what are the problems encounterd in philhealth regarding membership,eligibility and benefit availment process? what are the action and recommendation that will take?

leah plamara 4 years ago

kapag nagpamember po ba aq makukuha ko na po agad ung philhealth id k?pano po magmember s philhealth? ano pong mga kaylangan?

richard cruz 4 years ago

pwede bang mga kapatid ko ang maging beneficiary ko?

kasi wala bang 60yrs old magulang ko.

budz 4 years ago

good day! gsto ko lang po tanung kung pwde ko pa po magamit yung benefits ng philhealt ko kahit po hindi na ako active sa contribution.. and other question if aver i can active tru self contribution ma avail ko po b agad yun for the operation of my mother..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@xtn hello there. yes you can add them as your beneficiaries by asking them to submit their birth certificates and valid IDs, your PMRF (indicating their names as your beneficiaries), a photocopy of your POEA ecard/passport or employer’s contract, visa if possible to the Philhealth office. Then let them pay your premiums (P1200 for the year 2012. By that, your Philhealth will be active. On 2013, you can pay then to any Philhealth accredited collecting partners abroad for OFWs -includes DBP, Philippine Veterans Bank, IRemit, Inc,, LBP and Ventaja international Corporation.

@Ashie for maternity claims, it is required to have at least 9 months contributions to the date of your confinement. Have a great day too!

@Rapunzel Philhealth online services for employers only allow posting of their payments/contributions online at present. They don’t allow yet other transactions such as retrieving masterlist of employees Philhealth numbers. MDR is done via Philhealth in real time too.

@Meann depends on the member and the case.. You better ask Philhealth personally about it for specific amounts and conditions.

@Mitss that’s a million dollar question hehe

@Leah If you registered as a member and paid your premiums, you will have your Philhealth number. Philhealth ID is optional. You can request for it. It’s not automatic.

@Richard Your spouse, children and parents can be your beneficiaries. Not your siblings.

@Budz you must be an active member if you wanna avail of benefits. You must have paid the required number of contributions before availing benefits. You must update your status (shift from employed to individually paying member and continue your coverage. Always update your beneficiaries too. That way, you and your beneficiaries can avail benefit any time you need it. That is how insurance works. Have a great day!

des 4 years ago

anu po b req. ng philhealth member na nahnto ang paghulvg ng contributions?m.anganganak po kse ko by gusto ko magmet benefits ko.tnx

gladesdelos santos 4 years ago

gusto ko lang po malaman kung puyde po mag apply ng maternity sa philhealth asawa?OFW po sya sabi nya i file ko daw maternity ko sa owwa e sa philhealth na pala ito,may philhealth din po ako puyde ko po bang i file yong sa asawa ko kahit may philhealth din ako?ofw naman po sya?pls.reply po my email add;

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Des Just your Philhealth Number and money to pay your contributions. You must continue your contributions to avail of the benefits. You can pay at Robinsons, some government offices have kiosk stations like Philhealth. They serve the public for easy and convenient transactions.

@Glades yeah you can. Just follow the instructions above. Thanks!

wheng 4 years ago

good day just wanna ask kung pwede ko bang maging dependent ang parents ko kung kukuha ako ng philhealth makakaavail din ba sila nito if they needed like hospitalazation? subalit yung mother ko my philhaelth num. na sya na icocontinue nalang ang bayaran. gusto ko sanang icoverd sila para ako nalang ang nag babayad. pwede po ba yun? Thanx.

River 4 years ago

hi! i am already a member of philhealth and want to continue my coverage. Do I still need to fill the MDR form when paying for my contribution at an accredited collecting agent? Or just fill the ppps only? THANKS

Naomy P. Villancio 4 years ago

Cerebral Hemorrhage (CVA-II) po ang case ng nanay ko, base sa findings ng doktor sa st John Hospital -NAga City. Sbi po nila nsa 38,000 po ang marereciv from Philhealth kya ung hospital bill po namin na mahigit 37,000 ay sapat na. Pero bkit po konti lng natanggap nmin from Philhealth kya tuloy ang laki pa po ng utang nmin sa hospital? Pls do explain po. Thanks and God bless.

kristine 4 years ago

what are the problem encounter in philhealth mebership and availment of benefits?how can you solve this problems?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@When hi! Yes you can list yopur parents as beneficiaries provided they are 60 and above and not active Philhealth member. Just submit PMRF and list them as beneficiary to update your record. Pay your contributions continuously so that you and your listed beneficiaries can avail of benefits

@River No need to fill the MDR. Just fill up a payment slip with your complete name, address, contact number, Philhealth Number and the period you want to pay. You better pay the rest of 2012 since premiums will rise this July. The minimum payment of P100 will become P200.

@Naomy you better inquire about this in person as I can’t answer your queries specifically.

@Krisine I think this question has been asked before. The answers depend upon many situations.

ronalyn 4 years ago

magkno po ba pagkukuha ng philhealth? pag self employed?

Jong 4 years ago


Tanong ko lang po puwede ba ma amend ang number ng PIN na binabayaran ng Vol/Self employed na member?Yong inutusan kasi magbayad ibang number ang nabayaran tapos po april-december 2012 pa naman ang binayaran. Yong nabayaran na PIN po may employer yon at updated din po and bayad niya sa employer niya.

profile image

budsneypes 4 years ago

good day,ngwork po ako dati at nahulugan na din ng employer ko ung phlhealth ko.ngaun po ngresyn n ako 2yrs ako.,ngselfemployed ako tapos ngbayad n ako ng quarterly april to dec?ang tanong ko lng po ang sb skn s offc ng phlhralth hnd ko magagamit un pg nanganak ako!bkt po ganun eh ang sabi dati skn magagamit ko kasi ganun din sa mga kawrok ko dati nagamit nila..kht po ba ngbayad na ako useless pa din un hnd ko na magagamit ang due date ko po kasi sa nov..thank u nd godbless.

naoj 4 years ago

helo po tanong ko lng po kung hanggang anong edad ng anak mo magiging benificiary ng philhelt.tnk u po god bless.

naoj 4 years ago

helo po ulit tanong ko lng po maam ofw ang asawa ko

Crystel Revilla 4 years ago

may philphealth po ang asawa ko nasa abroad xa nagyon. tas pano ko po ba ma avail yunphilhealth nya sa pa nganganak?

Josemercado 4 years ago

Can i have two philhealth membership, one as private individual and the other as an employee?

marmade_777 4 years ago

ask ko lng,ako po ang member at benificiary ko mom ko.Naconfine po mom ko madocs nung april 24 at nadischarge sya may 17 sa sakit na pneumonia,kidney failure at malnutricion.Umabot ng P293,000 ang binayaran nmin sa madocs.Nung isabay ipabawas ang philhealth ko P20,000 lng po ang nbawas.Habang papalait na po m-discharge mom ko,nagtataka po ako dhil iba-iba ang estimate nila sa bawas.Imbes na lumaki ang mababawas sa claim ko lumiliit po ang mbbawas sa philhealth ko.Nung una p-estimate ko ay nsa P28,000 na ang mbbawas skin pro nung sumunod ay P26,000 nlng gyung ang room nmin ay nsa P2,500 at bumaba sa 1,000 1 week bfore sya m-discharge.At nung m-discharge na mom ko ay P18,00 nlng po at nung mgrklamo na ako sa laki ng ginastos nmin ay ginawa 20,000 ito.Pwede po ba ako pmunta sa office nyo at mgparecompute kong paano umabot sa gnun halaga?pwede ko po ba mrefund yung ginastos nmin sa mga gamot na binili nmin outside ng hospital at sa drugstore binili nung time na nacash basis kmi?itnigil po kc ng hospita ang ibng service ng mom ko nung hndi nmin maibigay ang deposit na hinihingi nila.Ano po ba ang dpat nmn gwin?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Ronalyn P1200 per year or P100 per month is the minimum premium. But on 2013, it will be P2400 or P200 per month

@Jong I don’t think so. You must check your payment slip before paying. That’s why they have signature to make sure you agreed the items are correct and you agreed to pay that amount.

@Busney for maternity benefits they require at least 9 months of paid premiums.

@Naoj 18 and below

@Please read the requirements and procedures in the article above. Thank you.


According to Philhealth “Section 18-20 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 7875, as amended, mandates employers to enroll their employees, deduct from their salaries the required premium contribution, and remit the same, together with the corresponding employer share, to PhilHealth. As each employer has to adhere to this law, those who are engaged in multiple employment should consequently be deducted of their corresponding employee share by each and every employer with which they are currently employed.”

@Marmade yes anyone is gladly welcome anytime at the Philhealth office to entertain such concerns…That’s the best way to solve any clarification and agreement you want to settle. God bless..

mae 4 years ago

hi gud pm.. pwd pa po ba akong mgpa refund last december 2011 po ako nanganak pero hindi ako nka avail sa maternity kasi out of the country yung boss ko that time so hindi sya nkapirma sa form.. pwd pa ba ako mgpasa ngayon?...

Je_agudera 4 years ago

Ask ko lang po kung pwede po bang philhealth id, mdr, at marriage certificate ng parents ko ang isubmit ko if i-add ko mom ko as dependent?? Thanks po!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Mae you can file for availment up until 60 days after the day you were discharged from the hospital. In your case, you have up to first week of March only. Just avail next time maybe.

@Je You need to submit their marriage certificate and birth certificate.

gerlie 4 years ago

hi po! dependent ko po mother ko. ask ko lang po kc naoperahan sya ko last june 5, 2012 nagamit ko na po philhealth ko tapos after 6weeks kailangan po ulit sya operahan pwde ko po ba ulit magamit philhealth ko. Thank you po and God Bless!

eunice 4 years ago

I have recently lost my PhilHealth ID Card and my Membership Data Record. I don't know where to begin. Can you please help me?

LetA 4 years ago

Hi, si mother is already 60 yrs old, can she by my dependent na though she has non active pihlhealth account? Maybe naka 3 hulog lang sya. Thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Gerlie According to Philhealth this refers to single period of confinement or series of confinements for the same illness with intervals of not more than 90 days. “In such cases, members are not entitled to another set of benefits/allowances until after 90 days. In your case it’s only been 6 weeks. They can only avail of the unused portion of their benefits, and their room and board allowance until their 45-day allowance in a year is exhausted. Each member is entitled to a maximum of 45 days for room and board allowance per calendar year and another 45 days to be shared by all of the dependents. However, members can avail themselves of a new set of benefits if succeeding confinements are of different illnesses or conditions.”

@Eunice if you remember your Philhealth number, you are alright. If you forgot it, just ask your employer or better ask Philhealth. Bring a valid ID and your birth certificate as a proof it is you who’s inquiring.

@Leta Yes she can be listed as your beneficiary as she’s a senior citizen already and not an active Philhealth member in the present. Just submit your mom’s NSO authenticated birth certificate, your birth certificate and PMRF. Show some IDs too. Thank you.

marmade_777 4 years ago

good day po.Ako po ang member at sa mother ko po nagamit ang philhealth ko.Naadmit po sya nung april 24-may 17.Gusto ko lng po malaman paano nccompute ang philhealth? depende po ba ito sa sakit, ano po ang basehan ng hospital sa computation? iisa lng po ba ang pngbabasehan ng philhealth at ng hospital? paano po nmin masisiguro na ang computation ng hospital ay tama at patas sa aming mga miyembro? ang representative po ba ng philhealth ng hospital ay empleyado nyo mismo o empleyado ng hospital at n-train at png-aralan ang tungkol sa philhealth at mga benefits nito? naitanong ko po ito pgkat palaisipan po sa akin at maaari ko isipin na ang loyalty ng empleyado ay pumabor sa hospital at hndi sa amin. Dahil po 1 week bgo mdischarge mother ko ngpa-estimate ako kng mgkano mbabawas sa philhealth ko.Nung una P25,500 sumunod P28,000 at ang huli bumaba pa sa P26,600.Nung discharge na ng mom ko P18,000 nlng ito at nung ngreklamo po ako dhil sa paiba-iba computation ay wala rw po cla mgagawa.Buti pa ang senior ng mother ay umabot pa ng P30,000.Nkadagdag pa sa tanong after 1 hour ay may umakyat sa room nmin at inihabol na P20,100 na ang mbabawas sa philhealth ko.Governmnt employee po ako since 1989 at ngyon ko lng po ngamit philheath ko.Ngpnta po ako sa philhealth manila at nkita ko na sa paskel nyo na sa isng particular na sakit ay my equivalent na amount na mbabawas gaya ng pneumonia na my P35,000 at my P15,000 na pwede mabawas.Bkit hndi ito n-aaply sa mom ko gayung isa ito sa naging sakit nya? patunay dto na bumili kmi outside ng ospital ng doriebax pra sa pneumonia na ang halaga ay P2,700 ang isa, 3 times a day for 1 week nung time na pinag-cash basis kmi nung hospital dahil every other day hinihingan nila kmi ng deposit at nung hndi kmi mkpgcomply inalis nila ang mga services sa mother ko.Paano ko mababawi ang ginastos ko sa gamot nung may3 up to may 17 na mdischarged sya? Ngpromissory note kmi sa hospital at iniwan collateral ang titulo nmin sa visayas.Nngutang kmi sa ibang tao ng halaga P120,000 pra maibayad sa hospital at makuha ang titulo at nung makuha nmin ang titulo ay isinanla nmn nmin uli ng P200,000 pra ang iba ay maipangbayad nmn sa PF ng mga doctor.Naitanong ko na po ang mga ito sa philhealth manila at wala po clear na sagot sa mga tanong ko.Pwede po ba masagot nyo ang mga tanong ko at ngyon plng po ay nagpapasalamat na ako at umaasa mapaliwanagan nyo ako.Salamat po.

april 4 years ago

hi,ask ko lang po if pwede ko pa din magamit ung philhealth benefits ko kapag nanganak ako even if hindi philhealth accredited yung lying-in na papanganakan ko?,waiting for your response.thank you very much.

all 4 years ago

sir, ask ko lang po kong pwede pa ako maka refund 2008 pa po, wla po kc dumating s akin BPN ang pinagbayaran ko ay 170, 363.50 pesos.hindi ko naacikaso dahil s calamba po naadmit mother ko.i'm a government employee.

patrick 4 years ago

Puwede po ba akong magpmember as employed sa kahit anong branch at kung may bayad po ba un? May nababasa po kasi ako na coverage area sa bawat branch kaya nagdadalawang isip po ako kung saang branch ppunta. Thank you.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Marmade I feel you. I think to be cleared and fair once and for all, you must hear the side of Philhealth. Show your papers and bills to them as soon as possible and clarify anything you want to know. Only them they could answer your questions regarding the specific computations. I hope and pray your mom is better now because it is what matters most than all those hospital bills. Money can be replaced anytime.. Health is much more important. But your case must be settled. If that really bothers you, you must go to Philhealth and discuss this matter. Thank you and God bless.

@April they must be accredited by Philhealth

@All hi there. All I know is that you can file your availment until 3 months from the date of your confinement.

@Patrick hello. Just go to the branch in your area where your company is near. Ask your company about it. They will register you once you’re employed by them. It is mandatory. Registration is free but you need to pay your contributions each month or quarterly, whatever your company chose.

Eunice 4 years ago

Thank you so much. :)

rosalie 4 years ago

just want to ask how can i avail of the benefits of my husband who was hospitalized for almost four months due to car accident. we are working here in Riyadh as nurse and our employer is the Ministry of Health. he was operated for the cervical trauma and fracture on the leg. quadriplegic na sya at tanggal na sa work. he was discharged last May lang at kailangan ng therapy. as one of the requirements kailangan ng statement of account or official receipt ng hospital bill. di po ako maka produce nyan kasi nga wala kaming binayaran dahil sa government hosp din sya naconfine. ano pong gagawin ko?

debbie 4 years ago

just want to ask if nag start po akong magbayad october 2011..pwede ko na ba syang magamit 'tong june 2012?for CS operation sana..they said dapat 9 mos daw nakabayad..i don't understand if after 9 mos ba o with in 9 mos, kasi june e 9 mos na ang philhealth ko

renee 4 years ago

I just want to ask if qualified po ako for maternity benefit, and I am due this July 2012.. My previous employer had paid only from Sep-November 2011 then I just voluntarily paid my contribution for April-Sep 2012..I've resigned this May 2012 and I've found out na hindi niremit ng previous employer ko ung monthly contributions ko from Dec 2011-May 2012.

ivy 4 years ago

gud day!!ask q lng po qng madali lng po makakuha ng philhealth ID?and pwede po b aq makakakuha nun,member po aq,ung employer q po ang ngapply ng philhealth q,pro evrsince po d p nahuhulugan un,now po my new job aq,then philhealth ID po ang requiremnts nla,pwede dn po b nla hulugan un kht ung dati qng employer ang ngapply?pls po answer asap..tnx

junjun 4 years ago


Good day! Ask ko lang, kasi ung father ko almost 20 YEARS na syang naghuhulog sa philhealth pero ngresign sya at the age of 45, ngayon nkaconfine sya, pwede pa rin ba nyang maavail un, kasi kahit minsan di nya nagmit ung philhealth card nya?

marmade_777 4 years ago

gud day po.ask ko lng po kung nrrefund ba ang ngastos nmin nung kmi ay ngcash basis kmi na binili nmin sa hospital mismo at ang iba outside ng hospital?almost P 70,000 po kc ngastos nmin nung cash basis na kmi at hndi ito naibawas sa philhealth ko nung direct filing at inihabol ko nlng po ito later hbang hndi pa naissubmit sa inyo ng hospital.Ibabalik po ba ito ng buo o kng hndi mn ilng percent po?censya na po kng inaalam ko kc alam ko maari 2 months pa bgo mkarating sa inyo philhealth galing hospital at another 2 months dn yta mgtatagal bgo nyo maayos ito at bago kyo mgpadala ng bpn bgo nmin mlaman.Salamat po

darwin 4 years ago

gandang araw po sa inyo. tanong ko lang po kung makakaavail ako ng benefits sa philhealth. 2008 pa po ak0 member, kaso putol-putol ang hulog ko. but then, this January 2012, i paid for the whole yr. manganganak po ako by first week ng August, will i be able to avail the benefits? naguguluhan lang po.. slamat sa iyong paliwanag..

KC 4 years ago

magkano napo ang bayad ng mga voluntary member ngayon? sabi sabi po kc magtataas. thank you

Win 4 years ago

Can I update my Philhealth information from employed to individual contributor then I'll pay the whole year contribution? Until when can avail the benefits from the time I update it? Thanks!

all 4 years ago

thanks a lot sir...

ROSE 4 years ago

is MRI procedure covered by Philhealth benefit?

profile image

nhes29 4 years ago

elow pho..ask ko lng po if what requirment ipapasa after manganak ako para po ma avail ko philhealth?

JANE OMAGA 4 years ago

hello po.. ask ko po sana , huling gamit ko po ng philhealth ko nung Sept 2006 then nagresign po ako sa work ko nung April 2007.. From MAY 2007 until 2011 ndi po na ako nakapaghulog sa Philhealth, . naghulog ako ulit sa Philhealth MArch 2012 until now continues.. I have 2 Question ? 1. pwede ko po ba bayaran yung skip ko na months na hindi ako nakapaghulog? 2. pwede ko po ba maavail ang Philhealth ko khit 4months pa lang ullit ako na naghuhulog?.... thanks

Verve 4 years ago

Hello po, i lost my job last december 2011. Ngayon po i'm 5 months and 3 wks pregnant and my estimated due date this coming october. My philhealth membership was paid last december 2011, and starting january onwards hindi nako nakapag bayad. Can i still used my benefits sa panganganak ko this coming october? Need advised on what to do para magamit ko po yung philehealth benefits po. Thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Eunice Pleasure :)

@Rosalie the documents must be complete before you can claim your benefits. If the hospital didn’t issue you a receipt, ask for a Statement of Account instead which contains the breakdown of charges for room and board, medical supplies, laboratory procedures, operating room fee and professional fee.

@Debbie for maternity claims, you must have paid nine months prior to the date of your delivery..

@Renee you must request receipts indicating payment from Dec 20122-May 2012 to claim for your Philhealth maternity benefits

@Ivy You don’t need Philhealth ID to pay, all you need is your Philhealth Number and we only have one Philhealth Number for life. Ask your previous employer about your PN

@Jun-Jun He can avail if he is an active member or he is listed as a beneficiary of a Philhealth Member (example his wife or his children-if he’s 60)

@Marmade request a computation from Philhealth office, only they can assess regarding your claim. Different ceiling and allowances are applied to each coverage kase

@Darwin Good day! For maternity benefits, you must at least have paid 9 months, before your due date. If Sept, maybe you can avail.

@KC P200 per month beginning July 2012

@Win Yes you can update anytime. Just go to Philhealth and file an update form –PMRF and pay your corresponding premiums. You can pay either by monthly or quarterly or yearly. You can avail of benefits if you have at least 3 months paid premiums within the 6 months prior to confinement.

@Rose yes if it’s inpatient procedure

@Nhes Please read the article, it was discussed above. Thank you.

@Jane you can only pay the current month and the following months but not the months that you have missed.

@Verve If you have read the article, you must know that it requires at least 9 months of payment

myra 4 years ago

hello po..pede pa po ba mahulugan from jan to june na contribution? nakalimutan po hulugan e,voluntary member..but amost 4yrs na kmi naghuhulog..nakalimutan lang mhulugan itong jan to june..mahahabol pa po ba? kasi manganganak po ako sa oct 2012..can i still avail the benefit?

anna moreno 4 years ago

Ask ko lang po kasi hindi ko nagamit ang philhealth ko sa tatlong anak ko,pwede pa ba ito gamitin kung sakaling magbuntis at manganak ako.

Meeyoungjean 4 years ago

TOTOO PO BA NA ANG KELANGAN NA MAGING BENEFIARY AY AGE 60 ABOVE? Kc gusto ko maging benefiary din ang mother ko pero age 50 plng siya. PLEASE RESPONSE THANK YOU.

vheng dizon 4 years ago

magku po ba ang monthly sa philhealth ngayon? balita ko po kc magiging 200 na per month totoo po ba yon at tsaka kailan po mag istat yun?

Mimi 4 years ago

Hi Mam, ask ko lng if lam nyo po ba kung gano katagal bago makuha yung philhealth number after mgregister..

Thank you :-)

rich 4 years ago

gud day. ask ko lang po kung pwede magclaim ng benefits kapag nanganak live in partner ko. 2 years na ako member. ung live in partner ko kasi ala philhealth, ako lng meron. valid po ba iyon? anu po pwede ko mai file na claims for my baby?

ventocoseuss 4 years ago

@Myra: Hindi na po mahahabol ang payments na yun. I'm sad to say na hindi nyo din po ma-aavail ang PhilHealth benefits nyo for this delivery. However, your baby can avail the Newborn Care Package, which consists of BCG and Hepa B vaccination, Newborn Screening and Hearing Test.

@Anna Moreno: Basta po regular ang pagbabayad, pwedeng magamit! Kung medical case po yan, kailangan natin ng 3 months contribution before admission, and kung surgical/maternity case yan, possible na kailangan ng 9 months contribution before admission.

@Meeyoungjean: Opo, kailangan, 60 years old and parent-dependent. For now, pwede muna syang mag-member as Individually-paying.

@vheng dizon: At present, ang premium payment po is 100 per month, and will increase on October 2012. This increase is due to increased benefits waiting for PhilHealth members!

@Mimi: After registration and paying your first premium benefits, you can already ask for your PhilHealth Identification Number, or PIN.

@Rich: Hindi po magagamit ang PhilHealth nyo for the delivery, however, your baby can avail the Newborn Care Package, which consists of BCG and Hepa B vaccination, Newborn Screening and Hearing Test.

jem 4 years ago

ask ko lang po employed po ng 6 months pero nbuntis po sya then tumigil po sya sa work 5 months po sya buntis maavail po b nya ung maternity package?

ginabeyb 4 years ago

hi gud pm po :) ask lang po kung my makukuha na cash ang isang miyembro na MASA, mag papa lasser po 50k po ang hinihingi samin ng dr. kmi na daw po ang mag ayus ng philhealth,ask lang po kung my maibabalik na pera samin at mag kano.?

salamat po :)

Jelyca sayson 4 years ago

Ilang tao ba ang pwede e list down sa pwedeng gumamit?

cy 4 years ago

hi, binasa ko po comments sa maternity benefits pero di ata nasagot tanong ko. Due ko this August, i paid my contributions lang from Jan-June, since 9months dapat nabayaran para maclaim benefit, pwede po bang iadvance ko ung 3months? this July babayaran ko ung for July-Sept, makakaavail na po ba ako? thanks much po sa sasagot, namomoblema kasi kami. sayang din po un.

kristen 4 years ago

hi! ask ko lang po if qualified kami for reimbursement.bale na-confine po anak ko last june16-21.late na dumating yung philhealth docs from company ng mr ko so binayaran ko muna yung portion ng philhealth.kaso po yung philhealth contribution ng asawa ko (seaman) hindi pala nabayaran yung 5mos na itinigil nya dito .last payment nya was nov and na-update lang uli nung april.but i noticed that their company was paying late talaga.yung for april nila binabayaran may na ,then yung for may binayaran nung june.pano po kaya un? tnx..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jem as long as her Philhealth payment is continuous, she can surely avail benefits.

@Ginabeyb what exactly is MASA?

@Jelyca spouse, senior citizen who are not active Philhealth members, and children

@Cy Jan-Aug ay 8 months lang since you’re due on August. Maybe you can ask a consideration at Philhealth if you have proven your premiums are intact and continuous.

@Kristen show the payment receipts, even if Philhealth was late posting them once you have shown the receipts, then you will be approved of the availment as long as continuous payment ng asawa mo

hoenhyme 4 years ago

my wife is pregnant.and shes sked for aug 15 for labor.she tried to apply for benefits in deduction to room a seafarer and had been oboard since jan 30, contract is only 6 months. the problem is she was denied to have the benefits..she tried to ask if she could pay for my contributions..just to avail the benefits..again she was far as i know minimun 3 months right?ive been working already for 5 contracts already. then why can't she avail?

suzzy 4 years ago

gud am...dependent kasi ako ng husband ko and having as cs operation dis coming sept.. is it true na may babalik pa sa amin na money kung all in all magagastos lang namin sa hospital is 8k, since 19k ang cs maternity package nila, ang mababalik sa amin yung 11K? ganun ba yun? tks for enlightning me..

Monina 4 years ago

Gud am po! Isa po akong government employee. Ask ko lang po, ang mother ko ay naconfine sa hospital noong June 17,2012 at nadischarge noong June 26, 2012 dependent ko po siya at nagamit ko naman ang philhealth ko sa kanya. Ngayon po naconfine uli siya sa hospital pwede po bang gamitin ung philhealth ng brother ko na isang ofw dependent niya po ang mother ko kasi walang siya anak

karen 4 years ago

hi! i'm Karen a private school teacher before i stop this june because i'm pregnant,when i check my philhealth status my employer paid may contribution from january up to march.ngayun ko lang nalaman na hindi na nila nabayan yung following months ko so gusto ko sana malaman ay kung magbabayad ako ngayun ng hanggang december contributions ko pwede ko pa ba magamit ang philhealth ko kc october 17-22 ang panganganak ko. ty and god bless..

maricar c. ligad 4 years ago

hi im maricar c. ligad,just want to know the status of my benefit claims,im an active member of your company,from the local government of surigao city.i gave birth last sept 29,2010.until now i haven't received yet any refund of my claims.pls kindly give me any information about it.thank you...

Amera 4 years ago

Gud day! Ofw ako for almost 17 years and im active member, dko pa nggamit ang benefits ko.. Pede bang magamit ng mga anak ko sa pilipinas? Kahit wala sakanila ang id ko sa philhealth?

merlyn 4 years ago

hi gud evening.ask lang po ako,nanganak ako noong november 2011 cs po sa private hospital 40k plus yong bill ko bale yong pera na nabayad lahat sa hospital.pero nabawasan na yan sa philhealth yong 40k ngayon may notice po galing philhealth mayrong 19k sa hospial and lab.ang tanong ko,makukuha ko ba eto ang 19k?please reply me.salamat

profile image

ayenna 4 years ago

Gud am, ask ko lang po kasi last october-december 2010 hindi ako nakapaghulog pero buong 2011 up to present update ako. By december 2012 po kasi cs delivery ko. ma-avail ko po kaya ba ang benefits ng philhealth? thanks po! have a nice day :)

karen buan 4 years ago

hello po.. ask ko lang po sana if m aavail ko ung maternity benefits kahit hindi ako kasal???tnx

Marian Montaos 4 years ago

Hi Good am po mam ilang percent po ba ang naibabawas ng philhealth sa dengue patient . . ? nakaconfine po kasi ung boyfriend ko and inask q po kung ilang percent sabi 30 percent lang dw po? ang pagkaalam ko po kasi is 40 percent po ang naleless sa philhealth? thanks po sana po matulungan niyo po aq sa question q.. nakaconfine po kasi sia til now dahil sa dengue

mimi 4 years ago

Hi Mam, pano ko po malalaman kung nahuhulugan po talaga ung philhealth ko? Thank You and God Bless :)

Gali 4 years ago

Hi, Good pm po. Nagkasakit po ako ng Dengue last January 2012. Na-confine po ako sa magkahiwalay na hospital. una po akong naconfined sa Fatima at inilipat ako ng chinese gen. which is philhealth accredited pareho. nakuha ko na po yun refund ko sa unang hospital kaso dun po sa nilipatan kong hospital ay denied dahil daw pareho ang sakit ko. di po ba pwede claim ang refund kapag parehong sakit?

carlos 4 years ago

guday po,nagregister npo ako online den dpat po na mktangap ako ng email pra sa confirmation pro wala po,so ndi ko alam kung tlagang valid ung registration ko o hindi,ano po ba ang ggwin ko?dpat po bng pumunta nlang ako s any branch n mlapit smin pra doon nlng ako magpamember personlly?

meeyoungjean 4 years ago

hi. ask ko lang mgbabayad ulit ba ako ng kulang ko sa philhealth kc advance ung pgbabayad ko bale bayad na ako hanggang december 2012. db sav mgincrease daw sa october. panu po un e bayad na ako hanggang dec 2012? ano po ggawin ko

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Hoenhyme the minimum requirement for pregnancy cases is 9 months of premiums or contributions.

@Suzzy and Merlyn Philhealth has special ceiling amount for benefits depending on the member’s salary, contributions, and the case in the hospital covered. The exact amount you will reimburse can be computed precisely by Philhealth. You can contact their hotline for this info. Thanks and God bless.

@Monina Only one member can declare entitlement of benefit to a beneficiary. However, you can avail your unused portion of your benefits. According to Philhealth, this case refers to “Single Confinement which is a confinement or series of confinements for the same illness or case with intervals of not more than 90 days. In such cases, members are not entitled to another set of benefits/allowances until after 90 days.

Members then can only avail of the unused portion of their benefits, and their room and board allowance until their 45-day allowance in a year. Each member is entitled to a maximum of 45 days for room and board allowance per year and 45 days to be shared by all of the dependents.

But members can avail themselves of a new set of benefits if succeeding confinements are of different illnesses or conditions.

@Karen you can only pay last month or this quarter and the following months and quarter in case you missed payments in the past. If you are a regular-paying-member, you can ask consideration for this by showing proofs to Philhealth of your continuous payment in the past.

@Maricar please contact Philhealth officially. This is not their main website. Thank you.

@Amera you can add your kids as beneficiaries by updating your Philhealth member’s records and submitting the PMRF form together with their birth certificates. Yes, they can avail of Philhealth benefits then.

@Ayenna yes, what is important is that your premiums in the present period/year are continuously paid.

@Karen as long as your membership is active

@Marian see my comment for Suzzy above thank you.

@Mimi Bring your Philhealth number and valid ID and check your contributions at Philhealth. Or register at their online services.

@Gali See my reply at Monina above. Thank you.

@Carlos wait after 2 to 3 days for your confirmation

@Meeyoungjean Don’t worry. Just pay your January next year na. Yes P200/per month na ang minimum payment next year

mj 4 years ago

hi ! ask ko lang pwede ba papalitan ang birthday ng mother ko kc sa philhealth id nia nakalagay sept 29,1962.. pero nklgay s birth certificate ay march 25,1963. now lng nmen napansin .my error.. Pano po procedure ng pgpapalit? ask ko din po pg mga 2yrs ng hnd nakakapaghulog,pwede pa po bang ituloy ko ung pghuhulog ng contribution??

Jo Anne 4 years ago

Hi! Nagresign po ko ng Jan 2011 kaya d na po nahuhulugan ung philhealth ko. Tapos nakapagwork ko ng July 23, 2012. Nagkasakit ko starting August 3, 2012 ng chicken pox. May way po ba na maka-avail ko ng philhealth sickness benefit?

ara 4 years ago

sss pensioner ang ama ko tapos naoperahan xa ng appendix.ang tanong ko po maka avail ba ang tatay ko ng sickness benefits kahit kahit pensioner na xa?f maka avail xa ano po ba ang mga requirements...salamat po!

Malou 4 years ago

Si tatay ko po ay isa sa mga beneficiaries ko. Pag naconfine po ba siya pwede nya magamit ang philhealth ko? papaano po?

joan31 4 years ago

Im an ex OFW from HK... nagbayad po ako ng contribution ko last year Aug 2011 for 1 one year... nag finish contract po ako last feb and now I'm 2 mos pregnant... Tanong ko lang po kung pwede ko ba ma reimburse yung mga labaratory fees, ultasound at prenatal check up at OB GYne fees for the month of July 2012?.. accredited po ng Philhealth yung hospital na pinag chek upan ko..

Roy Bagtas 4 years ago

Dear Philhealth,

Ask ko lang po sana if possible po bang ma add ko yung anak ko as benefeciary/dependent kahit hindi kami kasal ng asawa ko.

Thank You.

Froi 4 years ago

Hi ! ask ko lang po if makakapgavail ako ng maternity benefits. I was employed last march and manganganak ako ng october or november.

Edz 4 years ago

Hi!ask ko lang pO sana qng ilang months before mag-expire ang philhealth cheque.kc po ung cheque nmin di pa makuha due to some husband q po kc nakapangalan un eh Ofw po sya.ayaw kc ibigay sakin kahit may SPA aq.Ano po b dapat gawin?ty much

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@MJ hello. Yes, just bring her NSO authenticated birth certificate and update her Philhealth records. Fill up a PMRF form. I think I’ve included the link in the article. It’s free to download. Yes, you can always continue your coverage. Just go to Philhealth and pay your premiums for this month and the following months. Don’t forget your Philhealth number when paying.

@Jo Anne members are required to have paid at least 3 months of premium contributions within the immediate 6 months before confinement to avail of benefits. (9 months for maternity cases). In your case, you must pay your premiums to meet the requirement.

@Ara If he is your beneficiary, yes he can avail of benefits. You must list him as one of your beneficiaries. He can also receive benefits if he is a Lifetime Philhealth member who is a retiree and have reached a 120 months contributions.

@Malou yes he can as long as you listed him as your beneficiary

@Joan yes, just go to Philhealth and bring the requirements listed above plus your receipts when you paid your Aug 2011 to Aug 2012

@Roy this is not the official website of Philhealth. We only exchange and share things here related to Philhealth. To your question, yes you can add your child as beneficiary. Just bring his NSO BC at Philhealth and update your records.

@Froi you can basta you have paid at least 9 months of premiums when you avail

@Edz until the date on the check. Wow, why don’t they give it to you, you have SPA and you’re the wife. Only them can tell why.. Try mo ulit maybe they were not convinced enough with the documents you have shown.

lily 4 years ago

kapag po ba binayaran ko philhealth ng buong taon nito mga ilang araw po kaya bago ako mag pa-confine? need immediate response po. thank you.....

aileen 4 years ago

i would like to ask if mgagamit ng mom ko ung philhealth ko. OFW po ako at nkita ko sa Owwa ko na receipt ang payment ko lng 1yr e contrata ko po dito 2yrs. panu po ba yun possible ba na magamit ng mum ko ung philhealth ko? if ang operation nya pag uwi ko by this oct. My payment was last Oct 6, 2010-Oct 6, 2011 for 1yr. and i had previous payment for 5yrs when im working in the philippines. My beneficiary also my mom but she 's not yet 60yrs old she's going 56-57 yrs old. Is it possible to use it?or i need to pay my another 1yr.thanks and hoping for your positive response.Have a good day ahead!!

profile image

ayenna 4 years ago

tnx po :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Lily you are required to have at least 3 months of paid premiums in the immediate 6 months before your confinement. If you have paid this whole year, you can receive benefits anytime within this year.

@Aileen Yes, your mom can avail Philhealth benefits if you listed her as your beneficiary. Did you list her? If not, you can do this by updating your membership records. Add her as your beneficiary. Submit PMRF together with her NSO authenticated birth certificate. The PMRF is free to download. See the link I have added in the article. Thanks and God bless.

@Ayenna you are welcome always. :)

tristan 4 years ago

Hi Sir./Ma'am, ask ko lang po kung ano ung gagawin sa case na 2.

I'm working right now, but before that they gave an 3months probationary period. By that, they did not yet include me in the corporate account and then for three months they didn't contribute also to my employees benefits. Now, what I am asking is this, how can I pay those 3months lapses in my philhealth contribution? It looks like BACK PAY, is it possible? Should they put deduction on it? or what? Thanks in advance!

apple 4 years ago

Dear PhilHealth,

I hope you can help me. Ask ko lang po kung magagamit ko philHealth ko kahit June 2012 pa lang ako nahulugan. Kc po mangaganak ako sa October. Thanks!

consciousgirl 4 years ago

hi! ask ko lang po kung paano po gagawin ko kasi married na po ako but separated na and now i'm pregnant with my live-in partner tapos sa philhealth ko po ang nakaregister pa po ay single pa po ako ano po ang dapat ko pong gawin? maraming salamat po

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Tristan you cannot pay them anymore since it’s late. We cannot pay retroactively our insurance payments. However you can pay the current month and the following months.

@Apple this is not Philhealth’s official domain. For maternity cases, Philhealth requires at least 9 months prior to availing benefits.

@Consciousgirl if you are married and not yet legally separated you must update your status as married. No worries, as long as you’re an active member, you can still avail benefits even if your marital status is not yet updated. You can just update it when you have time. For now, make sure your premiums are intact and completely paid.

andrew casipi 4 years ago

Hi sir...I would just like to ask if I can use my philhealth for my mom's checkup, she's 72y.o.? Thanks. Hope to hearing from you..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

If she's listed as your beneficiary she can avail of benefits provided you are an active member

jack 4 years ago

Hi Sir good day; Na-confine baby ko last April; The hospital sent the requirments to Philhealth but the CF1 form was returned back to them; then my mother sent me message na kailangan ko daw ipadala ulit ung CF1 form kc lapse na daw ung requirments na kailang ng Philhealth Yesterday (08/15/2012); so I sent it yesterday kaya lang sabi ng hospital kmi na daw magbabayad ng bills sa knila since di nakpag issue ang PHil ng Check sa hospital to pay the bills and doctors fee; Pwede pa po bang i-resubmit ung mga requirements? thnx in advance Sir.

Marissa20 4 years ago

Hi po,

Ask ko lang po, I was confined last week for 4 days. I just got the result of my urine culture test after 3 days upon discharge. and made a follow up check up with my doctor the same day. He advise me for readmission because the medicines used were listed resistant in my urine culture result and no antibiotics listed are to be taken orally. The information personnel told me that I can only use my philhealth after a year of confinement because it is of the same diagnosis. If ever po ba na maconfine talaga ko d ko talaga pde gamitin philhealth o pde ko naman po mareimburse yun dahil di ko naman po naconsume yung 45 days allowance alloted for me?

NORMS66 4 years ago

Can an illegitimate premature child (Caesarian Section, put in incubator for several days) avail of the benefits from the PHILHEALTH? The father is a member of the Arm Forces of the Philippines. The mother has no work. Please help!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jack Just choose the other option in availing – direct filing at Philhealth if the hospital already charged you without Philhealth deductions.

@Marissa yes you can avail for unused portions of the 45-day allowance for room and board allowance. However, for other benefits, a 90-day interval is required to same confinement (same illness). Wait after 90 days to avail again

profile image

Marissa20 4 years ago

Hi po,

thanks po for ur immediate response. : D

Chenggay 4 years ago

Hi po.

Na-admit po father ko (61y.o) sa E.R.(3hrs) pero nid sya mailipat ng hospital so we transferred him sa mas malaking hospital. Na-admit sya dun ng 3pm pero binawian din sya ng buhay around 4:30am the following day. Beneficiary po sya ng sister ko. May health card din father ko c/o my sister pero di lahat nacovered. May make-claim pa po ba kami sa philhealth nya since beneficiary sya ng sister ko?

Thank you so much in advance.

bianca zarate 4 years ago

good day po...

ask ko lang po pano po kung wala na po ako sa work ko, and gagamitin ko po yung philhealth ko po ngayong month or next month kasi po manganganak ako, sila pa rin po ba ang ilalagay ko na employer ko po?... gusto ko po malaman kung pano po gagawin ko...

4 years ago

Pwede po bng tru fax pag send ng asawa ko ung authorization at copy of id sa reimbursement claim.

lovely 4 years ago

hi po,ask ku lang po kung pwidi ku ba magamit ang philhealth ng asawa ku isa po xang ofw,member din po aku ng philhealth kaso nahinto na dahil wala na po akung work.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Marissa it’s a pleasure Ma’am. Thank you for dropping by.

@Changgay yes, as long as he is listed as beneficiary of an active Philhealth member, he may be entitled for benefits

@Bianca good morning. You need to have continuous contributions to avail and claim benefits from Philhealth. If you’re not working now, you can update your status and switch as Individual Paying Member and pay the following months you didn’t pay yet. If you are availing, just list the present status in the application form (individual paying member) at the date of your hospitalization

@H Authorization letter must be original since they are looking for the original print of signature.

@Lovely Hello. Yes, if your husband listed you as beneficiary. Ask him to file PMRF if he didn’t list you before. Then let him list your name and your children in the PMRF so you can avail benefits from Philhealth when you need them

henry 4 years ago

just ask this question: im an OFW, i paid my PHILHEALTH contribution Last May 4, 2011 in POEA along with my OEC. Naadmit po daughter ko last Aug. 21, 2012 for a Dengue and UTI case sa FEU-NRMF QC, after 4 days ang bill po ay more than P29,000 paano po ba ang pag classify ng billing rate sa Dengue at UTI cases? and hospital said not valid daw yung Philhealth ko for bill deductions dahil 900 pesos lang daw contributions ko. Kindly advice pls.

mywill4ever profile image

mywill4ever 4 years ago from From the place where happy people LIVES and that's what we call

can we get all the payment we made if we are permanently leaving philippines and live abroad ? hope you can answer me this. thanks much.

lakeslave 4 years ago

gusto ko lang po itanong kung bakit maliit lang yung deduction nung na hospital yung anak ko.

kakapanganak ko lang po last June 2012 lahat po ng bill ko sa hospital na reimburse (direct filling kami sa philhealth) binalik nila lahat ng nagastos namin sa hospital then after two months na-admit yung baby ko as dahil sa dysentery 3days kami sa hospital at 13k yung bill namin pero 5k parin yun balance na binayaran namin (deducted na sya agad sa hospital).

audrey7 4 years ago

hi po ask ko lang po kung pwede ko magamit philhealth ng asawa ko 4 my delivery dis coming nov. kaso d p po nya me benificiary kasal na po kami kaso d po agad namin nafile name ko 4 beneficiary ofw po sya dis nov po uwi nya...pwde nya po ba me ipasok as beneficiary tapos pag ok na mgamit ko na din po ba agad philhealth nya thanks po..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Henry you can avail if your Philhealth contributions are continuous. With your case, it was only up to 2011. You must have paid up to 2012 to avail of benefits.

@Mywill4ever Nope because it is an insurance not a savings account or same fund as that

@Lakeslave it may be because you have used the potion allotted for the maximum allowance for room and board allowance.

@Audrey yes, he needs to add you as his beneficiary asap so you can avail on your date of confinement. He must submit your NSO authenticated marriage certificate and his updated PMRF at Philhealth. He can authorize you to submit these docs on his behalf since he’s not here in the Philippines for now. Also make sure his contributions are paid up to the date of your confinement

Loi A. 4 years ago

ilan porsiento po ang pwede ko makuha upon discharge if ang ginamit kong philhealth is from husband who i a OFW,, the finding is Amoebiasis.

profile image

csash 4 years ago

manganganak ako this october pero may namissed akong 3mos payment so hindi ko maaavail yung benefits. pwede bang gamitin ng dad ng anak ko ang philhealth niya kahit di kami kasal?

profile image

csash 4 years ago

pag magiindividual payment, hihingi ba ng contributions of records sa dating employer or dirstsyo na sa philhealth office?

cooletsky_26 4 years ago

manganganak po ako this month of nov. 1st week want ko po mag apply ng phil heath if ever bang mag file ako ng membership eh magagamit ko this month of nov??

cheeryl 4 years ago

good day!

imployed po ako sa isang company,naadmit po sa hospital yong baby ko

e dedischarge na klame kaso yong philhealt ko d makita yong contribution ko d ko ma process kasi daw yong philhealth sa cebu office nag d pa nag upgrade yong system so di makita yong contribution ko.ang ginawa ko nlang po kami yong nag byad ng bill sa hospital w/out philhealth question ko po paanu po ito ma refund?

Gracious Rennette 4 years ago

hello po, member po ako ng phil health pero di na po ako nag wowork kaya di na ako nakakahulogsince march 2012, pede ko po bang hulugan yung phil health ko ulit para ma gamit ko ulit for discounts? manganganak na po kasi ako ngaun october. . paano po yun? baka e CS po ako kaya Gusto ko magamit yung Phil Health ko, member po ako ng Phil health since sept. 2010 po. sana matulungan nyo po ako.

Gracious Rennette 4 years ago

Ask ko din po kung pede po bang gamitin ko ang phil health account ng Partner ko sa panganganak? Diba po, Pag anak automatic naman pong bennificiary yun? Magagamit ko po ba yung Ape davit of co habitation patunay po na nag sasama kami, di pa po kasi kami Kasal, magagamit ko po kaya yung account nya sa panganganak ko ? 4 months na po xang member ng philhealth, every week po xa kinakaltasan ng campany worth 100 pesos+. sana matulunan nyo po ako.. tnx and God Bless.

KYLE 4 years ago


KYLE 4 years ago


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Loi you can ask the hospital or the doctor you’re involved with that.

@Csash to your first question, yes you can avail under your husband’s as long as he listed you as his beneficiary and he is an active Philhealth member. Second question, you can go directly to Philhealth office for that

@Coolet for maternity, they require at least 9 months of contributions, in your case, they might not approve your availment

@Cheeryl you can do direct filing by submitting the documents required. Read the article above so you know them. Thanks and God bless.

@Gracious for maternity cases, they require 9 months of contributions. You must have continued your membership and shifted to individual paying member so you can avail but I think it’s late now since you won’t complete the 9 months requirement. Anyway, I recommend you update your membership so you can avail next time.

@Kyle congratulations for your successful online application. It is so easier and much convenient now. :) Then next step is to pay your premiums. I recommend you pay at Philhealth office or Philhealth stations at Robinsons Malls because it’s your first payment and so that your contributions will be posted asap. It’s better you pay the whole year so it would be less work and time consuming. That way, you can’t miss a month or more, and it will be easy for benefits availment too. Make sure, you bring your Philhealth number when paying. Also list the correct name and period of payments. Keep your receipts and keep a file of them forever.

Philhealth IDs are not considered as accepted IDs like GSIS, SSS, Passport and the like (currently). So why have one? Just keep your Philhealth number and you will be fine. :)

Wow, thank you so much. Na-touch naman ako don :) Salamat.

KYLE AGAIN 4 years ago


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

if you paid the whole year, it will take effect at the month you are availing the benefit or the month of confinement. The eligibility is based on that period and your paid contributions prior to that period

nhes 4 years ago

hello...ill just want to ask why until now i don't have the card for philthealth it almost 9mnths already?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

As long as you have your Philhealth number, it's like having that card already :)

Gracious Rennette 4 years ago

Hindi ko p ba pedeng magamit yung PhilHealth ng asawa ko? member po xa since june 2012. baka may paraan po para maka discounts po kami. hindi po ba pedeng e fulfill yung 5 months na hinuhulog nya sa philhealth para ma qualified po kami? :)

vanessa 4 years ago

na deactivated ung philhealth ko kc ngng benificiary aq ng mister ko,,pagngkawork po b aq ulit ma activate n po philhealth ko?tnx more power

nicole 4 years ago

hi po, pwede po ba maging benificiary me ng asawa ko kung may philhealth number na ako pero since 2006 di ko na nahulugan,buntis po ako at nais ko po sana makadiscount sa panganganak ko,ano po dapat gawin thanks po.

Mona 4 years ago

Good Evening. Itatanong ko lng po sna kc ung kaptid ko po na-confined cia s hospital ng 15days, kso namatay po cia. Employed po cia before. Ung hospital ni-required nila kmi n mag cash basis sa gamot (NATIONAL KIDNEY AND TRANSPLANT INSTITUTE). nung magsesettle n po kami ng bill, ang sbi nila Total Amount ng billing less PDAF (Donation from Municipality cme from the Trust Fund of Mr. Chiz Escudero) less deposit, then ska daw po ileless ang discount kc under ng charity ang kaptid ko kaya approved cia s 80% discount. Dapt 6,800 n lng ang balance namin, willing ang kami n bayaran ung 6,800 in cash para kami n sna ang magki-claim sa philhealth kso ayaw pumayad ng social service ng nkti, kailangan daw n ung philhealth ang ipasok namin, nalaman po nmin n 57k something ang makukuha s philhealth kaya pala gusto nila un ang ma-claim. Nagttaka nga din po kami kung bakit Total Amt ng billing, less deposit, less PDAF, then less philhealth bago p daw ippasok ang 80% discount, to think indigent ang brother ko. Pwede kaya namin mahabol dyan ung philhealth.? thanks po.

jake 4 years ago

hi po, my son diagnose of KAWASAKI DISEASE last may 15 2012 and the medicine cost Php25,000 per vial, then we need of 5 vial. which cost me 125,000. for that vial alone.

how much the philhealth will reimburse for the medicine is it 100% or any figure? the hospital outright deduct philhealth claims just only 4000.00 up to now i am waiting for the notice for claim any response please email me at

maribel 4 years ago

hi po,beneficiary k po ang asawa k,nkkonfine sya ngayon.maooperahan ang appendix nya.1 year k p sa abroad ngayon,yng nbayad k lng po ay philhealth contribution n 900 and the rest wala n po ako poea n p ako ngbayad nun ,pwede rn p b mgamit ang philhealth nmin na ofw?thanks po...

KYLE 4 years ago


profile image

bern2 4 years ago

hi. Ask ko lang po, kasi kinakaltasan kami dati sa philhealth pero gamit ung sss number namin. mccredit parin ba un pag nkkuha na ng PIN? Or pwede ba un irefund sa SSS? Thanks!

jehd 4 years ago

Hi. Tanong ko lng kung pede magamit ng live in partner ko ung philhealth ko pagnanganak sya...

Nerissa 4 years ago

i was a member of philhealth for five years i stop paying because i lost my job way back march 2012. Now my daughter needs hospitalization can i still use my philhealth?

NHES 4 years ago

thnx po sa quick response...ask ko po if b4 po ba ako manganak do i need to get form from the philhealth to submit to the hospital?

Lala 4 years ago

Good day tanonng ko lang ho kung pwd ko b maging beneficiary ang husband ko philhealth member dn ho sya dati kaso matagal n sya hindi nakakapaghulog . Maraming salamat ho.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Gracious You can use it if you are listed as his beneficiary and as long as you are qualified and his contributions are enough and his membership is active

@Vanessa you can avail benefits still if you are a beneficiary.

@Nicole yes, just ask your husband to submit your marriage certificate at Philhealth and update his records to add you as his beneficiary

@Mona & Jake - to be honest, I really don’t know what to say about your case. Just inquire at Philhealth personally and bring your documents. They will gladly help you with this and settle this.

@Maribel if you have paid up to the date of availment, you might be able to avail benefits. Philhealth is a type of insurance, if you missed a single month of paying, it will be hard for you to avail benefits

@Bern SSS is different from Philhealth. We use SSS number in paying for SSS and we use Philhealth number when we pay for Philhealth. You cannot use your SSS number at Philhealth unless it is for ID purposes or reference stuff

@Jehd I know they require marriage certificate in adding a spouse as a beneficiary

@Nerissa You can use it if you’re applying for March. You cannot if you’re applying after that since you stopped paying and you are now inactive

@Nhes you can fill up the form in the hospital, they have them. Your nurse will facilitate you or your doctor

@Lala yeah as long as you are an active member

shierly 4 years ago

hi.. ask ko lng po if employed ako ng november 2011-april 5 2012.. tapos ngpa individual member ako then ngbayad ako ng month ng april-december 2012. ano po dpat kong kunin sa company ko para magamit ko yung philhealth ko.. ang binigay lng kc nila skin yung certificate of contribution ko pero sss ang nklagay sabi nila yun ndaw yun dhil temporary number lng gamit nila pero nkikita ko sa payslip ko na kinakaltas nila ang medicare/philhealth ko. yun na po kaya yun ? thanks po 4 years ago

ask ko lng po, mkukuha (reimburse o refund) ko pa ba ang ang mga gamot na binili at binayaran ko sa mismong ospital at outside ng ospital during confinement ng mother ko.My mom was admitted April 24-May 17, 2012.Pagdating po ng May 04, 2012 kmi na po ang bumili ng lhat ng mga gamot at iba pang kailangan ng mother ko hanggang sa lumabas sya pgkat d nmin mbayaran ang every 2 days na hinhingi nla cash deposit.Dahil dto ang mga services sa mom ko ay itinigil nla kya kmi na ang gumastos at ngbayad sknila ng mga gamot na kinailangan at ang ibapa sa labas ng ospital na cash ang bayad at ang bili.Nag automatic deduction po ako at later-on pna-submit skin ng ospital ang mga resibo ng mga ginastos ko sa kanila at binili ko sa labas ng ospital at isasama nla sa pg-submit nila ng philhealth ko sa inyo pero nung lumabas ang bpn ko na hnintay ko ng 2mos. sa knila at 2mos. sa inyo gnun dn ang lumabas.Kng 20,000 ang inawas skin ng ospital sa automatic deduction ko,20,000 dn po ang sa bpn ko at wala na ako mkukuha pa.Asan po doon ang sinasabi ng philhealth na nrrefund khit paano ang ginastos outside ng hospital during confinement?Bkit wala adjustment na nngyari after 4 mos. na pghhntay ko?paano ko po maski papaano mbbawi ang ginastos ko sa mga gamot nung pinag-cash basis kmi ng ospital during at pasok pa sa confinement period ng mother ko?Salamat po

jazz 4 years ago

hello po. ask lang po naospital ako sa province last july ng isang araw. Working ako sa manila kaya humingi ako ng certification sa office at sa kanila ko ibinigay ang lahat ng papers ko from hospital. Sila ang nagsubmit sa philhealth. Ang problema ko, almost 1 and a half month nasa philhealth ang papers ko. Then binalik nila sa akin ngayon lang. Expired na. Lampas na ang 60 days. Sabi ng philhealth, sa province ko daw i process. wala naman magiging problema kung binalik nila agad sa akin ang mga papel at naiprocess ko sa province.

leila 4 years ago

hello po!ask ko lang po if pwede ko i activate ulet yung philhealth ko.last ko po na hulog is nov 2008.for 1 year po yun.kung i continue ko po ba,magagamit ko pa ba yon pati ng beneficiary ko?tnx po

achilles ramirez 4 years ago

ano meaning ng transmittal letter direct payment? yun kc bngay skin

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Shierly If your company cannot show your Philhealth remittances records, you can ask a copy from Philhealth and check if your payments were really posted. It is free btw :)

@Marmade I really don’t know the exact thing to say about your situation. Please inquire at Philhealt about it. Bring your hospital bills, receipts and records with you together with your valid ID and Philhealth number when inquiring. Thank you and God bless po.

@Jazz that is so sad. You can request consideration about that at the branch in your province since you were confined there. I hope they will give you consideration because you really deserve it. :)

@Leila yes you can continue your membership. If you are unemployed, you can update your status as individual-paying member. Submit PMRF and list your updated beneficiaries and new status. Then pay your premiums starting this period up to the following months. I suggest you way 12 months so it will be convenient for you.

@Achilles who gave you this letter?

eloi 4 years ago

hello po . . my brother is an individual paying member but he stop paying his contribution last year pa. I decided to pay his contribution today for a period of July 1, 2012 to Dec. 30, 2012. If in case i have an extra money next week can I pay his contribution for Jan to March 2012 next year? If ever po n bigla cya magkasakit kailan nya pwede maavail and benefits nya sa philhealth. Thank you po . .

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Sorry I can only post comments written in English from now on as it is strictly required here.

To someone who asked about changing from maiden name to married name, you can change it by updating your info. Submit PMRF and update your new name and attach a copy of your NSO marriage certificate. Then submit them to Philhealth

To someone who asked about dengue, you must be an active member before you can avail benefits if you stopped paying 3 years ago, you are no longer an active member

@Eloi he can avail benefits as soon as he was confined or when someone listed as his beneficiary needed it provided on that period, he is an active member

profile image

Clarizz 4 years ago

Am I qualified if I only have 4 months contribution ( june-july-august-sept 2012 ) My son was hospitalized now. Can I claim the benefits?

charm 4 years ago

hi! i will be married this dec. (first week) and my expected date of delivery will be on 2nd week of the same month. my fiancé is an ofw. my question is, will it be ok if i will use my husband's surname while being admitted in he hospital? considering one week interval of updating my marital status in the philhealth? would there be any hassle?

julie 4 years ago

hi! i am an individually paying member since april 2011 until june of this year. i got married august of this year and my husband made me his dependent. do i still receive the same benefits? or shall i continue paying my july to september 2012 contribution?

myan 4 years ago

hi, i will be giving birth this november and im my husband's dependent on philhealth. i am into bed rest because of uterine contractions, aside from me, who else is authorized to claim an updated MDR of my husband and what are the requirements needed. my husband started working in abroad last april & i updated his status at Philhealth as an ofw last may, i paid 300php which is required because the employees told me so, do i need to pay another 300php this time and im just wondering my husband's contribution as an ofw is up to next year 2013 based on his OEC. thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Clariz Philhealth requires at least 3 months of contributions within the immediate 6 months period before confinement. You may be qualified. Make sure your son was listed as your beneficiary.

@Charm it is advisable that you use the name registered at Philhealth unless you changed it and updated it. Also you need to submit your marriage certificate at Philhealth in updating. I advise, just use your real surname at the moment.

@Julie you may stop paying since you are now a beneficiary of your husband.

@Myan you can authorize your son or daughter provided you give them authorization letter if you cannot do it. Make sure you complete and pay your husband’s premiums. I know Philhealth have increased their premiums. You can ask how much will be the new premiums for OFWs today. Sorry I don’t know the exact amount yet for that. Thank you and God bless.

To everyone – I can only accept comments in English from now on. Thank you.

profile image

Arn Carpio-Supan 4 years ago from Malabon City

hi, id like to ask if i can pay for the months (past months) that I was not able to pay premiums for philhealth. I was employed before and now will pay individually. Can this be done?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

just like any other insurance companies, we cannot pay retroactively our premiums but we can pay the current period and the following months. Update your status as individual paying member and pay your current premiums and following months to become active again and receive benefits

camille 4 years ago

Hi i would like to ask if we can reimburse to Philhealth the hospital bills we paid yesterday? it cost 28k.. my father is a member of philhealth but stop paying the contribution from April 2012 to May 2012. if we will pay the months cover April 2012 to present, can we reimburse the said amount to Philhealth? thank you

ronald-KSA 4 years ago

Pls advise me the procedure how my dependent can avail my philhealth? i'm ofw working in KSA.

Eun-ie 4 years ago

Hello, my line of work is in research/clinical trials. My salary comes from the pharmaceutical company but I'm not directly employed under them. I am based in a hospital and neither their employee. I am under the supervision of a physician. I'm a registered nurse but I don't practice my profession. What would be my category? Thank you.

hinan 4 years ago

Hi I am an OFW my mother got confined in a provincial hospital July 30-August 11, 2012, was able to use my Philhealth however upon my boarding I received txt from my sister that the hospital is rescinding the availment of my Philhealth, reason is that hospital cannot claim back from Philhealth due to missed contribution of about 2 months. I have consecutive contributions from July 2011 to March 2012, missed out April & May as I was on vacation, but resumed back my contribution June onwards... how can I claim back my availment of my benefits with philhealth? Thanks in advance!

myan 4 years ago

hi, thanks for the reply, i already got an updated MDR of my husband and i authorized my mom in law to work for it since my eldest son is only 5 years old :)

we didn't pay any amount this time cause i already paid the required payment last may.

thanks again :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Camille they will grant his benefits if he is an active member upon his availment. If he is not, you can use his wife or his son or daughter’s Philhealth provided he is included as beneficiary.

@Ronald submit PMRF at Philhealth together with your child’s birth certificate. You can authorize your wife to submit them for you. The PMRF can be downloaded online for free. I have included that in the article above. Make sure your Philhealth number is listed on the form.

@Eunie hi there! You may apply on the category of individual-paying member since you are not an official employee of a company.

@Hinan you may request consideration. I think they grant them once you proved you have paying continuously. Show the receipts.

@Myan You are welcome here always :) Bless ya and your family!

Ericke 4 years ago

What if i lost my Official Receipt, what should I do to avail reimbursement??

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

No worries, your contributions are posted online at Philhealth system anywayz. The receipts are needed only when your contributions are not yet posted

katkat 4 years ago

i missed 1st and 2nd quarter, and i paid my 3rd and last quarter, unexpectedly my daughter was hospitalized and diagnosed dengue I,can i avail my benefit?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

you meet the requirements so I think you can avail. Make sure your daughter is listed as your beneficiaries before

james lee 4 years ago

how do you define family confinement? bawal ba yun ?..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

currently there's nothing about family confinement. What do you mean by that exactly? Availing of whole family in one account?

rose1686 4 years ago

Hi, im an OFW and a member of philhealth. can someone file and claim my refund of my expenses during my hospitalization. I can't go back there to do it because of my work. If I can send all of the requirements needed, can my sister do it for me? Thank you so much

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes I think you can as long as you provide SPA or authorization letter for your sister

gen 4 years ago

i just open up a philhealth now november 2012 and my delivery for my maternity will be on february 2013, do i avail the maternity benefits? im individually payer, or kelangan kong habulin to pay the contributions at least 9 months para ma avail ko? thank you, what should i do? my email genalynbarroga@yc

tina 4 years ago

I recently applied for Philhealth as an individual - paying member this November 2012. I'm pregnant and my due is on May 2013. Will I be able to avail the maternity package if I will pay for a whole year (Nov 2012 - Dec 2013)?

Thank you.

aiza 4 years ago

hello ....

I applied Phil health last July 16, 2012 as Self employed. I already paid for whole year....I'm pregnant now can i use my Phil health this coming January?

thank you......

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Gen @Tina @Aiza you must meet the requirements in availing for maternity which is 9 months

doodleworm 4 years ago

hi. is there a way to check if the hospital is deducting the correct philhealth amount from the bill? i know that philhealth will send the BPN but what if i receive it after 60 days of discharge date? will philhealth still process claims after this period? appreciate your advise. thank you!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

hospitals require the document asap. I think they won't accept it anymore after the allotted deadline.

anclem 4 years ago

Hello.My husband was hospitalized last August 2012.He is not feeling well this time.Can he use his philhealth again?Or how many days can a member use again the philhealth insurance after confined last august?Thank you...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I read from Philhealth that each member is entitled to a maximum of 45 days for room and board allowance per year and a 90-day interval is required for availing of benefits for confinement

ephrilla 4 years ago

hi. im pregnant and I am looking forward to use the benefits of Philhealth on the time of my delivery soon. Magkakaproblema po ba kung ang marital status ko ay SINGLE sa system ng Philhealth sa oras ng confinement ko, pero hindi ko pa napapabago since kinasal na po ako kamailan lang?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I don't think they require married status as long as you are an active member at the time of claim

nhes08 4 years ago

hi po...ask ko lng po after ko po makapanganak ung baby ko po ba kasali na un sa benificiary nming mag asawa?tnx po i hope to hear from you soon...happy new year

inchit 4 years ago

hi po... ask ko lang po Im contributing to philhealth for almost 5years nah.. what if mag resign ako this jan 2013 and will stop contributing and im due to give birth this may 2013... will i be able to avail any maternity benefits? thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Nhes you need to add her and update your records at Philhealth by submitting your baby's birth certificate

@Inchit you must be an active member to avail benefits. Anyway, if you are not working anymore you still have to contribute monthly by switching as Individual Paying Member

lnet 4 years ago

ask ko lang po kung pwde pa pong gamitin ang philhealth benefits para sa mother ko..dependent po sya na confine po sya last dec.24 to dec.31 2012.... bka po maconfine po ulit sya ngayong jan. magagamit pa pi ba yung philhealth ..thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

According to Philhealth each member is entitled to a maximum of 45 days for room and board allowance per year and a 90-day interval is required for availing of benefits for confinement so you must consider the interval before you claim for benefit again

melody 4 years ago

how can i reimburse my dialysis treatment that was done in a dialysis center. what are the requirements? 4 years ago

hello po ask ko lang po kung ano bagong benefits ang mkukuha pag me breast cancer ka?sabi kc nila meron daw bago ngayon from philhealth benefits...

profile image

mryroz28 4 years ago

Good Day... OfW po ako na umuwi na s pinas last october 2012 then ung visa ko cancelled na, ask ko po kng pde ko pa ma reimburse ung hospitalization ko sa panganganak ko if na nganak ako ng nov 2012. Ung OWWA ceritificate ko expiration is Feb 2013, and im paying my phil health po dahil OFW nga ako. Thank u po.

analiza 4 years ago

hi! i undergo chemotheraphy last june-oct 2012. I shouldered the chemo meds ( paclitaxel & carboplatin) and submitted it to the phic for reinbursements.Are the meds are compensable? Thanks a lot!

profile image

analizajm 4 years ago

hi! i undergo chemotheraphy last june-oct 2012. I shouldered the chemo meds ( paclitaxel & carboplatin) and submitted it to the phic for reinbursements.Are the meds are compensable? Thanks a lot!

len 4 years ago

Hello, kakamember as individually paying member ng Philhealth. Pwede ko bang byaran yung whole 2012 ko to avail maternity package?Due ko kase is April 2013.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You may pay in advance but on the date of childbirth, you are required to have paid at least 9 months in the year to qualify for pregnancy claims

ladysmile 4 years ago

I have already paid a yearly IPM contribution of PhP1,800 for January 2013-December 2013 last week, 2 days ago found out I was pregnant (1month) due to September, hopefully. Can I possibly avail the maternity benefits on September? Say for counting September would be 8months to go, and it is said that I have to pay at least 9 mos to avail the benefit.. A little confuse....

Ruby 4 years ago

Can I get philhealth, even if I am a college student only?

kingkos profile image

kingkos 4 years ago

i am a philhealth member,.i missed my semi annual last year,.from july to december,.now i plan to pay again for my semi annual which is from january to june,.will i be able to use the benefits on feb. for i am scheduled for hospitalization,.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

One of the requirements is You must have paid at least 3 months of premium contributions within the immediate 6 months before confinement

profile image

enelra enelra 4 years ago

hi! nagwork po ako ng March 2011 to October 2012 yung employer ko po hanggang May 2012 lang ang hinulog. Naconfirm ko po na hindi nga nila hinulog. Pwede ko po bang bayaran nalang yung June to December 2012 ng voluntary contribution? then magagamit ko ba sya for my maternity benefits? 2months preggy po ako ngayon

armon lingat 4 years ago

Hi, ask ko lang , I was employed sa isang company before. August 2012 ang last payment ko sa Philhealth. Kelan ko pwede magamit philhealth ko kasi kailangan ng father ko for his cataract extraction? And anu requirements para maging dependent ko siya (senior citizen)? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

jsp 4 years ago


If my due date is 1st week of sept this year and i pay my contribution from jan-sept, can i avail the benefits of philhealth member? Thanks and God Bless

profile image

hubhie 4 years ago

Hi po..ask q lng po kc employed aq mula april to sept. 2012,,tpos nung ngend contract po aq ngvolunrary member aq from oct. 2012 up to present..

kso d po lumabas s contribution q ung hulog q when i was employed..

ano po b pwede qng gawin??

mkakaavail po b aq ng maternity benefits??due date q po is May 2013..

Thank u po and more power!!

Noridreamer 4 years ago

Good morning, magpapaopera po ako nang appendicitis magkano kaya ang mababayaran ng PhilHealth sa hospital na hindi accredited dahil dito sa Iligan City or Cagayan de Oro City walang accredtied hospital. Sa ngayon nag iipon pa ako nang pera dahil hindi pa naman acute pero sumasakit na ng konti at diagnosed by doc already na mayroon akong appendix na nagsweswell at nakikita na sa ultrasound.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Enelra Philhealth is a health insurance and insurance doesn’t allow retroactive payments. You can only pay the present and the following months allowed

@Armon please read the requirements in the article above. Thank you and God bless.

@Jsp I think you can as long as you are still active at that time of availing

@Hubbie just request the payment receipts of those unrecorded contributions and submit them to Philhealth so you can apply

@Nori I have no idea, just ask the hospital and the doctor there at your hospital. I’m sorry because I really don’t know po

Erwin 4 years ago


I resigned from my previous employment in March 2012. I suppose that that was my last PhilHealth contribution too.

Now I need to undergo a major operation. The doctor said I can't avail of my PhilHealth anymore because it's already more than 6 months since my last contribution. I would be needing at least P50,000 if I don't use PhilHealth.

What do you suggest I do to avail of PhilHealth benefits?

dhenjhen 428 4 years ago

i was confined in non-accredited hospital..can i still use philhealth?

niekkie 4 years ago

hello po... ask ko lng poh sana kung anong kailangan dalhin kapag magbabayad ng philhealth kung ung member e nsa abroad??? salamat poh more power 4 years ago

My brother his a Phil health member the beneficiary in her Phil health is my Dad. My question now Can I add again my father as beneficiary in my Phil Health?

chona 4 years ago

good day,im ofw my son was confined in primary hospital diagnose of nephretis and upper tract risparatory ds,i felt so disappionted coz im expecting of small amount of payment coz im ofw the total bill is 15k,then my mother paid 65oo,,,how much the total percent the ofw can avail from philhealth,the we paid cash for ultrasaound,,,and some medecine thanks a lot sir,,,,waiting for your reply 4 years ago

individually paying member po ako and i paid the annual premium this october 25, 2012. puede ko na po ba ma-avail ung benefits for surgery? i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and thyroidectomy po ang procedure,

xianne 4 years ago

Hi, I'm an OFW since April 2012. I have paid Philhealth Medicare in POEA which amounted to P900 related to my OEC for my two year contract. May I ask when is my next contribution due? Can I also let my relatives in the Philippines do the payment on my behalf? Thanks

profile image

Rowie26 4 years ago

I am undergoing cataract operation on my RIGHT EYE. How much will Philhealth reimburse me for the procedure? If I undergo a subsequent cataract surgery for my LEFT EYE, what are the guidelines of Philhealth for me to be able to claim for this second surgery? Is there a time period required between the two surgeries so that I can claim for both surgeries? Thank you.

arlyn 3 years ago

pede pb q kumuha ng philhealth no. gagamitin q un g name q nung dalaga nag apply kc aq as single.. my dati nakong number sa philhealth kaso nachange status naq at married naq dun..pede pb q mag pa new member gamit ang name at last name q nung dalaga?thank you

clarince reyes 3 years ago

hi! nag apply po ako thru online sa philhealth. college student plang po ako.. so ung nilagay ko pong member category is INDIVIDUALLY PAYING MEMBER. Tama po ba na ung nilagay ko sa member type is OTHERS. kc wla p nmn ako trabaho or business kaya nde ko po pinili ung SELF-EMPLOYED NON-PROFESSIONAL. tama po b na OTHERS ung pinili ko kc nga po student plng ako. hope for your reply. thanks!!

jenny 3 years ago

pwede na po ba magamit ulit yung philhealth kung nagamit ito 2mos ago for 5 days confinement?

jerry 3 years ago

hi po. ask ko lang po f pd papo gamitin philhealth ng tito kac na diagnose ung asawa nila na may cancer. kaso ung philhealth na stop ung paghuhulog nong nag retired cla last january 2011. pano po ulit magagamit ung philhealth and macocover ba asawa nila??..

yevjeney 3 years ago

naging empleyado po ako ng isang private company.kinakaltasan yong sweldo namin ng mandatory government remittances(SSS,PHIC & HDMF).nang icheck ko po ang contributions ko wala ni isang buwan na hulog, from january 2011-september 2012.nagresign ako at last day ko september 16, 2012.pwede ko bang mahabol yong nadeduct ng kompanya sa akin o amin?(marami mo kami)ano po ang dapat naming gawin?

Joyce 3 years ago

Hi. I am a member of philheath as individual payer or self-employed. I live here in Dubai for 7 years and my sister in the philippines the one paying for my premium. I found out that my parents as senior citizen are not my dependents, so I asked her to update my dependents. I sent her authorization letter, Id's, passport and visa copy. She also brought my birth certificate as well hers too. But unfortunately, they told her that I need to come personally to update my dependents because im self-employed. Im under husband's visa and I do not work here. I cannot just come and spend money for ticket just to update it. What should I do? Thanks....

andy 3 years ago

good day po ano po ba ang major documents to be submitted sa hospital once na confine po ang one of the beneficiaries ko po? kailangan po ba ng birth certificate?

profile image

einskak 3 years ago

good day..mayron ba paaran na ma etransfer ang philhealth check name sa aking uncle sa a kin natangap ko.last january namatay na..kasi ako ang nag alaga sa kanya..wala naman cya dependent..pumunta ako philhealth office.binigyan ako ng requirements..may roon ako isa problema yong waiver.kasi isa lang ang cousin ko hindi mag sign ng waiver kasi galet cya sa uncle ko.. mayroon ba tayo paaran para hindi ma forfeited ang check?

chyser 3 years ago

hi ask ko lng po kung pwede bha ako kumuha ng philhealth id ,nwala kasi yung akin, at ngayun kelangan ko sa work ko,o anu po ang dapat gawin/

profile image

kikay0718 3 years ago

my father in law is now 62 years old but an active member of philhealth... he was hospitalized a couple of days ago... when we were about to file our philhealth claims, the hospital staff said that my father in law cannot avail of the benefit bacause he has insuficcient contributions... since he is a senior citizen, we resort to using his son's philhealth instead but the hospital staff refused to accept because according to them, my father in law is an active member, therefore, he cant be a beneficiary even if he's already a senior citizen. is it true?

profile image

gian072812 3 years ago

20 yrs old po aq, 3rd yr nursing student am I allowed to apply for philhealth? wala kcng philhealth ang parents ko and im planning na gawin clang beneficiaries pg nag 60 na cla.. at my age of 20 pwede nb kong mag apply? thanks! :)

MAE MYRA 3 years ago

maka avail po vha sa maternity kung ang due date ko is july 2013, but i am not voluntary i am employed. . ngstart ako ng contribute was on november 2012

kareenjoya 3 years ago

good morning =D

ask ko lang po ofw po kasi yung live in partner ko pwede po bang ako nalang ang magbayad ng contribution nya sa philhealth hindi daw po kasi nahuhulugan tsaka para maideclare po na ofw..ano pong kelangan kong gawin tsaka ano pong mga kailangan??? thank you po... =D

almira11 3 years ago

pwede po ba mkarefund khit di accredited ng philhealt yung lyin kung saan ako nanganak?

marlon 3 years ago

Hi po..pregnant po yung GF ko.December po sya nabuntis.nagbayad po kami ng Philhealth nya individual for 12 months. Jan. to Dec. 2013. Pwede nya na po bang magamit yun?last week of Aug. or First week of Sept. po ang due nya..pls answer..thanks po

profile image

marie2013 3 years ago

Good morning po!.

Im an OFW, and pregnant my due date is on Nov. The last payment of my Philhealth was Jan 2011. I want to know if I can apply for MATERNITY BENEFIT and please tell me what are the requirements needed to apply..

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanks and godbless

leen 3 years ago

I'm a cancer patient and an active member of Philhealth. Presently I'am undergoing chemotherapy. Can I use my Philhealth to lessen my expenses?

Han 3 years ago

Good day,

Ask ko lang po, yung tatay po kase ng kaibigan ko ay nagtrabaho sa government for 30 yrs. Nagkasakit po sya ngayon kaya sya nahinto na sa pagtatrabaho, kumbaga disability po ang dahilan. Eh' simula po noon di na nya naicontinue hulugan yung philhealth nya, magagamit pa rin pa po ba nya ngayon yun?

Edz 3 years ago

Hi po,tanong ko Lang po, employed po ako dati then resigned na ko for almost 1yr. May benefits pa po ba akong makukuha kahit 1yr ko na hindi nhulugan? Thanks po.

cherizh 3 years ago

hello, just wanna ask if its combine case. Ive been revived and into ICU for 7 days because of asthma attack and high risk pneumonia. and the nearest hospital is a private hospital and they only deducted Php 9,000 for the Php 60,000 bill. is that the right deduction? that happened last July 10, 2013 and I still not receive the BPN or any proof of billing. What should I do?

Riza Nabua 3 years ago

Hi, Can I still avail the maternity benefits even the birthing center is not accredited ? If I will file it ? thanks.. Pregnant @4 months

William 3 years ago

pwede po bang mag claim ng philhealth ang kakaresign lang na empleyado. completo pa naman ang hulog nya

glady lei 3 years ago

i undergo an apendectomy procedure last august 7, 2013. i worked for one year and phil helath is deducted on my salary.. i resigned on my work May 2013.. i supposed to use my phil health but unfortunately it was'nt updated... Phil health staff told me to get certificate of contribution in my company... And my former boss send the said document just now.. my contribution is only for one year. From May 2012 to May 2013. And i am confined last august 7, 2013. Because of my condition i decided not to go to my work because its far from my place i just wait for my former boss to send it through email. it is October now can i still avail any discount... Thank you

Laarni 3 years ago

Good day po! nagstop po ako maghulog sa philhealth ko last october 2012...pwede pa rin ba ako magbayad for 1 year na hindi ako nakapaghulog?thanks po..

joy 3 years ago

good day po! nakabayad pa po ako last year kaso nag stop ako like 9 months na at nag bayad uli 4th quarter 2013 ngayun po mag papa schedule po sana ako ng operasyon cysts po sa breast ko...magagamit ko na po bah philhealt ko kung sakali?thnx po

mark 3 years ago

helo po! ask lng po kc seaman po ako,last na uwe ko po Jan. 2013, kso paalis na sna ako this aug. 2013 kso need ko surgery,makaka-avail pa po ba ako ng reimbursement?salamat po

earl 3 years ago

pede ba ako magfile as individual payer, kahit na member na ako as employed. Just want to make sure that my philhealth benefit is continous in case mag resign ako. salamat and God bless.

liez 3 years ago

good day.

ask ko lng po,,nagresign po ako s work, for 1 month hindi ako nakabayad then ngayon my work na ako. anong mangyayari s contribution ko dati, mawawala po ba yun?

Adora 3 years ago

Hi, ask ko lang po kase nag start ako magbayad ng PHilhealth ko July 2013 hanggang december 2013 ang sabi po sa akin nuong mag inquire ako hindi daw po ako umabot sa mga benefits na needs ko. Manganganak npo kase ako next month november 2013 at yung pinsan ko sa january 2014 manganganak, nabayaran lang po nya yung october to december 2013 hindi na rin po sya umabot sa benefits ng maternity?

Maricar Navarro 3 years ago

hello po .. my mom used my philhealth last april for her operation .. I'm going to give birth this december via cesarean section can I used it??

egbert 3 years ago

Hello po... automatic ba maging dependent ang spouse ko kung siya ay unemployed na?

allan 3 years ago

hi, na confine po anak ko sa pinas habang nandito ako sa riyadh. Gustong i refund ng asawa ko yung ofw philhealth ko kaso wala akong philhealth id at wala ring copy ng mdr yung asawa ko. Pano ba makakakuha nun? thanks

Merg 3 years ago

Hi po pwede po ba mag karoon ng dalawang account sa Philhealth?

the one is iba po apelyedo ko kasi married ako and now gusto ko po sana mag kuha ng philhealth n apelyedo ko po when i was single gamitin ko pwede po ba?paid ko na kasi this whole year yung philhealth ko gusto ka sana magkuha ng new.

vheb 3 years ago

good day po, nagopen po kame ng account ng philhealth friend ko then nung naprocess na nalaman nlang nmen na may account na sya at ndi ito active...paano po masisigurado na kanyang account yun at kung pd bang iclose un at mgopen nlng ng bago?

Izay 3 years ago

Good day. Magtatanong lang po sana. Last week of November dumating ang BPN notice galing philhealth para sa refund namin nung naconfine sa hospital yung asawa ko. Nag inquire ako sa philhealth office dito sa amin and sabi sa hospital daw kukuhanin ang refund. Dinala ko po yung letter sa Hospital na pinagdalhan sa asawa ko, sabi hintayin namin text nila para dun sa refund. Ilang linggo na kaming naghihintay wala pa din advise kung kailan namin pwedeng makuha ang refund. Binalikan ko dun at tinanong ang lage sagot sa akin wala daw ang taong naka assign sa Philhealth claims at sumunod na balik ko wala daw ang supervisor na mag i-issue nang tseke. Kagulo eh, di ko alam kung reasonable ba sila sa puntong iyan, pakiramdam ko, refund mo na nga, pahihirapan ka pa. Tanong ko po, gaano ba katagal ang pagprocesso nang hospital (validation and all the other stuff) bago nila mabigay ang refund? Gusto ko pong malaman para alam ko kung hanggang saan ko hihintayin ang text or advise nang hospital.

martha 3 years ago

ask ko lang po madam if pwede ko pa bang ma cover bayaran ang 1st & 3rd quater ko its becoz i forget due to buzy masyado sa mga bata in skul hope to hear from your immediate repy madam!!! thank you and more power to you!!!

val 3 years ago

first timer po kami, ask ko lang po kung makaka avail agad ang asawa ko ng benefits kung babayad na kami this last quarter, then another quarter for next year po...? para 6 months din po ang labas.

O di kaya babayaran na namin ang buong taon.. makaka avail po ba asawa ko for the benefits. thanks n God bless

apple 3 years ago

good day tanung ko lang po kasi itong last quarter (oct-dec2013) individual paying member hindi ko nahulugan ung philhealth pwede ko po ba hulugan ngyn january 2014? o uulit ako ulit sa umpisa ng pag huhulog? mga 3years ko na hinuhulugan ng walang palya ngyn lang ako d na ka bayad kc namatay father ko. thank you po

maria 3 years ago

Hi, ask ko lang po ano po ba ung minimum and maximum na cover ng Philhealth sa kidney transplant, may kidney failure po kaso ang sister ko and she's doing the dialysis for about 2 years na

estee 3 years ago

pwede na ba ang marriage contract ng parents ko para maging benificiaries ko sila

criz 3 years ago

student po ako gus2 q sana mgkaron ng philhealth..un po bng 100 per month pra s individully paying mga hnggang kelan po tsaka san mgbabayad if ever n mkamember aq..tnx

lamberto basco 3 years ago

member po ako dati ng philhealth as ofw then. d ako nakapag hulog for almost 2yrs. coz di naman ako nakaalis..then na local employed ako last october and na activate ulit ang philhealth ko. through my local employer. and infact two months na ako na may kaltas sa phil health. the problem is naaksidente ako and was confined in the hospital which is accredited by philhealth. syempre asa ako na may philhealth ako walang problema..but then when we are claiming for philhealth benefits ,,the billing section told us that I am not covered by philhealth benefits from which i am a contributor since i am an ofw then became a local employed.....Whyyyyyyy??????dahil ba di diretso ang hulog ko...pano ang naging hulog ko for how many years na di ko naman ngagamit...besides activated naman ulit ang hulog ko for two months...please explain...///???

toneth olan 3 years ago

hi I just wanna ask po from nov.2011 upto nov. 2013 complete naman po yung contribution ko,,, now pong wala akong work hindi nahulugan yung dec. 2013 ko and jan. 2014... can I still use by philhealth if need maconfine ng anak ko? granted po ba yun?

anabelle 3 years ago

hi po...pwede ho ba akong maging member ng philhealth kahit wala akong work...what are the requirements to be presented...thank you and god bless

eugene 3 years ago

whatare the requirements in adding of dependents to my philhealth beneficiary.? i want to add my wife and my mother who is already a senior citizen.

kielle 3 years ago

good day! i just want to ask if a 65 yrs old single lady can still avail to secure a philhealth as a member? She doesnt have any insurance nor have sss...thank you...

Oma Cha 2 years ago

May I ask if pwede ng magpa-member ang isang kamag anak ko at the age of 17-still studying. wlang work mama nya and papa nya, para just in case na ma-hospitalized sya ay makaka-avail sya ng philhealth benefits........thank you in advance for your soonest reply......

winnie 2 years ago

Ask ko LNG po kakapanganak ko LNG po last June 2013 nagmit ko na ung nhyun 1month rule Kong bunt is puede ko pa po bang gamitin

ule. Thanks

medie hortilano 2 years ago

gudeve..ask q lng poh qng october poh aq manganganak mggmit q poh b philhealth q f mgbyad aq from jan- dec....pwd q pa poh bng isama pgbayad ang jan feb f for one year ang ipay q poh...tnx poh...

angie 2 years ago

Mag aaply palang po ako ng philhealth im 6 months pregnant before po ba ako mangank pwd ko po ba mgamit un.thanks

Mon Baral 2 years ago

Thanks for the info.

djsandking 2 years ago

gud day sir..

nag start mag dialisys erpat ko last january bale ang prob eh yung phealth eh magagamet pa sa april nagamet po kc sa hos bill tas kinancel at sa april pa magagamet ulet may way po ba na magamet namen ulet yung benefits ng ph kahet wala pa yung date na pwede ulet maresume which is april..

michael 2 years ago

panu po kapag namatay na po ung naghuhulog anu po dapat gawin..

Gemmaaferolino 2 years ago

Hello? Po gd noon Kung bagohan aku member sa philhealth to too ba na ang Tagal daw pg mgbayad din pumila pa para Lang makabayad plz riply me, thanks

chelle 2 years ago

magagamit po b ang philhealth kht walang id kc wala p dn bnbngay pero nasa'akn ung resibo n nagbayad po aq at member po ako

profile image

Edgardo Renion 2 years ago

ang huling bayad ko po ay nung decembeer 5 2011. Pwede ko ba i-update hanggang ngayon? magkano po?

mikay 2 years ago

22 years old po ako at sa isang private company nagtrabaho,,yung parents ko hindi pa 60 above,,sinu pwedi maging beneficiary ko?? yung 2 kung kapatid na 19 years old at 17 pwede bah??

Katie 2 years ago

Good afternoon po, ask ko lng po sana if ano po kaya ang dapat kong gawin...1yr po aq ngwork at naghulog s PHILHEALTH April 2012-2013 tapos nstop po dhil ngresign nko...1yr n po aq walang hulog...if ipagpapatuloy ko po b paghuhulog ko ano po dapat ko gawin? mppkinabangan ko prin po b ung hulog 1taon kong hulog...kasal narin po ako ngyon at kasalukuyang buntis ang due ko po ay November 8, 2014 makakahabol p po kaya ako sa maternity benefits f i continue my contribution? or kahit ung pang s new born lng maavail ko po kya? medyo naguguluhan po ako, sana my way po pra mkahabol ako s maternity benefits...salamat po, nabasa ko rin po ung buong thread pero gus2 parin po personal n mgtanong. thank you po s patuloy na pagsagot s mga katanungan namin, great help po tlg. more blessings po s inyo :)

hannah 2 years ago

Good pm po! Nka registet poh aq sa phic last january. Hindi poh ako nka byad 1 yr. Magagamit ko ba agad2x ang benefits ko agad2x ds week kung mgbayad ako in advance

nehneh 2 years ago

hi po good day. nag bayad po ako ng 1200 nun sa pinas sabi 1year payment ng philhealth ko ung. sa O.EC ko po ung ksi OFW ako.. tapos nawala ko po ung receipt n binigay nila. need ko pong ipa opera ung cyst ko asap. may chance pa po bang malaman if member p ako ng philhealth pag ala ung receipt or mag apply na lng ulit ako. thank you

rochell sarmiento 2 years ago

hello gud pm, ask ko lang po nag stop po akong magbayad ng philhealth ko nung nag end po ako sa dati kung work last feb 2013. 8 months na po akong buntis, kung babayaran ko po lahat yung 1year na nag stop po ako ngayong May 2014, magagamit ko pa rin po ba ngayong malapit na akong manganak this june 2014?

riger 2 years ago

OFW po ako naconfine Mrs ko sa UDMC for 10 days for cellulitis nag bill sya ng 70k just want to knw how much ba dapat ang discount using may philhealt kc 6k lng binawas nila sa bill kc wala nman daw major operation. but then d nman nla npagalinh mrs ko. nagtatanung lang po

mona liza ola casan 2 years ago

hello po..

by the way i was a philhealth member for several years however, it was stopped when i transferred to LGU school. If magbabayad ako as voluntary from april to june 2014, makakavail ba ang father ko ng benefits who is recently hospitalized?

Hope to hear you soon.

Thanks and god bless!

sapina bagis 2 years ago

Hi , puidi po mag tanung pag may pamilaya kana mag memeber ka ng Philhealth mag kano po ang registration?

at ano ano po ang mga requirements,, ask kko din pag nag member kana ng philhealth puidi mo na gamitin after 2 month or three months?

malou 2 years ago

gud pm,i am 6 months regnant now and last june 16 i change my emloyer,where can i get my RF1 record?to my previos employer for almost 8 years or to my present employer?i am 8 active member of philhealth....tnx...pls reply

glenda tangaro anana 2 years ago

last nov.2012 nag apply po ako nang philhealth kasi kailangan para sa abroad,tapos di natuloy kasi nabuntis ako,isang payment lang po nabayaran ko tapos hanggang ngaun di na ako nakabayad,gusto ko po itanong kung mag apply pa ba ako panibago?

mhar 2 years ago

First payment ko po 10/14/2011 to 10/13/2012 ofw po ako that tym.umuwi ako 10/2013 and dus year lang nka work ulit pero 4tyms palang ang dedaction ko sa philhealth frm july to oct and now nanganak si misis di normal wla ba akong pag asa na magamit ang philhealth ko...

jo55 2 years ago

Sixty yrs old na asawa ko this oct 6,75 months na siyang ngbayad sa Ph,ang tanong ko saan ko malalaman iyong mga bnayadan ko noon sa Sss na medicare na kasama para malaman ko na naka avvail ng 120 months.

Lerose 2 years ago

good day! our employer has deducted excess contribution, can the following be possible..

1) Ask for refund for excess payment made

2) Apply the excess payment made to next months payment


debbiekieth 2 years ago

Hi im currently on leave sa work ko since july because im pregnant. Since nkaleave ako sa work hindi mahuhulugan ng company ung philhealth ko kaya nag change status ako from private to voluntary member then binayaran ko ung month of july to september. Sa dec po ako manganganak pero hindi ko pa po nababayaran ung para sa ladt quarter.. Makakapagavail po ba ako ng benefits?

maeton 2 years ago

Helo po,ask k lng po ex-abroad po k panu po k makkaavail ng maternity kc nahinto npo ung paghulog k s philhealth kc dba po pag nagbbakasyon pauwi ng pinas my bnabayaran s owwa eh ngayong nakauwi napo k bale hndi k napo ulit nahulugan ang philhealth ko..

profile image

Carol P Deneault 2 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Hi am A philhealth member since 2011 but I stop paying it since 2013 when I left Philippines... Can I give or transfer my membership to a family member?

kendrick 2 years ago

First quarter lang po ang nabayaran pwede pa bang bayaran ang remaining quarters for this year. Thanks

jing 2 years ago

Dati po akong member ng phil health ng masa kso ngyon po d daw po magamit yon pwd ko po bang gmitin philhealth ng asawa ko ofw po

Dennis 2 years ago

I am contributing to PhilHealth since 2008 but I never use it because I was never hospitalized and I have no dependents. What will happen to my unused contributions since 2008?

richard chad 2 years ago

Hello po. ask ko lng po if pwde ko ba magamit ang philhealth ng wife ko sa anak namin ofw po sya. Gi ask ko sya kung active pa ba yung payments nya.she said di sya sure kung nkabayad ba sya ng 2013~2014 na contribution. kc na admit po kc ang anak namin. pls help me kung ano pwede gawin para ma credit kmi kung di nya nabayaran ung previous contribution nya...

arlz 2 years ago

Hi po ask ko lng po if ,,pwede ko ba maavail if buong 2013 nabayaran ko den this 2014 putol po sia april-septemper di ako nakabayad... then nagbayad ako ng October 2013 -to march 2014.... eh pregnant po asawa ko sa march due date nia.... pwede po ba?

agnesver 2 years ago

Hi im hushband is undergoing hemodialysis why is it they always ask me recent receipt from employer as additional attachment for cf1 & mdr..even if i told them that cf1 & mdr are the only req.for employed ...with their stirct policy of no cf1 no dialysis/or pay cash isnt it they need to ask me cf1 immediately if they view their portal and see NO.. .how can i explain to them better ?

jona 2 years ago

Hello gud day,. Tanung ko lng po yung hubby ko philhealth member wala pa kmi nhuhulog kht anu,. E Aug.manganganak ako pwede ko b xa mgamit? Ilang months nid byaran para mgamit? Pwede pa po b byaran yung last year

Jonalyn siabal 2 years ago

Tanong ko lang confine ang anak ko sa hospital nong march 3,2014,nag stay sya don ng 4days.lhat ng requirement,resibo naipasa k naman bkit hanggang ngayon wala parin yun philheath repund ko lagi ko rin tntawagan ang hospital laging sabi sakin wla pa raw yung cheke bakit kya sobrang tagal nmn sabi skin ng personel sa hospital s philheatlh daw ako mag tanong..

lara 2 years ago

Ask ko lang po papano kopo magagamit ung philhealth ko sa panganganak.

Single mom.po ako.

At last year ako naghulog ng philhealth ko.magagamit ko b ito sa mpanganganak ko sa September?

Or need ko magbayad.

mark 2 years ago

ello po pwd po ba mag tanung ofw po ako nahulugan kopo yung philhealth from 2013 to 2015 pero nabalitaan ko nagtaas na daw yung hulog sa philheath from 1200 per year ngayun 2400 na nag bayad po ako nuon 2400 good for 2 years tanung ko lng po credirted pa ba for 2 years yung huilog ko ngayun tumaas na yung contribution kailngn ko kasi gamitin philhealth pls i need info salamat

kris 2 years ago

is itpossible to pay my philhealth from this month backward

aya 24 months ago

Ask lng po nag apply po ako ng philhealth itong feb 2015 voluntary po nag hulog po ako for 6 months at blak k po mag hulog ng another 6 moths ulit pra advance for 1 year mgagamir ko po b ang maternity kung sept ang due ko

jhem 23 months ago

Ask ko lang po kung kukuha po ako ng philhealth number at id.may babayaran pa po ba ako? My previous job po aq at sila mismo ang nag apply sking sa philhealth pwede nalang po ba ako pumunta sa branch nyo para mag claim ng philhealth number and id?? Tnx po

anna 23 months ago

Good day, yung mr ko po nasa abroad may philhealth. Ako poy manganganak sa august,CS po kaya medyo mahal.binigay na po sakin ng doctor ko yung gagastusin at requirements.nasa akin na po yung MDR bali yun na lang pong original CF1 saan po ako makakakuha at paano po.pwede ba na ako na lang na asawa nya ang kukuha ng CF1 dahil nasa abroad sya?tnx po

melody 23 months ago

Yun po bang dinownload ko CF1 ay pwede kong ipasa sa hospital na panganganakan ko sa asawa ko pp yung philhealth

marites 22 months ago

hi. ask lng po. 2 quarters ang hindi nabayran ng hipag q kc nawalan ng work ang bro q. mag back to zero po ba ulit cia?? or pay nia lng ung 2 quarters to cont.? hoping for ur immediate response regarding this. tnx in advance.

jay villegas 20 months ago

can i use my philhealth to my mother that is not having an age of 60 she is at 50 years old only

Rose silverio 20 months ago

Hi ask lang po! Pede ko po ba magamit ung philhealth ko sa mother ko kahit wala pa syang 60 single pa po ako thanks

JOANNA RELLERMO 19 months ago


gerenze 17 months ago

Im 18yrs old po magagamit ko po ba ang philhealth ng tatay ko for maternity ? Hindi pa po kase kami kasal ng asawa ko kaya di ko mgagamit philhealth nya

Jam 16 months ago

Hello ask lng po, need operahan anak ko pra matanggal ung cyst sa leeg nia pero di daw icoconfine ung anak ko ang tanong ko pwede ko ba gmitin philhealth ko icoconfines operation kahit di icoconfine???

karen 16 months ago

Hello Gud am po. Paano po kung maconfine anak ko pero d ko pa po naiadd as dependent pwde po b ihabol I file. Magagamit ko p Dn b philhealth?

Analou 13 months ago

Good day po, almost two months po akong galing nanganak at dun nalaman namin na ang Philhealth ng asawa ko ay hindi updated at hindi rin posted. He was employed in Philippine Coast Guard, and his monthly contributions is active because automatic na deducted sa Payslip niya..

Ano po ba ang gagawin namin to settle this issue?

Thank you & God bless!

htenaj 12 months ago

hi po..last april 2015 po ako nagresign sa work ko..ilan months po kylangan ko bayaran pra mkabenefit sa philhealth anak ko??tnx

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