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Laser Engraved Upright Headstone Monument
Laser Engraved Upright Headstone Monument

Laser Engraved Headstones

If you've ever walked through a Cemetery, you'll notice that many of the headstones begin to all look similar. That's because, most headstones in certain cemeteries were all made by the same monument shop in that local area. But the grave stones we are beginning to see throughout our cemeteries today have become more diverse in color and graphic design. That's because more and more monument shops are using computer aided machines and graphic design programs to layout their intricate designs. The craftsmanship that goes into actually manually chipping away at the stone has become a lost art. Cemetery headstones or markers are a way for the family to write something special about the deceased person.

So what about Photo Engraving versus a Color Photo Medallion inserted into the headstone or monument? You may have seen both types of photos at your local cemetery. Laser Engraved Photos will LAST FOREVER. That's a Fact. The photos and artwork are always etched on black granite and the engravings are always white in color.  But what about those color photo medallions you see at the cemetery? You know, the ones that are in the shape of an oval. You see them everywhere. Well, the guys that manufacture those have a lifetime guarantee behind them ever fading or eroding away. And the fact that goes along with that is that they can and they will. Meaning, they will fade over time. That's why the companies warranty them. Because they will get damaged. But who wants to deal with that? Not me!!! Cemetery Headstones are a fact of life. With every death, comes a funeral, a burial, and a headstone. And that's just the way it is.  So start planning now.

A headstone or monument crafted by today's standards will get you just about unlimited options as far as graphics and stone color are concerned.  The monument industry has a plethora of granite colors to choose from.  This is because, most monument shops now have the option to import  granite and marble from countries like China and India.  There is a large selection of granites that are available through these countries.  And they are very cheap too.

So the next time you're shopping around for a Cemetery Headstone, ask the shop owner that you want all the available options you can choose from.  Today's monument companies are like candy shops.  They have a little bit of everything.  And if they don't have it, then they can order it for you.  It's that simple. So instead of getting something basic, why don't you shoot for the stars and get your face sculpted out of marble of granite.  I've seen full personalized human statues come from India that were price under $5000 dollars.  You know why, because they too are using those same computer aided machines to make the monuments.  It's a cost effective method for production.

If you don't have a lot of money to spend, then I would say your best bet is to go with online internet companies like SUPERCHEAPHEADSTONES.COM or some other suitable company like that.  But make sure that the cemetery headstone company is American.  Never never ever buy a tombstone, headstone, or monument from a third world country.  You will get burned, I promise you.  Plus, there is no accountability.   And if there is no one to fall back on when things go wrong, well, then you're up a creek without a paddle.  Remember, this is what your family and friends will see each time you visit your loved on at the cemetery. Make your loved ones marker a memorable one!

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5 years ago

I am researching laser engraving for a project at my church. If you are promoting your business, I think you need to find a better picture than the one above on which THE FIRST WORD, "surely", is misspelled as Surley.

Lisa 5 years ago

I love these and if you do your homework you can find an affordable headstone that is personal and beautiful and won't break the bank.

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