Physical Fitness Tips and Activities for Different Age Groups

Exercise and Workouts

Exercise is not only intended for those body conscious individuals, who wants to look good and often go to gym to become thinner, rather than to be fit and healthy. It can be part of the lifestyle of any individual who wants to maintain a healthy mind and body, regardless of their age group.

Physical fitness for Kids:

Kids should get involved in exercises that increase their cardiovascular efficiency and flexibility, which contribute to both physical and psychological development. There are also healthy nutrition plans. All these programs are designed inculcating fun in them, to keep this group interested through out the sessions.

There are several activities like T- ball, hockey, soccer, basketball, boxing, swimming, racing etc. There are also programs that include activities like dancing, gymnastics, yoga etc. There are also fitness programs that include the whole family so that the kids do not feel alienated

Physical fitness for Teenagers:

Teenagers can get health benefits from any activity they enjoy. They should involve in one hour of physical activities, everyday in a week.

They can take part in skating, yoga, swimming, dancing and also try to find an active part time job. They should also do cardiovascular and weight training exercises.

Physical fitness for Adults in their twenties:

At this age you should regularly do both moderate and vigorous exercises. It should be done 20 to 30 minutes for at least 3 times in a week. On other days, you can do activities that helps to raise your heart beat like walking, climbing steps etc. Also try to do certain exercises that strengthen your muscles.

Physical fitness for Adults in their thirties and forties:

By this time, people should be more systematic in their fitness regimes. As women of this age group tend to lose their bone mass gradually, they should concentrate on strength training, to protect their bones and to improve their muscle strength, for at least 2 or 3 times a week.

Try to do aerobic exercises on daily basis. Starters should try to include stretching and flexibility exercises.

Physical fitness for Adults in their fifties and sixties:

Try to do exercises that help you to maintain your strength, flexibility and balance. You should also concentrate on exercises keeping an eye on the risk areas.

Physical fitness forAdults in their seventies and beyond:

At this age, individual should concentrate more on flexibility and balance training than any other age group. They can continue with their aerobic and strength training exercises, as this is beneficial for the individuals who are suffering from several kinds of medical conditions, which is more frequent in this age group.

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