The Physical Benefits of Yoga

What is Yoga?

There are various mental and spiritual advantages to practicing Yoga, but what are the direct physical reactions which go hand in hand with the mental alignment? The direct physical benefits of Yoga are often overlooked or simply misunderstood but in reality there are many physical processes which take place when you practice Yoga.

The physical benefits which one can gain from spending time in Yoga retreats, or in a regular Yoga program, go hand in hand with the mind and spiritual side of this fantastic practice.

Yoga Girl
Yoga Girl

Improved Joint Flexibility

Yoga utilizes positions which work areas of the body which wouldn't normally be stretched in everyday life. This has a knock on effect to the general flexibility and liquid rigidity of the whole body. Yoga is designed to "test" all areas of the body and help improve joint flexibility immensely.

Improved Lubrication of All the Bodies Joints

As well as stretching and testing specific areas and joints in the body Yoga has been proved to have a "knock on" effect for all areas of the body. The body responds to a regular Yoga program by naturally producing more joint lubricant making the entire body more flexible in general.

Improved Muscle Form

In day to day exercise, and with most structured exercise routines, many of our bodies smaller muscles are not worked out. Yoga repeatedly stimulates many of the bodies smaller muscles, as well as the bodies large ones, to ensure your whole muscle structure remains more toned.

Massaging all the Bodies Organs

A well structured Yoga program will massage parts of the body which aren't normally affected by other, more common, forms of physical activity. The result of this kind of deep and thorough internal massage is to make the body more resistant to disease and it also provides an advanced warning to the individual of possible problems which may be occurring.

Full Body Detoxification

By massaging various muscles, organs, ligaments and circulatory systems, Yoga increases the supply of blood to all areas of the body. This in turn ensures toxins are purged. If Yoga isn't employed these deeper areas of the bodies structure remain untouched by normal everyday exercise.

Weight Loss and Reduced Flab

Yoga routines are a non aggressive way to reduce excess weight around muscles and joints, as well as reducing fat levels and body mass. Yoga routines are also a fantastic way to tighten skin and reduce excess flab caused from weight loss.

In Conclusion

So, don't just think of Yoga as a way to achieve spiritual alignment. There are many ways which Yoga can also help you stay physically fit without the usual strenuous work out regimes.

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