Pile Herb, Effective, Non-adulterated and Natural.

Natural Pile Herb

I suffered a pile attacked suddenly recently for no known reasons. I did not have constipation problem at all.

At first, I thought I was having hernia. I called my brother at hometown to ask him if I am suffering from pile. He said he was definite that my issue was pile and not hernia. He told me how he had solved his pile problem. He told me he had tried out various medicine, western and TCM. They all failed him. One type from Taiwan could solve his pile but recurred later. One day, a friend introduced him a type of herb. His pile disappeared. He assured me that I would be o k after taking his herb.

I managed to get some plants and boiled them and drank the soup for more than a week. It did not work at all. My brother reminded me to eat it in capsule form. Within 2 days I received through postal mail a week's supply of capsuled pile herb. I was told to eat 3 each in the morning and 3 in the evening. I felt some improvement (less sore) only after 3 to 4 days. By the 5th and the 6th day, I had total relief and free from pile pain.

I was told that for bleeding pile 9not my case anyway), It might recur once. If this happens, take the herb for a few more days after it recurs. That will terminate your problem . A week's supply would have cost me Rm 210.00 back in my hometown. But my brother made the capsule and I had a free supply.

The herb is hard to plant. He paid the native people nearby to harvest from the deep jungle. It can only grow well in the wild. My brother tried to plant them but with minimum success. He cut the plants into tiny pieces, sun-dry them, send them for machine grinding at a local Chinese Medical Hall for half an hour. He takes the powder back to fill it into capsules. This is how the hometown folks make and sell the herbs.

Now I stock up some for helping out people who has pile.

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